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This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #864)
Drug War Issues

NYPD officers are involved in two out of three of our corrupt cop reports this week, and a pair of thieving San Francisco cops round out the rogues' gallery. Let's get to it:

In Sunrise City, Florida, an NYPD officer was arrested last Tuesday while trying to buy 10 pounds of cocaine. Officer Philip LeRoy, a former Queens precinct "Cop of the Year," now faces charges of felony weapon possession, cocaine trafficking, and conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Sunrise is notorious for its asset forfeiture-driven drug stings. At last report, Le Roy was still in jail awaiting extradition.

In New York City, an NYPD officer was arrested last Friday for driving a drug dealer around, warning a cocaine dealer that police action was coming, and offering to arrange a heroin deal. Officer Merlin Alston allegedly told one cocaine supplier to "ghost" and "be gone" from a corner when police were coming, helped another dealer deliver cocaine, and offered to help the latter deal score some heroin. He is charged with official misconduct and conspiracy.

In San Francisco, two San Francisco police officers were convicted last Friday of stealing thousands of dollars worth of cash and other property from suspected drug dealers. Officer Edmond Robles and Sgt. Ian Furminger were found guilty by a federal jury of five and four counts respectively. There could be more guilty verdicts or plea bargains to come in this scandal, which began Public Defender Jeff Adachi released surveillance videos showing officers walking out of cheap SRO hotels with bags of residents' possessions.

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Alice (not verified)

The main problem with drug laws, is that they create a pathway for vicious, violent, evil people to make millions, if not billions of dollars.

People with drug habits are a nusiance,

People that are vicious, violent, and evil with millions of dollars are a problem.


As most countries in the world have most of the pharmaceuticals over the counter, of course the USA pushed a lot of those third world countries to control the scheduled drugs, drugs with potential for habits, the USA needs to put all of the drugs, pharmaceutical, street, what ever, over the counter.

Once all drugs are legal, then the control and nature will become obvious and for the most part,

90% of the people will stay away from recreational use and potential habit use.


The cost to our society by having these drug laws, has allowed evil to penetrate everywhere.

the money is so good, that the cops will get involved.    Now, we have corruption to the top, and the drug money is so good, that illegal drug sales and distribution is being done by cops, government officials, military, and on and on and on.

Once a drug dealer makes a few million, this drug dealer believes that now that they are rich, they are upstanding citizens, yet remember these people view killing an opponent as business.

Legalizing all drugs, will also remove the pathway for vicious, violent, and evil people to become billionaires.

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