Feds Threaten Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Colorado US Attorney John Walsh last Thursday sent letters to 23 medical marijuana dispensaries and their landlords across Colorado warning that they must shut down within 45 days or "action will be taken to seize and forfeit their property." The letter was sent to dispensaries operating within 1,000 feet of a school.

Colorado dispensaries (not necessarily this one) are under attack. (O'Dea at WikiCommons)
"Those who do not comply will be subject to potential criminal prosecution and civil enforcement actions by the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Colorado and the Drug Enforcement Administration," the US Attorney's Office elaborated in a press release.

The letters are of a kind with letters sent out by US Attorneys in California beginning in October. In both states, federal prosecutors are targeting dispensaries that trigger enhanced federal penalties by being within a 1,000 feet of a school, which does not violate state law in either state, but does result in enhanced penalties in federal prosecutions. The California threat letters have led to the closure of numerous targeted dispensaries, as well as the closure of dispensaries that were not directly targeted, but were intimidated by the signals emanating from the feds.

"When the voters of Colorado passed the limited medical marijuana amendment in 2000, they could not have anticipated that their vote would be used to justify large marijuana stores located within blocks of our schools," Walsh said in the release. The letters are "merely a first step to address this issue, and the office will continue to insist marijuana stores near schools shut down."

The Colorado dispensary scene exploded after then-Deputy Attorney General David Ogden issued an October 2009 memo saying federal prosecutors should not use their resources to target patients and providers in compliance with state laws. But in June 2011, Ogden's successor, James Cole, issued another memo clarifying that state laws do not provide protection from federal prosecution.

Colorado dispensaries are taxed and tightly regulated, and had previously been relatively free of federal interference. It looks like that is changing now.

Denver, CO
United States
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Stop The Violence, End Prohibition

We need all out legalization, thats what were doin in michigan, and several other states, it's the only way we can win, Tell everyone you support cannabis reform and they should to. Tell everyone its time to legalize!

Fedzilla Attacks...

So much for Obama's pledge to leave this 10th Amendment issue alone...   I guess he didn't know that the bankster elite don't want you buying your drugs legally...   They want that money to go through the cartels in Mexico who launder their dirty billions via US banks like Wachovia...   The Drug war is not about protecting society... it's about protecting a criminal racket.    Not convinced, read "Dark Alliance" by Pulitzer prize-winning American investigative journalist Gary Webb (who was murdered in 2004). 

The high road? (every pun intended)

And this the day after the DEA had to admit (much like the ATF with the guns to Mexico) that the last few years they have been flying in cocaine to be put on the street from Columbia, and that they have laundered millions of dollars in Mexico and they had to admit they have lost track of almost every penny... millions.... down iin Mexico.. just floating around.. cocaine on our streets so they can track usage... I mean they are supplying, running, selling and laundering and they obfuscate the fact by busting some penny ante medical cannabis operations so as to make the headlines and bury the fact that the DEA is MUCH MORE HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH than cannabis ever was. 

I am so angry I could spit.. they have a blank check.. and then they grab the money from operations like this, run it down to Mexico and lose it.. over and over they lie, cheat, steal and kill over a silly silly grass that has never killed anyone on it's own accord.. 

We have entrusted a very corrupt agency with far too much power and influence.. their obvious fetish lay down in Mexico and sick people and medical cannabis is just a incidental casualty in their war to keep well financed and everything running well and to keep themselves gainfully employed... 

I mean there is ZERO accounting and auditing on even the local level.. we just take law enforcements 'word' on the monies and properties they confiscate over weed.. I mean they admitted yesterday they have been laundering it down in Mexico (and repeatedly lost it)...

Why is the media not focusing more on that as well I wonder.. it's real.. some covered it slightly.. I would think it should be quite on display so we can see the real dangers of marijuana being illegal.

When asked of Hilary

When asked of Hilary Clinton "do you think Marijauna will ever be legalized?" her response was "no, there's too much money in it."


Simply said, the only way to get safe MMJ, or MJ, or to stop the Drug cartels, or to get better treatment for drug abuse programs, or to reduce incarceration rates and the prison labor system will only be Legalization.


People need to realize the Government will study forever, talk forever, state 'it needs more discussion'...forever and ever.


Band together each of the groups..growers..MMJ and MJ..let the markets be for the people, not corporations, public sector jobs. You might find something very American in this process, you might find your self wanting more personal freedoms.

The main focus during a

The main focus during a recession is to create jobs, not destroy them! The Obama administration had the opportunity to help fuel a brand new industry in America. He had the opportunity to create thousands and thousands of ‘real’ new jobs by giving the majority of Americans what they want. The economic impact of a dispensary is far beyond its walls; legal medical marijuana had helped local landlords in a commercial rental slump. Landscaping/Grow shops have also done well and flourished in a legal medical marijuana market and further helped the commercial real estate market. Magazine and newspaper advertisers had a bunch of strong NEW clients. Doctors of course had a brand new revenue stream.  Banks benefited, credit card companies benefited from legal medical marijuana. This list goes on and on how much business is created by allowing regulated medical marijuana dispensaries.

When the Federal government shuts down a dispensary, they are not only shutting down one business but hurting an entire economic region, no matter how micro. The government is not only not doing anything to solve our current economic problems, they are actually helping to fuel it on! I can’t believe our leaders could be so fucking stupid or corrupt.

sick & poor have not benefited!!!!!!!

Ah the sick and poor do not benefit in CA as we cannot afford to pay illegal prices for legal pot.

The law was intended for the very sick not just for those with hangnails that want to get high.

IMHO, it is immoral, unethical and illegal to sell legal pot at illegal prices.  It is illegal because

according to CA state law pot dispensaries are supposed to be non-profit not a profit making business.

Would you pay $5,000 for a head of lettuce that weights about a pound.  Well that's what

my ca compassionate would sell it to me at retail prices.  Lettuce is sold by ton not

by th 1/8 oz, oz, or gram.   There is a better way to dispense medical pot:



Have you had enough of Obama's backstabbing yet?

So many people were so hopeful that he would remove harassment by the federal government from the medical marijuana equation.

It is clear now he never had any intention of doing that.

The only chance we have is Ron Paul winning the Republican presidential primary. Even if you are a Democrat or Independent registering and voting for Ron Paul in a Republican primary will ultimately push this issue to the forefront of the national debate.


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