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Did You Know? International Comparison of Felon Voting Laws

Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #736)
Drug War Issues

Did you know that the US is an exception in restricting voting rights of ex-felons after they complete their sentences? A 2003 study of 45 democracies (including those with supporting documentation found in constitutions, electoral laws or other documents) found just five countries with such restrictions, one applying them only rarely through judicial orders. Read about it in International Comparison of Felon Voting Laws, on, part of the family.

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We will return to in the fall. Next month we visit Drug War Facts.

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mixwoods (not verified)

Here's a chance for some useful research-- find out how much stop, frisk, arrest, prosecution, labeling as "felons" of persons who trafficked with cannabis (which may mean got together with friends to buy some) adds up to electoral differences which presumably most often benefit the Republican Party (voting base 20 points more anti-cannabis-legalization; usually receives about twice as much TOBACCKGO campaign help money as Democrats).

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