Malay Couple Get Life for Half Ounce, Marijuana Plant

A Malay court in Kuching, Sarawak Province, has sentenced a married couple to life in prison for possessing less than a half-ounce of marijuana and having a pot plant in their home. The husband was also sentenced to nine lashes of the cane.

Kuching, Sarawak Province, Malaysia
Judge Afidah Abdul Rahman imposed the life sentence on Tajol Ashikin Tambi, 39, and wife Rozaimah Mat, 37. They were convicted under Section 6 of Malaysia's Dangerous Drug Act of 1952, which pertains to marijuana.

The man and wife were each convicted of two offenses, marijuana possession and marijuana cultivation. They were sentenced to three years each for possessing 20 grams of pot (less than a half ounce) and sentenced to life in prison for growing a marijuana plant.

They were arrested a year ago. They claimed their elder child had planted the marijuana plant without their knowledge, and they brought it in the house because it was "dangerous."

Their defense attorney, Voon Lee Shan, asked for leniency, citing the couple's two children, ages four and seven. But Judge Afidah Abdul Rahman demurred, saying the couple was "in denial" in claiming their child had planted the marijuana plant.

Prosecutor Hasyutantee Khalil argued against leniency, saying the public interest had to be taken into account and that the couple had failed as parents by involving their children in the case.

Tajol stoid stoicly as the sentence was pronounced, but his wife broke down in tears.

Malaysia has some of the world's harshest drug laws, including the death penalty for some offenses, including some marijuana offenses. On the up side, at least the judge suspended the caning.

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This is an outrage!  No one

This is an outrage!  No one should ever be given the death penalty.  It is barbaric and robs a real criminal the chance to have their burdens on their conscience, and then find rehabilitation.  But someone getting the death penalty for growing one plant?  This is absolutely insane.

America may be getting Malaysia type laws too if Newt Gingrich has his way.  I think he said something in a recent interview about wanting to adopt harsh drug laws like Malaysia.  As if it was not bad enough to have SWAT teams busting down doors with chainsaws and entering with guns blazing; and people having their pets shot routinely because it is considered smart penetration by the cops.

Yet through all this torture world leaders have put their citizens through for a natural plant, there is a huge and almost mainstream marijuana culture of millions and millions of reasonable and often otherwise law abiding citizens around the world.

Have you ever wondered why marijuana is illegal ALL OVER THE WORLD?  Not even the Netherlands or California is it legal.  So maybe two, three places in the entire world where there is some marijuana peace.  Why is this?  What are governments so afraid of marijuana?

The people in charge want their citizens dumb, and to be followers who easily fall for their 'official line.'  This is evident by the government putting fluoride in the water supply, for example.  People who smoke marijuana tend to become more open-minded and question authority.  Marijuana tends to make people drop out of the system and let their hair grow.  People who smoke pot often become universally minded and think for themselves.  In other words, marijuana frees people's minds to question their life and circumstances.  I believe this is the real danger with marijuana that governments are so fearful of and why it is highly illegal all over the world.

Sorry but...

... I couldn't help but imagine you as a hippie with dreadlocks wearing a tie-die hemp-leaf t-shirt, as I read your last paragraph, with all the stereotypical stoner speech mannerisms.  But damned if I don't agree with every word you say anyway.  Well, except the fluoride bit.  It really is good for your teeth, and dental work is really, really expensive.

Honestly, I think that Asian societies are just more conformist in general, and this allows them to assign strict penalties for laws because so few people break them.  But still, that shit is just wrong.

I'm an extra-dimensional time

I'm an extra-dimensional time traveler here to study primitive 21st century earth people.  Can you imagine that?

Fluoride may be good for your teeth, but you should be spitting it out as tooth paste only at best.  

They are political prisoners

They haven't harmed anyone. Even Malaysia will understand that one day.

That's messed up...

Wow is all I can say.  Life for growing a marijuana plant...that is absolutely insane.  BTW 20 grams is over half an ounce (28 grams/oz.), you might want to make that correction in the article.

That's messed up...

Wow is all I can say.  Life for growing a marijuana plant...that is absolutely insane.  BTW 20 grams is over half an ounce (28 grams/oz.), you might want to make that correction in the article.

i totally agree with the

i totally agree with the first comment above titled this is an outrage! . i don't know what the 2nd commenter is talking about when he alludes to the first commenter's 'stereotypical stoner speech mannerisms'. seemed like an invalid gratuitous criticism. returning to the first commenter, i agree especially with his/her assertion that 'authority' types have a problem with pot because it encourages free-thought and broad mindedness, and thus is antithetical to the dogmatic ways of 'authority'. remember that president nixon declared his 'war on drugs' largely as a way to suppress counter-cultural resistance to shit like the vietnam fiasco. didn't he famously say one time that 'all these war protesters smoke dope'? there was certainly, and probably still is, a strong association between marijuana use and opposition to authoritarian rule.

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