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Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #750)
Consequences of Prohibition is pleased to announce our first teleconference, featuring the initiative campaigns in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State to enact regulatory (legalization) systems for marijuana. Please join us by phone or Skype on Thursday, September 27, 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST -- call (805) 399-1200 and enter access code 135516. We will discuss what the initiatives do, what their prospects are for passage and for fueling further reform, and what people can do to get involved.

The following exciting speakers have agreed to join us:

  • Oscar Eason, Jr., NAACP Alaska/Oregon/Washington State Area Conference
  • Alison Holcomb, New Approach Washington
  • Paul Stanford, Oregon Cannabis Tax Act
  • Brian Vicente, Sensible Colorado

Please RVSP here on our Facebook event page or our evite, and please spread the word! We will accept questions by email, now and during the teleconference -- send them to [email protected].

Please stay tuned also for announcements of additional teleconferences to discuss the upcoming state medical marijuana initiatives, prospects for reform in Congress next year, and other topics. If you are not already subscribed to the Drug War Chronicle newsletter, you can subscribe here -- follow us on Facebook and Twitter too.

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m dar (not verified)

This teleconference should be live posted on every site concerned with repealing prohibition of Mj. There is nothing like bringing all factions together...also on each site versus having each needing to go to the teleconference. Also I would say the spread of notice would be multifold.

Perhaps the one most disparaging situations is the differing opinions on how to proceed in the elimination of Mj from the 'Drug War' target list.

This teleconference is a stroke of genius and no doubt way past due. Utilize it in the most viable way possible. 

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