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DEA Bans Synthetic Marijuana

By the time you read these words, the possession and sale of synthetic cannabinoids will be a federal crime. The DEA announced late Monday afternoon that its emergency rules banning the fake weed would go into effect Tuesday, March 1.

No legal highs for you, silly Americans! (Image via Wikimedia)
In recent years, synthetic cannabinoids sprayed on herbal matter and marketed as incense under names including Spice and K2 have become widely available. They are sold at head shops, convenience stores, truck stops, and via the Internet. The effects of such concoctions mimic those of marijuana.

The ban was originally scheduled to go into effect on Christmas Eve, but was delayed by legal challenges from retailers. The ban lists five chemicals commonly used in the compounds.

There has been "a rapid and significant increase in abuse of these substances in the United States," the DEA notice said. The agency is acting to avoid "an imminent hazard to public safety," it said.

But just as synthetic cannabinoids mimic the effects of herbal marijuana, the adverse effects reported by a subset of users mimic those of herbal marijuana. Those adverse effects include anxiety, paranoia, rapid heartbeat, and nausea -- all admittedly unpleasant, but not life threatening. No fake weed overdose deaths have been reported.

States have not been waiting for the feds to act against this legal high. At least 18 of them have criminalized synthetic cannabinoids, including Utah, Arizona, and Nebraska in the last week.

Washington, DC
United States
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So, I just read this, and

So, I just read this, and it's not going to be a federal crime for another 90 minutes or so. LIARS!

Inaccuracy in your statement

http://Stop the Drug War.orgMy brother tried some of this synthetic marijuana on Saturday.  He is currently in the hospital after suffering a massive heart attack.  He will not survive this according to the doctor.  His kidneys have shut down as has his liver.  He is on life support with a do not resuscitate order in place.  He is bleeding profusely from his body orifices.  He will leave behind a wife and young son.  His drug panel came back with no evidence of drugs in his system.  He purchased this garbage at a service station in southern Illinois.  Criminalize selling this kind of garbage PLEASE.  We should not put any other people in harms way.

Wow that sure is a lot. How

Wow that sure is a lot. How old is your brother? Did he survive? What  kind

 did he smoke?

Support our heroes in Minnesota

We often think you need money from billionaires to make a difference in the war on drugs.  It's amazing who makes the difference.  All it takes is a fighting spirit.  The war on drugs is not about science, public health or safety for kids or adults.

I want to give a big and proud thanks (and hug) to the following small businesses fighting for our rights and against the expansion of big government fostered by fake "holier than thou" politicians and their benefactors in the alcohol industry working hard behind the scenes to criminalize more people: 

These small businesses taking a stand are the Hideaway in Minneapolis, Down in the Valley in Golden Valley, Last Place on Earth in Duluth and Discontent in Moorhead.  Feel free to give extra business to them regardless of what state or town you live in.  These small businesses should be rewarded along with anybody else who supports their efforts.


i agree with overdose

i agree with overdose symptoms. but the high lasts only a short time. so many users are dosing more often then weed.

with the modern day culture, people already have a more "addictive" personalities and traits. in additon to the unknow long term effects of the synthetic cannibinoids. There is semmingly more addictve qualities shown in users of marijuana that have tried these other cannabinoids.

i  knew they were gunna be criminalized eventually when i first heard about this.

RE: "There is semmingly more addictve qualities shown in users"

"There is seemingly more addictve qualities shown in users of marijuana that have tried these other cannabinoids."

You are spreading misinformation.  I have tried it and it didn't phase me that way at all and I know the addictive substances.  This stuff hasn't been shown to be any more addictive than marijuana, marinol or any other cannabinoid. 


Not Addictive?  You are totally lucky but can you honestly just stop it?  You idiot; my husband is very addicted to this crap.  He is paranoid, easily angered, phsychotic.  This stuff is destroying lives; you wanna be stupid and do it?  Keep it to yourself you ass.

Budweiserburgh and Walmartopia

What a shame, not to mention waste of time. These five chemicals are just a drop in the bucket where as synthetic cannabinoids are concerned. There's plenty more. As someone mentioned above this mainly benefits the alcohol industry, but also the DEA themselves, private prisons, courts, etc. If you know the true roll of the DEA, you know this is HYPOCRISY... 

the DEA are un-american,

the DEA are un-american, MORON, vermin-filth.      here's you typical POS, DEA, PUKE.   he shoots HIMSELF during a firearms lecture in front of students and then wants to continue with the lecture.  hahahahaha....   he then sues the feds for releasing the video of him being a moron.  hahahahah....

undrgrndgirl's picture

so, does that mean...

that marinol has also been banned? it is synthetic cannabis/thc...

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