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Southern California Man Dies in Drug Raid Shootout

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #861)
Drug War Issues

A shootout that erupted Thursday afternoon when police in San Bernardino, California, followed a drug suspect to his home left one man dead and a Downey Police undercover officer seriously wounded. The as yet unnamed dead man becomes the 35th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to CBS 2 News, a Downey Police undercover unit was attempting to serve a search warrant at the residence when they were "immediately hit by gunfire." One officer was struck in the arm, backside, and chest, but was wearing a protective vest and was treated and released from the hospital that same night.

The suspect was shot and killed in the home's front yard. A SWAT team later entered the home and found "a large quantity of narcotics."

According to KTLA 5 News, police doing a narcotics investigation had followed the suspect to the scene. KTLA also reported that the same officer who was wounded was the one who shot and killed the suspect.

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sicntired (not verified)

When I first dealt drugs the police carried snub nose 38's and very few traffickers were armed at all.Then the police started doing hard entries with SWAT.When the street turned to harder drugs there were rip off artists as well as the police and people all began arming themselves.99% would never take up arms against the police.They did have weapons to ward off the rip off people.As soon as the cops began finding guns they all went to automatics and every raid was done with guns drawn.As the doors became fortified the police took to battering rams and they often followed that with flash bang grenades.Bigger buildings often were rammed by special vehicles with fortified bumpers.In America,where everyone owns a gun,it's a miracle that more people aren't killed in drug raids where doors are smashed in without warning.Every year finds the cops with heavier armour and more powerful and rapid fire weaponry.A person seeing the police gearing up for a drug raid would be hard pressed to find any difference from an invasion force.In fact,that's exactly what they are.A force ready to invade the private residence of some unsuspecting member of society.The problems that have been created in an effort to enforce laws that a large sector of society will not obey.Make the enforcement of drug laws far more harmful than all the drugs on the earth combined.They have turned the police into an army of occupation.When the police enter many neighborhoods,they do so as an unwanted and hated occupation force.Not only do people not respect the law.They don't even consider it to be legitimate.While it's tragic that they have killed 35 people enforcing drug laws.It's amazing the number isn't much larger.

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