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ALERT: House to Vote on Medical Marijuana Amendment This Week!

Call Congress Today!
As soon as this Thursday, the US House of Representatives will vote on an amendment that would prohibit the federal government from spending taxpayer money to interfere with state medical marijuana laws. Though similar amendments have been offered in the past, this year it is being offered by 10 sponsors -- five Republicans and five Democrats -- and several weeks ago a different medical marijuana amendment that would have allowed VA doctors to discuss it with their patients got 195 yes votes. There is a better chance than ever that this could pass, and we can certainly get closer and advance the issue -- if you take action.

Please use our online form to email your member of Congress in support of the Rohrabacher-Farr medical marijuana amendment to the Commerce-Justice-Science appropriation bill. When you're done, please call your Rep's office to voice your opinion on the phone as well, which will have more weight than just an email. You can look up your Rep's phone number on our web site, or you can call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be transferred.

When you're done, please email this alert to your friends, or use our site's tell-a-friend form to spread the word. Thank you for taking action.

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think of it this way....

If you don't vote for what your constituents want, YOU WON'T BE THERE EITHER..... ;)

Medical Marijuana

I am all for the legalization of weed, because I suffer from depression and sometimes experience suicidal thoughts, but when I tried marijuana all of that went away, and now I use it on a semi regular basis but I hate to brake the law so I cannot wait until it is legalized in Ohio! Vote Pro-Marijuana!



Please vote for

I am a cancer patient with two types of cancer. No cannot do chemo due to a renal trabsplant. I gave fibromyalgia , scoliosis, tremors, recurrent TIA's and other medical problems. I gave tried all sorts of pain relievers and nothing works. I gave been on Morphine patches but due to scar tissue in my skin, they will not work. Please vote FOR the medical marijuana bilk for those like he that has no choices on hiw to treat our pain. Not hank you and I hope you vote a FOR us not against us.

How dare they steal your medicine?

Cruel ignorant freaks. I hope you will find a way to get the medicine you need and have the right to.

medical Marijuana

Let's NOT be stupid, do you REALLY want a Politician telling you WHAT Medication YOU need or do you WANT your Doctor to tell you What kind of Medicine is BEST for you??? Doctors are not perfect, but Politicians like Rick Scott DO NOT have Our Best interest at heart. In November, Vote YES On 2, #YesOn2 #YesOn2 #YesOn2 #YesOn2 #YesOn2 #YesOn2 #YesOn2 #YesOn2

Connie Hayes. .. Politicians

Connie Hayes. .. Politicians all ready do make those decisions for us....they line their pockets with the money that Big pharma gives them.. and if that money is enough this decide to vote accordingly.

dont care about the mind buzz

dont care about the mind buzz to much anymore just want my body to relax so the pain will ease!!

please pass tis vote

I am another  medical user here in california i have been urt in some motor vehicle accidents and medical marijuana helps me sleep and calms me down. i sometimes get agitated aout things and it helps me to calm down and helps me wiht my anger over my injuries. We need the federal Government to drop thier prohibition on hiring those who use canibis for medical reasons withut a job we cannot afford our medication my medical plan sure doesnt cover it eve though its the least injujuirous substance that works for depression. 

Why so indirect?

Anyone have an explanation for this bass-ackwards way of operating?  Why not just amend Title 20 (or 21, I get those mixed up) of the US Code to say marijuana is not a controlled substance when provided according to state law?  Forbidding the spending of money invites some proxy scheme wherein the expense is undertaken on behalf of the feds but it doesn't cost the treasury anything because of seizures or some other means of funding, like Iran-Contra.

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