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Iowa Man Falls to His Death During Drug Raid

A Des Moines man has died after apparently falling from an apartment building balcony as he attempted to evade police executing a drug search warrant. Kirby Praseuth, 28, becomes the ninth person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to police, the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement was serving a search warrant on an apartment around 6:30am Friday. After police secured the apartment, the two suspects inside told them a third man had gone out onto the back balcony to evade them. When officers went to the balcony of the fourth floor apartment, they found Praseuth lying on the ground below.

Hewas taken to Methodist Hospital in critical condition, but later died. Police said they are continuing to investigate how he ended up on the ground.

The two people in the apartment were arrested, but there is no information on what charges have been filed or what, if anything, was found in the apartment.

WHO-TV reported Saturday that police said the search warrant was related to a marijuana distribution investigation.

Des Moines, IA
United States
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I would be willing to bet that the cops were high 5`ing , laughing , having a good time , that they had a good bust and some arrest`s . It takes a twisted individual to enjoy this kind of work . Drug Prohibition is basically a Satanic Ritual .

Thoughts about that article on the guy who died...

Firstly, I doubt that the cops tossed him overboard. Secondly, the guy had to be high on some fool drug like PCP to jump from the 4th floor and expect to survive. At the best, he'd have shattered his legs/arms or which ever limbs hit first. Cops aren't ALL that bad, some really care and try to do good for mankind. I am not a lover of cops but tell you the truth, fact is, when you need them, you really want them. Be grateful that we live in the best country on the planet. USA is not a model of a perfect society, rather we are a nation of consumers, prey on the weaker and less educated and steel money from our citizens in the name of world peace. imagine if every nation laid down its' collective arsenal of weapons for destruction, garnered an attitude of "help others" to their agenda and took a "love all equally" approach to their policies. We'd have food in every belly, people wouldn't b needing hand-outs and the world would spin like never before!

Man i don't know hew the hell

Man i don't know hew the hell you are but that was some powerful shit. Keep kicking that i think people will listen. By the way I'm a young black man from the hood with a chip on my shoulder but i like what u said. Oh & my name & email is fake too. :-) oh yeah shot out to travon martins family! Its on site for the guy that shot him! If we shoot somebody they wouldn't take us out to eat & drop us off @ home! :-)

the law is the crime

The drug war is a ''crime against humanity''.

Kirby was an amazing friend

Kirby was an amazing friend and person so to all of you who didn't know him and think you have the right to judge any of this here's a big "F-U" and he didn't jump he was probably trying to get to the balcony below Kirby had a good heart and loved all of the people in his life with all he had this world lost a good man.

Kirby Praseuth would NEVER

Kirby Praseuth would NEVER jump off his balcony... He was my uncle, I know for a fact he would never ever do that! & He didnt even have drugs! SO, W/e. This is bullshit.

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