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Did you know that US states which did not decriminalize marijuana in the '70s saw larger increases in its use than states which did decriminalize?

"In California and Ohio, surveys before and after decriminalisation showed that cannabis use increased, but not at a greater rate than in US states which had not decriminalised cannabis. Single (1989) also reviewed data from two large US national surveys of drug use in the 1970s that compared rates of cannabis use in states which had and had not decriminalised cannabis. He found that the prevalence of cannabis use increased in all states, with a larger increase in those states which had not decriminalised (Single, 1989)."

(Department of Health and Aged Care (Canberra, Australia), "Cannabis Expiation Notice Scheme on levels and patterns of cannabis use in South Australia: evidence from the National Drug Strategy Household Surveys 1985–1995," May 1998, via the Marijuana chapter.)

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It will then decline

In Europe in countries where marijuana use is legal it's use spiked for the first few years and then declined steadily.In Portugal,young people have very low marijuana use.It seems that once it's a legal substance with no penalty the young lose interest.What a surprise.

undrgrndgirl's picture


typical post prohibition behavior...same thing happened after alcohol prohibition was lifted...

"war on drugs"

This "war on drugs" 1'st is a war on the lower class people 2'nd is a war they can never win to many people enjoy it . What right do they have to tell me I can't indulge in my own house when it does not hurt ANYONE???? prescription drugs kill 1000's every year , I don't see them making them illegal , No one has EVER died from smoking pot as a matter of fact it helps 75% that use it ,, not even aspirin can make that boast.. Lets take a look at "safe aspirin" it eats up the stomach walls , messes up your kidneys and liver ,, but this is ok cause look at all the money they make when your liver gives out , this country is greed driver and until we get away from greed NOTHING will ever change for the better

Marijuana vs Morphine

I've been on one type of morphine or another for Fibromyalgia since 2000.  I am up to 300 mg daily, Valium, Zanaflex, 2 different kinds of anti-depressants as well as a sleeping pill and cholesterol.  I smoked for recreation from 1973-2000 and then quit. Funny that when I quit the pot the pain starts & I have to go onto harder drugs.  In September, my life started falling apart; husband has brain fistulas & is about to go in for his 3rd surgery, he's not been to work since June, 2010 so we've had to learn to live on a lot less money as I am on SSDI. Both my kids are getting divorced & our daughter & her 2 little ones have moved in with us, we lost my husband's mother to lung cancer in Sept & my mom had cancer surgery in Sept. So anyway I started smoking again (this was before the valium) and of course popped on a UA at my pain drs. Well, so far I haven't passed one since, so imagine she will let me go in January.  I've about decided to go back to what worked -- that's smoking pot. I can usually smoke a joint a day & it helps my pain, stress, anxiety & it's a heck of a lot cheaper.  I wish Oklahoma would just come out of the dark ages & decriminalize it for medical use!!!

I also wonder what all the harder drugs that I am on are affecting me; I imagine it's a lot more than marijuana would!

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