Drug War Chronicle #460 - November 3, 2006

1. Drug Reform and Drug Reformers in the 2006 Elections -- The List

With the 2006 elections just days away, here's a look at drug reform issues and drug reformers on the ballot.

2. Feature: Colorado and Nevada to Vote on Marijuana Legalization Measures Tuesday

Less than a week out, initiatives to legalize marijuana possession in Colorado and permit regulated sales and possession in Nevada face an uphill battle, but organizers remain hopeful.

3. Feature: Alabama Drug Reformer Loretta Nall Accidentally Becomes the "Cleavage" Candidate

Loretta Nall didn't set out to be the "cleavage" candidate when launching her campaign, but she recognized a good strategy when a newspaper columnist thrust it upon her.

4. Video Offer: Waiting to Inhale

This important new documentary about the medical marijuana movement is DRCNet's latest membership premium.

5. Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A Virginia sheriff and most of his department goes down for reselling seized drug and guns, a Border Patrol guard gets caught turning a blind eye in exchange for sex and cash, dope is missing from the Boston Police evidence warehouse, a small town police chief pleads guilty to protecting crack dealers, and two cops are going to prison for dealing drugs.

6. Medical Marijuana: Patients Challenge DEA Head at San Diego Conference, Seven Arrested

DEA head Karen Tandy refused to meet with medical marijuana patients in San Diego Wednesday, the patients refused to leave, seven were arrested, and Tandy got to feel the heat for the actions of her agency.

7. Marijuana: Massachusetts Gubernatorial Candidate Favors Legalization, Just Not During His Term

In a debate last week, Massachusetts Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick said he could support marijuana legalization, and in the next breath, vowed to veto a marijuana decriminalization bill if it crossed his desk.

8. Higher Education: Federal Court Dismisses Challenge to HEA Drug Provision

A South Dakota federal court judge has dismissed a challenge to the consitutionality of the Higher Education Act's drug provision.

9. Middle East: After Lebanon War, Israeli Cannabis Prices Spike

An unintended consequence of last summer's war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon is a steep spike in hashish prices paid by Israeli consumers due to increased border security.

10. South Pacific: Sympathy for Marijuana Growers in Vanuatu

The South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu is seeing increased marijuana use and cultivation. While the usual suspects raise concerns, at least one member of parliament is sticking up for growers.

11. Africa: As Marijuana Growing Expands, Swaziland Begins to Ponder Hemp

Faced with falling commodity prices, Swazi farmers are turning to marijuana as a cash crop. Now there's talk of growing hemp.

12. Web Scan

Legalization, prison overcrowding, forfeiture, initiatives, more...

13. Weekly: This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.

14. Announcement: New Format for the Reformer's Calendar

Visit our new web site each day to see a running countdown to the events coming up the soonest, and more.
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