Chronicle AM: IL Senate Votes to Legalize Marijuana, Oakland Mushroom Decrim Moving, More... (5/30/19)

Colorado could soon see pot cafes and tasting rooms, Illinois is a House vote or two away from freeing the weed, Oakland has almost decriminalized magic mushrooms, and more.

magic mushrooms
Marijuana Policy

Colorado Governor Signs Bill Allowing Pot Cafes, Other Social Use Areas.Gov. Jared Polis (D) has signed into law HB 19-1230, which will allow for marijuana cafes, lounges, dispensary tasting rooms, and other social-use enterprises. "Colorado has many tourists and residents who choose to participate [in legal cannabis use]. Up until this bill, there's been no way to have safe public consumption," Polis said before signing the bill Wednesday. "I've smelled it walking my dog. For many of us with kids, we want to make sure we don't have that in our neighborhoods." Local governments will have to opt in to the new law, and can ban social-use establishments just as they can ban dispensaries.

Illinois Senate Votes to Legalize Marijuana. The state Senate on Wednesday voted to approve Senate Amendment 2 to HB 1438, which would legalize marijuana and create a system of taxed and regulated commerce. The vote came after lawmakers removed a provision allowing for personal cultivation and weakened a provision regarding expungement. The House has two days to pass the bill before the session ends.

Cops Shut Down Wisconsin's First Pot Shop. With assistance from Madison police, the Dane County Narcotics Task Force sent 30 heavily armed officers to shut down Lion of Judah House of Rastafari, which has been selling marijuana products since March, even though neither medical nor recreational marijuana is legal in the state. The two owners of the shop were arrested on marijuana trafficking charges. The shop filed a federal religious freedom lawsuit against the city in April after an earlier police visit where the cops took all their stock.


Oakland Magic Mushroom Decriminalization Ordinance Advances. An Oakland City Council committee voted to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms and other such plant-based drugs on Tuesday night. The ordinance now goes to the full City Council, which could vote on it as early as next week. If approved, Oakland would become the second city in America, after Denver, to free the 'shrooms.

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Gee, what a surprise, home growers get sold down the river in IL

Safe enough for richies and the state to make lotsa money, but not safe enough to let regular people grow their own, like they can do without a care in the world with killer alcohol. Who can respect such flaming in your face hypocrisy? Long live the black market!

Dain Bramage's picture

Sayyestohypocrisy,Of course


Of course you're against legalization.  You're a MAGA hat.  Hypocrisy is your middle name!

I'm happy for the people it will help

That doesn't contradict anything I said. It's monstrous hypocrisy,  It's impossible to respect such bigotry, and long live the black market until we get our basic rights respected!

Dain Bramage's picture

Duh... Try harder

You don't get the fact that it is hypocritical to support Trump, and then, at the same time, accuse others of hypocrisy? 

WTF did you get the idea that I support Trump?

Just because I despise jailer in chief Biden?

Dain Bramage's picture

I call it like I see it

I'm betting you are a Trumpanzee, paid or otherwise, because:

a)  You won't admit it (I too would be ashamed and embarrassed by Trump, if I were you), but you won't deny it (Me, I would NEVER miss a chance to say "Fuck Trump!")   That's just soooo Trumpy of you!

b) Your talking points serve Trump.

c)  Son, pot doesn't kill brain cells; but I don't know what else you do to damage your head.  Don't you remember our conversation?

Dain Bramage: "No MAGA "safe spaces" anywhere in USA!!"

Newageblues: "Didn't you ever hear of the second amendment? It doesn't just protect your rights, tough guy."

Dain Bramage: "Second Amendment?  I am talking about you babies needing 'safe' restaurants for your sensitive fee-fees.  That's First Amendment, by the way.  Freedom of speech, freedom of press."


Now, I don't expect you to agree with that.  But it's true.

You bet I'm a Trumpanzee? I swear, you have dain bramage

I yield to no one in despising the character of the unregistered sex offender in the White House.

So, how much do you owe me? When can you pay up?  

Dain Bramage's picture

Many Trump supporters will

Many Trump supporters will say they don't like him "personally."  It's all the fashion among Republicans to "tut tut" at his behavior.  It's called "furrowed brow" opposition.

And yet, they continue to protect him.  You ain't said shit so far to change my mind.

You wanted to know why I think you're a Trumpanzee and I told you.

And, it's a rhetorical bet, dumbfuck.

Dain Bramage's picture

Sayyestohypocrisy (aka

Sayyestohypocrisy (aka newageblues) has already tipped his MAGA hand, a few articles back, when he freaked over my comment saying "No MAGA safe spaces," and made a 2nd Amendment threat against my safety.  What a trigger-happy dickhead!

If he's not Russian troll farm, he could apply for the job!  Why work for free?

But set all that aside for the moment, and let's just look at his political positions, as stated.  He is for homegrow.  So am I.  But he is willing hold medical marijuana patients hostage until and unless he gets what he wants.  Whereas, I am not.  I am working from the principle of harm reduction, and public safety.  He is working on the principle of self-interest, and extortion.

Taken as face value (always risky, I don't advise it) Sayyestohypocrisy is what fellow commentor John Thomas calls "greedy growers"... Those are black market growers who DON'T support legalization, simply because they don't want the attendant lower prices to affect their illegal profits.

Sayyestohypocrisy is just too weasely to admit it.  But then again, like I said, he is a MAGA hat.

Nah, you're going off the deep end, Dain

Sounds like you have dain bramage 

Dain Bramage's picture

So you say

Dude, they're YOUR WORDS.  


I'm a black market grower???

Wow, don't I wish that were true! What a different story these last 50 years would have been. You're taking your dain bramage to a whole other level today. What's up with that?

Dain Bramage's picture

Again, they're your words.

Again, they're your words.

If they don't make sense to you, that's your fucking problem!

"2nd Amendment threat against my safety".

When??? Be specific.

Dain Bramage's picture

Specifically when?

Oh, that was when I was banging your mom, specifically.

you sure let your veil of caring about anything drop w /that one

poor pitiful you, in love with your own anger.

Dain Bramage's picture

No,  I love your mom.

No,  I love your mom.

Dain Bramage's picture

It's okay, you don't have to

It's okay, you don't have to call me "Dad."

Dain Bramage's picture

Would I ever get a straight answer to a straight question?

Newageblues is incapable of taking an unambiguous position when cornered.  Truth is too hard for him.

The thing about a Trumpanzee is, they're weasels!   Never a straight answer to a straight question. 

Always bullshit, with Newageblues and his kind.


That's the tell.




This is how the Government

This is how the Government bankrupts the poor underworld of poor communities and stop black and brown people from feeding their family while the Bush family,the Clinton Family, the Obama family,the Walmart family, and every other f'ing corporation that can afford to corner the market with with their hundred years of what they consider legal money which is the dirtiest money on the F'ing planet, stealing what little economic floor the oppressed have to feed their family. The govern't have witnessed all the money they can tax off of God's goodness for years and they want to tax the Almighty while owning the the acres it's being grown on.first they locked us up for what's naturally grown from the earth for a millions of years, because they didnt like the fact that black and brown people were feeding their families and not cutting them in ("taxes") so the government solution was to lock up poor people and bread winners, and now these muthafuckas want to own,tax,and sell what The Creator of the universe has given to us all from the earth for free. Allow the poor to eat, playbills, and clothe are families when the American Government was trying to play God and control nature and God shows every time that nature will always fix itself no matter how long it take. Look the Green Goodness is going legal everywhere and the same mf'ers that lock us up and forfeited our shit will get theirs, because NATURE ALWAYS FIXES ITSELF and the Government of the United States Of America is as unnatural as unnatural a can be.
Dain Bramage's picture

Agreed.However, handing the


However, handing the US government over to Putin is going to make things a hell of a lot worse, not better.

Fuck Trump forever! 

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