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Drug War Chronicle #516 - December 28, 2007

Phillip S. Smith, Editor - David Borden, Executive Director

Law Enforcement: Snitches Gone Bad

Critics of the widespread use of informants in the drug war have long argued the system is subject to abuse. Three cases of informants gone bad popped up in the past week.

Marijuana: Idaho Balks at Town's Pot Initiatives

In November, voters in Hailey, Idaho, approved initiatives legalizing medical marijuana and industrial hemp and instructing the town to make marijuana offenses the lowest law enforcement priority. Now, the Idaho attorney general's office has found those initiatives to be "invalid" and the city is balking at implementing them.

Asia: China Set to Adopt Anti-Drug Law

The Chinese National People's Congress is set to pass that country's first drug law, after subsuming drugs within the general criminal code for half a century. Designated addicts may actually get gentler treatment in the new framework than they receive now.
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