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New Hampshire Cops Kill Man Fleeing Drug Sting

An undercover drug bust in a Weare, New Hampshire, shopping mall Wednesday night ended with the target of the bust shot to death as he attempted to flee. The as yet unidentified victim is the 25th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to the Concord Monitor and a press release from the state attorney general's office, several Weare police officers and two confidential informants were outside Dunkin' Donuts in Lanctot's Plaza on US Highway 114 doing a drug sting on the target, a suspected heroin dealer.

When officers attempted to detain the man, he tried to flee. Two officers then opened fire, wounding the man as he sped off in his vehicle. He made it about one hundred yards before crashing near an ice cream stand along the highway. He was taken by ambulance to a Manchester Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police have not said why they opened fire. They have not claimed that the man was shooting or pointing a gun at them, or even if a weapon was recovered. They have not claimed he was trying to run them over and they feared for their lives. And they have not mentioned the seizure of any drugs.

The attorney general's office said the investigation into the killing was "ongoing."

Weare, NH
United States
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cops and murder

Who cares if a cop shoots a " drug dealer " ? As long as you have a badge and a gun , enforcing a law against a drug , then you can just shoot away . Never mind the people leaving the pharmacy with bottles of pharmaceutical heroin . Just go out and arrest or shoot those individuals that don`t have a prescription . If the doctor , pharmacy and the pharmaceutical company don`t get their cut , then rub their face in the dirt . Welcome to the " land of the free " . Sheeple........

You're an idiot but of course you know that.

You have no idea along with the rest of us what really happened.  Congratulations on being the biggest loser on the site!


well said ... Who cares? And Welcome to the land of free ... free to get ur self killed ... if u don't have a prescription, etc., etc.

Crimes Against Humanity.

This is a "Crime Against Humanity".

Protect and Serve

The war on drugs and war on terrorism have corrupted our law enforcement by making them soldiers instead of police,,soldiers kill the enemy and police arrest is why the death toll in Mexico is so horrendous,,they have soldiers trying to stop violence and the only way soldiers know how to stop the violence is kill everything moving,,violence contained.

Add the federal grants and seizure laws that can only be spent on more drug war and you have a self feeding cancer.

Drug Dealing doesn't carry a

Drug Dealing doesn't carry a death penalty and neither should drug arrests.  From the description of events, the officers lives were not threatened.  Oooops.

When will it be too much

I know this guy. He lived next door to me and can you believe...within 3 hours of his untimely death, his apartment was broken into and all his tvs and his safe and everything that could be carried out was taken.

When his dad and brother and sisters arrived the next morning, all they had was a rensaced apartment and a dead family member.

Sure he was breaking the law but not as bad as drunk driving or stealing from an empty home. He was selling something that someone else wanted and yes, breaking the law but it was a NON violent crime and someone should be held accountable.

The police WANT to be respected but they refuse to be accountable like all the rest of us have to be.

Forget the BLUE WALL and do the right thing.

These officers have a very bad track record and even if their little police department didnt they were wrong and cost someone the ultimate price. HIS LIFE...

Watch it go away just like PUFF

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