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Hoo-boy! Institutionalized misconduct and corruption in Florida and New Jersey, more jail guards in trouble, a pill-peddling cop, and a former Colorado sheriff goes down for trading meth for sex. Let's get to it:

In Clearwater, Florida, defense attorneys have called for a US Justice Department investigation of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Unit, which is embroiled in an ever widening scandal over its practices. The attorneys say the unit routinely violated the civil rights of people it investigated and engaged in unlawful searches and seizures. The scandal began when a videotape emerged of narcotics detectives hopping over a wall to investigate a suspected marijuana grow without a warrant and then trying to destroy the evidence by taping over it. Defense attorneys also accuse unit members of covering up drug trafficking by the daughter of one of its members, physically abusing a man, stealing public funds, and committing perjury when questioned about their potentially illegal activities. New Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has opened at least six internal investigations into the dope squad.

In Camden, New Jersey, the city has paid out at least $340,000 in damages to nearly a dozen low-level accused drug dealers and users whose convictions were overturned because of potentially tainted evidence gathered by corrupt city police. And that's just so far. Another 75 lawsuits alleging abuses have been filed in state Superior Court and nearly as many in federal court. They claim they were victimized by dirty cops who planted evidence and falsely arrested and charged them. Four former Camden police officers have been convicted of planting evidence, stealing cash and drugs, conducting illegal searches, and fabricating reports that led to a series of arrests and convictions between 2007 and 2009. Each faces about 10 years in jail. In addition to the pay-outs, the Camden County Prosecutor's Office has had to dismiss some 200 cases.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a Jacksonville's Sheriff's Office jail guard was arrested last Wednesday after selling oxycodone tablets to an undercover officer. James Mock III, 28, was on duty and in uniform when he sold 80 30-milligram pills in return for $1,600. Now he's facing first- and third-degree felony charges, including selling a controlled substance within 100 yards of a convenience store and possession of a controlled substance without prescription. He was a probationary employee and has been fired.

In Gloucester, New Jersey, a Gloucester Township police officer was arrested Wednesday on drug charges after an internal investigation. The as yet unnamed officer was on duty when arrested and is charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of an imitation controlled dangerous substance, possession of a weapon during a controlled dangerous substance offense, and possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance.

In New York City, a former city jail guard pleaded guilty last Thursday to having sex with an inmate and smuggling drugs and other contraband into the Rikers Island jail. Clara Espada, 41, pleaded guilty to third-degree receiving a bribe, a Class D felony, and forcible touching, a misdemeanor. She went down after the inmate she had sex with told investigators he helped broker deals for Ecstasy, alcohol, and cigarettes that netted Espada $300 a month. Espada is awaiting sentencing and facing six months in jail under a plea deal.

In Centennial, Colorado, a former Colorado Sheriff of the Year pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges he traded methamphetamine for sex with young male tweakers. Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan, 69, served as sheriff from 1984 to 20002 before resigning to become director of security at a metropolitan Denver school district. He resigned that position in 2008. He was arrested in a sting operation last year after a man arrested on meth charges mentioned a connection and held in custody in a jail named after himself. He copped a plea to felony meth possession and misdemeanor solicitation of a prostitute, while prosecutors dropped charges of meth distribution and attempting to influence a public servant. Sullivan will do 30 days in jail in addition to eight days he served when arrested.

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to Cop or not to Cop

hey one of my favorites is Malcolm Kyle - MK when this drug war is over lots of wonderful, brilliant, incredible folks who've had their lives ruined with drug convictions will have their lives given back, be it the 13 year old honor student arrested for minor pot possession, or me, the CJ whose been arrested for heroin and pill and syringe loving related offenses. MK, obviously folks like us will have our lives given back - even if it takes til after we're all dead and it's posthumous - naturally, it'll sound something like ___insert govt spokesperson on histoic date-____ "in an effort to do something historic and courageous __x__ amount of years ago a policy of prohibition was instituted to protect our people not harm our people. Due to an inability to foresee the incredible horrors that would await, the policy of prohibition has done more to harm our peoples than anything in the history of human kind. On this historic day we apologize, however small that may be, to the millions of people whose lives have been unjustly affected not by drugs but by the prohibition of drugs." BLABLABLA so then begins the repulsion of all those convictions of all those millions, who've managed to not die because of prohibition, but nevertheless had their lives destroyed due to the excess baggage and ignorance that the excess baggage creates.


My question mk or anybody i guess really, should scumbags like these pieces of trash police officers, corrections officers, etc be given that same pardon? I dont think so. My personal opinion is, when that day comes (and you kevin sabet idiots, its gonna come, sorry... It just is. LOL you can cry like a baby all you want and try to stop it but it's inevitable, so instead of trying to stop it you can either do yourself future favors by helping bring about it's downfall and embrace new colleagues OR just quietly enjoy those perks you get from it's current perpetuation) NATURALLY these cops are gonna try to be like "See we always knew, nobody would listen, we took it upon ourselves, wrong as it may have been THEN in the eyes of the law... but we knew it was wrong and nobody would listen to us so as police we tried to protect the communities in our own ways." WHICH IS NOTHING MORE than SNAKE, LAWYER retoric of the most simplest type of manipulation. Cops, regardless of the predictament, are just snakes who care about themselves more than anything else (and one may say, "well this is America, we have an image of loving and doing for others but thats just a BS image and America is indeed the most selfish, self centered, materialistic place in the world." - WELL YES, that is TRUE but it doesnt hold weight here because they knowingly undertake jobs where, in theory anyway, THEY'RE SUPPOSED to SHED that American selfishness and become selfless service peoples of the community) and always lie under oath, lie lie lie to get their way to look good to their superiors and the public. They will do anything, ANYTHING to look like and feel like the MAN, and i dont believe any of these pieces of garbage  deserve a pardon. I believe the entire police force should be one huge scam where you basically find out if recruits are serious about becoming police, are really made up of THAT kind of DNA and after they go through all the tests and preparations, find out that POLICE RECRUITING is just a giant setup operation to weed "police type DNA" people out of society, so when they complete their police training they're actually not turned into cops but thrown into jail for life or given the death penalty or given the ole exile tag and sent off to Liberia. 

Crooked Law Enforcement Tip

Urgent tip to upstanding law enforcement to shine with honor!

URGENT. Spread word. Tired of watching them not get caught for the past years...time to watch some good cops and detectives show that they will keep us safe in these hard times. Best wishes and thanks for the service of those who prove themselves deserving to wear and bear the honor of law enforcement badges!

Corruption - Civil Rights

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