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Greetings from Denver

opening plenary session
The Chronicle is shorter than usual this week, due to staff travel to Denver for the 2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference. I am watching a panel on regulatory models for marijuana legalization from around the world. Earlier in the morning we go to here US congressman from Boulder Jared Polis, Rev. Edward Sanders, Ethan Nadelmann, and others.

We look forward to publishing original reports from the conference over the next few days. I am also looking forward to Saturday night when Phil Smith, the primary writer for this newsletter, receives the Edward M. Brecher Award for Achievement in Journalism.

Denver, CO
United States
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Irma, I disagree with you,

Irma, I disagree with you, and now that 58% of Americans want marijuana prohibition to end, you are in the minority.

If your concern is that people should not be using drugs, prohibition has not stopped drug use and for sure, drug use would be a LOT SAFER if it was not illegal - we could talk about it openly and where it is a problem then we would not have to HIDE it.

Drug use is NOT always a problem - drugs can be very beneficial, especially "plant based drugs" such as OPIATES [morphine and heroin], and marijuana. Even cocaine has it's place - it used to be used for various medical conditions. Some people need stimulants in order to be a functioning person.

Why do we allow Doctors and their "Colleges" to decide how we adjust our brain chemistry - I know a lot more about what I need than some Doctor does.... but when I ask for it they say no.

I am the only one who can truly be RESPONSIBLE for my brain chemistry.

Irma, conservative mindset generally "does not like change" - but the War on Drugs has done nothing but harm and so something MUST change... more prohibition will not help - it is KILLING people - is DEATH better than abstaining?

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