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Synthetic Marijuana Ban Mania Continues

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #666)
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The reflexive response of state legislators to respond to new, uncontrolled substances by banning them continues unabated this year as bills to proscribe synthetic marijuana have been filed in Nebraska and Indiana. Another synthetic pot ban bill is pending in Connecticut, and Washington state bureaucrats acted at year's end to ban the substances there.

In the bull's eye at the state house (image via Wikimedia)
Sold under names like K2 and Spice, the products contain synthetic cannabinoids that produce psychoactive effects roughly similar to marijuana. While about a dozen states and numerous municipalities moved against synthetic cannabinoids last year, the substances remained unregulated at the federal level until the DEA imposed an emergency ban that took effect on Christmas Eve.

But the federal ban has not deterred state legislators from acting since then. In Nebraska, Sen. Beau McCoy has introduced LB 19, which would prohibit the possession or sale of synthetic cannabinoids. That bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee, where a hearing has been set for January 19.

In Indiana, state Sen. Joe Zakas (R-Granger) introduced SB 152, which bans synthetic cannabinoids and punishes use or distribution with the same penalties in place for marijuana. That legislation passed the Senate Corrections Committee unanimously on Tuesday.

In Connecticut, no bill has been formally introduced yet, but several legislators, parents, and members of the anti-drug abuse group Connecticut Prevention Network met Monday to call for legislation there. Rep. Patricia Wilditz (D-Guilford) said the substances are becoming increasingly popular among young people and that the public needed to be warned of their dangers.

In Washington state, meanwhile, the compounds were banned by action of the State Board of Pharmacy on December 30. The ban there came three weeks after a Seattle man struck three pedestrians with his vehicle and later claimed to have been under their influence.

"The chemicals are very potent synthetic cannabinoids and can cause harm when used, generally by smoking," the Board of Pharmacy said. "These are effects that can affect behavior, judgments and health."

Reported adverse effects of synthetic cannabinoids include panic attacks, anxiety, agitation, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, hallucinations, tremors, and seizures. No fatal overdoses have been reported.

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Josestopthedrugwar (not verified)

“These are effects that can affect behavior, judgments and health.”

Like alcohol??? ban that too as well as tobacco! these things kill!! Don't ban marijuana as no one has died from it.

Wed, 01/12/2011 - 12:23am Permalink

This article incorrectly states that the DEA ban went into effect Christmas Eve, December 24th. That is NOT CORRECT. As of 1/13 at 9 am all products remain legal where not otherwise prohibited.

 The DEA has not issued a final rule regarding their effort to temporarily ban theses five compounds. They will at some point in time issue a final rule, we do not know when. If you want protection and support for issues like the DEA ban, please join the Retailers Compliance Association (RCA) and protect your constitutional rights. The RCA is prepared to take the DEA to the Supreme Court to fight their right to ban these compounds without due process. We need your help to finance this fight. Go to our website to read more.

If you own a store that will be significantly affected by the DEA action, please contact us right away.


Thu, 01/13/2011 - 10:10am Permalink

the writer above is correct. Most shops continue to sell and online sales are over the top.

It would be laughable were it not for the total lack of concern about teen binge drinking (now at 25%; 17,500 teen deaths) and alcohol, the drug labeled the most destructive of all known drugs.

We are a sick society.

Thu, 01/13/2011 - 3:15pm Permalink
Gabriel Reed (not verified)

"As of 9am on January 6, 2011 the DEA has not acted on the Notification to Temporarily Control five synthetic cannibinoids. So all JWH018 products remain legal unless otherwise prohibited.[34][35]"

They have convinced most people that this ban is in affect. They dropped the ball. The only synthetic cannabinoid that is illegal is jwh-210, everything, and I mean everything else is perfectly legal... 

Don't fall for this garbage!

Thu, 01/13/2011 - 4:42pm Permalink
cdjustice11 (not verified)

oh look, a helpful link by an astroturfing vendor.


dont ever buy anything but the chemical itself, and mix it with vaporized weed leftovers so you can smoke it. im making a guide on how to do this easily, after much experimentation.


i do think you need to mix this with other cannabinoids to balance and counteract... with just jwh-018 , you will get immediately high, not necessarily hungry... definitely not the hugely laughing high from smoking... you are just, HIGH, like sleep with the lights on high. but you come down to a comfy level quick. dont call poison control or go to the er, and dont smoke herbal incense... thats just stupid.


Rapid heartbeats, panic attack.... lol ... they never watched Friday. Its the chronic man, dont e'en worry about it - chris tucker

Wed, 01/19/2011 - 12:36am Permalink
420xxxxx (not verified)


Consider this line of whatever they ares are alleged variants of the JWH products sprayed on botanicals

known and unknown.

If that holds true, the mixing with real marijuana should be the frugal way of using it. It stimulates the receptors. So what better to do with wide open receptors? SMOKE!!!!

I know some are using to beat drug testing.

I would do out of pocket testing to see what is what is but I know GCMS and they want  30g to do a  chromatogram. Not at $10g I'm not. 


Glad at least a few people know the Federal Register. We had a shop doing 2 for 1 Christmas Eve.

Mmm Purple Dragon.          

Sat, 01/22/2011 - 1:47pm Permalink

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