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Did You Know? Drug Testing Research Results, on

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Did you know that drug testing doesn't help tech businesses' productivity?

"In a study of high tech industries, researchers found that 'drug testing programs do not succeed in improving productivity. Surprisingly, companies adopting drug testing programs are found to exhibit lower levels of productivity than their counterparts that do not... Both pre-employment and random testing of workers are found to be associated with lower levels of productivity.'"

Source: Shepard, Edward M., and Thomas J. Clifton, Drug Testing and Labor Productivity: Estimates Applying a Production Function Model, Institute of Industrial Relations, Research Paper No. 18, Le Moyne University, Syracuse, NY (1998), p. 1, (via Drug Testing chapter.)

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I'm Shocked! Shocked I tell you

For a time in my life I designed and wrote large database applications, systems of programs that performed between tens and hundreds of individual functions, reports, etc.  I found that moderate cannabis intake combined with moderate caffeine intake SIGNIFICANTLY increased my productivity.  Literally by a factor of 4-5 in terms of lines of clean code that I could produce in a given time frame.  Instead of struggling to write 20-30 lines in a day I could breeze through over a hundred.  The way cannabis helped was that it made it possible for me to hold the entire project structure in my head and to be able to easily pull my head up out of the details of the subsection I was currently writing and see how it related to the overall system, where it needed to interact and what data was affected.  It also made it possible for my subconscious processes to write entire sections of code.  I'd simply see the entire path from where I was to where I needed to get in a moment of insight, and then be able to just transcribe the lines of code from memory.

I also took an extensive IQ test after smoking pot daily for thirty years.  Over that time my IQ had risen by 9 points.  Yeah, I'm really shocked to read of these results.

cannabis intake versus quality work output

Why, I'm just as shocked as you!  It's just not PC to admit that cannabis usage made it easier for you to keep huge projects straight in your head.  You must be one of those hippies.  You know, those people can't be trusted.  You have to be a socialist, wealth-spreader to be of any use in this brave new world.  Now, if you were a Chicago community agitator, then you'd be trustworthy.  That would cement your place in the NEW world order, where ONLY the upper echelon, those with political connections have the power and the intelligence to decide who gets "free" money from the government and who gets to work for a living.  After all, you can't expect anyone who has a claim that they've been victimized by society to have to work for a living, especially if they happen to be a minority.  That just wouldn't be right or fair in this new world.  The NEW definition of fair is when the "right" people get to live by the sweat of other's work.  Read Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals", read Barack Obama's "Dreams From My Father".  Those books will begin to set your mind straight as to who deserves to be forced to work for a living, who gets to squeeze free money from the working suckers.  President Barack Obama on Wednesday December 8th, 2010, signed a $1.15 billion measure to fund a settlement initially reached between the Agriculture Department and minority farmers more than a decade ago.  This "settlement" approved $4.6 Billion dollars to be doled out to Black "Farmers" who had been "swindled" by the federal government.  The problem lies with the fact that, according to census numbers, there were NEVER anywhere near that many black farmers in the United States.  Black farmers have been fighting for a settlement over three different presidential administrations. The federal government first settled Pigford v. Glickman in 1999, paying out more than $980 million to 16,000 farmers, but many of the black farmers who were discriminated against were not properly notified or given enough time to join the suit.

As a result, a 2007 farm bill introduced by Obama reopened the settlement and the $1.25-billion figure was agreed upon. But the payment has not made it through the Senate. In the end, the family of Senator Blanche Lincoln received more money from the program than any other family.  As a matter of public record, 11 Members of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives have received millions of dollars in federal farm subsidies ($6.2 million!), while voting–surprise! surprise!–to continue those payments. One House member, Democrat Marion Berry of Arkansas (no, not that Marion Barry), got almost $2.5 million. But the one who seems to be most embarrassed about it–since she won’t use her real name–is Senator Lincoln, who, under the farm subsidies, uses the name Blanche Lambert.  The bottom line is that the U.S. taxpayers are being swindled out of billions of dollars by a program that was OVER, completely finished, in 1999.  Until Senator Barack Obama and Blanche Lincoln found a way to get the program re-opened under the false pretense of some non-existent farmers who didn't get paid the first time around.  The census records very clearly show that there NEVER existed that many minority farmers.  EVER!  It's simply another instance of Chicago politics being played in Washington with the help of Barack Obama, the most crooked, traitorous person to EVER hold public office.

Tests weed out the best

Possibly the answer is that higher quality recruits resist the implied insult of such tests and companies are left with mediocre yesman types.

as a veteran pot smoker, i

as a veteran pot smoker, i second kbman's position. i find it consistently stimulates thought, perception, and artistic creativity. there are many similar, more lengthy and detailed testimonies on lester grinspoon's site. of course, some people may not agree or share similar experiences, but what gives them the right to impose upon us?

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