California Governor Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) Thursday signed into law a bill that decriminalizes the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana. The bill reduces simple possession from a misdemeanor to an infraction.

Currently, small-time pot possession is "semi-decriminalized" in California. There is no possible jail sentence and a maximum $100 fine. But because possession is a misdemeanor, people caught with pot are "arrested," even if that means only they are served a notice to appear, and they must appear before a court.

That has happened to more than a half million Californians in the last decade, and more than 60,000 last year alone. Every one of them required a court appearance, complete with judge and prosecutor. That costs the cash-strapped state money it desperately needs.

Under the bill signed today, SB 1449, by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), marijuana possession will be treated like a traffic ticket. The fine will remain at $100, and there will be no arrest record.

In a signing statement, Schwarzenegger said he opposed decriminalization for personal use -- and threw in a gratuitous jab at Proposition 19, the tax and regulate marijuana legalization initiative -- but that the state couldn't afford the status quo.

"I am signing this measure because possession of less than an ounce of marijuana is an infraction in everything but name," said Schwarzenegger. "The only difference is that because it is a misdemeanor, a criminal defendant is entitled to a jury trial and a defense attorney. In this time of drastic budget cuts, prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement, and the courts cannot afford to expend limited resources prosecuting a crime that carries the same punishment as a traffic ticket."

"Gov. Schwarzenegger deserves credit for sparing the state's taxpayers the cost of prosecuting minor pot offenders," said California NORML director Dale Gieringer. "Californians increasingly recognize that the war on marijuana is a waste of law enforcement resources."

The law goes into effect January 1. Even if Prop 19 passes in November, it leaves in place misdemeanor charges for smoking in public or in the presence of minors. Those misdemeanors would become infractions under the new law.

Sacramento, CA
United States
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We still have yet to make proper strides in doing this for all fifty states ...

And that it should be legal by now for recreation if not medical .... w/e I guess California can lead the way for now. Go Arnie!

it's like 1945 to some old

it's like 1945 to some old fashioned folks. They think a hit of marijuana will kill you. I'll prove i've smoked for over 22+ years and it's been a miracle drug for me. to each his own. leave the natural herbs alone. wanna fight go fight drug company's pushing vicodins that kill if you take more than 200 miligrams. oops dead.

Right, works for me too. I've

Right, works for me too. I've been smoking occasionally for 29 years & I make ~120 grand/year with no college degree. Apparently I was not aware how much its really ruined my life.


Props to you, a friend of mines once told me to not to worry about haters cause they eventually expose themselves :)


As a Libertarian, The government should decriminalize MJ tomorrow and make it completely legal to grow, cultivate and sell.  If there is to be any government involvement, it should be on the health and safety issues alone, just like or food source, keep it clean and organic.  Now that's an idea!  

Right On,


Alright, but the fine should go way up! $500 or more.

Simple possession may not carry the potential for serious punishment, but the demand is what keeps the drug lords and their punks in business.  As you people sit smugly smoking your weed, know that thousands of people are being terrorized and murdered in northern Mexico for your social lubricant. 


Also, times are tough, raise money off the addicts so we can fix the roads! 

Simple math: 60,000 pot-heads x $500 fines = $30 million!


There are some really stupid people commenting in here.  Prop 19 will generate millions in tax revenues for the state.  Read the voter guide that came in the mail this week.  This will actually legal cultivating jobs.  I see no negatives about it.  Alcohol is 100 X worse for you.

Legal marijuana

I have been a Police officer for over seven years, I don't agree with smoking marijuana I do have to deal with it on almost a daily basis.  Another point most outside law enforcement wouldn't know, it takes an hour or more for an officer to contact, investigate, interview, weigh, test, photograph, enter into evidence and write the report for someone carrying just one joint.  I makes no sense the law in this case is working against itself.  Why I am not able to seize the marijuana and issues a citation I will never know.  The more you have the more you pay.  The cut off would be when there is a certain total weight, if you are in a school zone, or if it appears you are selling, or if there are juveniles present, it would become a misdemeanor after the third time.  It's not a perfect system but what is.  It would free up the courts, lessen the burden on probation officers.  If you want less of something tax it.

One small step for freedom

I think a lot of people are missing a simple point. Do you own your body or not? If you do, then smoking marijuana or any drug for that matter is your personal choice. If the government has the right to tell you what you can't put into your own body then it has a higher claim to your body than you do.

But when people are high or addicts then they are more likely to commit crimes? Doesn't there need to be a victim for there to be a crime? So then prosecute them for the crimes they commit! They stole something? Prosecute. They assaulted someone? Prosecute. They drank turpentine? Oh well, it's their body. See my point?

But drugs decay the moral fabric of society! First of all this claim is completely unfounded. Second, if you don't have the right to stop people from doing what they wish with their own bodies, then neither does a group of people (ie. gov't). If you saw your neighbor smoking a joint, would you force him into your cellar at gunpoint and keep him there for a few years? You don't have the right. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT YOURSELF, HOW CAN YOU DELEGATE THAT RIGHT TO A GOVERNMENT?

  - Freedom prevails.

I am always astonished at the

I am always astonished at the lack of judgment and simple adult sympathy found in those who celebrate the drug war. It is as if one were finding the hurricane in Haiti or Chile a reason to have a party. The millions of lives blighted - and ended, usually horribly - in Mexico and elsewhere due to drug cartels is an obvious reason to legalize pot, and medically regulate cocaine and other stimulants such as methamphetamine.

Really, it's just their hate.

Really, it's just their hate. It's fun for them to hate people and we're designated acceptable targets.

Clean air?

Great, thanks a lot you bunch of self absorbed antisocial narcissistic asinine idiots.  This is an unbelievable retrograde step, after years of suffering other peoples cigarette smoke to only recently have had it "banned" from public places now comes this this government backed dope use which is a thousand times worse.


I don't want to breathe your pollution, your drugs, I don't want your secondary effects, the difference between how what I want and what you want affects each other is that what I want has no negative effect on your life and health, you can go elsewhere, I can't and what you do (for those of you with atrophied noses and taste buds thanks to being smokers) affects a massive radius around you, the whole sidewalk for just one person, the whole restaurant for one person, the yards on all sides of yours, for one selfish person, it's all unusable for anyone not wanting to breathe that, so it's not usable at all.  No it is not like drinking or anything other than perhaps going around carrying a burning dog turd in a tray, wafting it at others.


In an insane world where people are pushing for peanut butter which is bloody hard to get contact from secondarily and can't exactly be inhaled to be banned from schools to bring this sort of legislation on a psychoactive narcotic shows the ass backwards nature of our government, media and the people that support this.


So well done, you guys just screwed over a lot of other people over for your personal obsession and pleasure.  Well done to the tobacco lobbies too, it seems you're never too far away and still have 'em in your pockets, how gullible they are.

After you do a tour of duty

After you do a tour of duty for the armed forces where we have to breath fumes, chemicals,smoke in the name of service. Then i will hear your complaints about your part of the clean air.

Look as a tanker in the USMC

Look as a tanker in the USMC i had to breathe plenty toxic fumes during my service and you dont see me whining. I put in dirty air service and not one complaint yet a little smoke causes this reaction? Please

Free Market Hemp

Free Market Hemp is what the economy needs, not just recreational or even medical hemp, the economic power of hemp is industrial hemp. The most efficient and versatile of all biofuels is hemp, it grows in all the states and the processing of this fine plant will be the foundation of a green, sustainable fuel supply and economy. All the government needs to do is get out of the way and we will create millions of jobs and guarantee our fuel and food supply. Our forefathers grew and processed hemp to obtain financial independence. Hemp production was the number one agricultural product of the colonies. We grew our economic freedom and then declared and demanded all the rest.  We out did tyrants in the past and can do it again. The Tea Party should join with me and George Washington who said concerning Hemp, "Plant It Everywhere", now that is something the young people can support....  

Back when

Everyone would be amazed to know that cops really would like MJ legalized only for three reasons.  1.) less paperwork 2,) more space in jail for people that deserve to be in jail and 3.) more local county funds that can be used to actually go and catch hard core criminals; not the stupid thugs that just have a baggie.  I would rather put a joker in jail for a bag of crack then pot any day.  But the law is the law.  I have seen so many lives change when they are caught with a blunt in their ashtray on a traffic stop that tested positive for pot. 

Smoking pot is an idiotic

Smoking pot is an idiotic recreational activity, if people want to sit around all day wasting their time and damaging their lungs, that is their call.  That being said, what Arnold did is dangerous from a libertarians point of view.  He has effectively increased demand, which is going to raise the price, and make the drug cartels extremely happy.  The drug war has been a failure, you can't stop people who don't want to be stopped, their will always be a market for mind altering substances, end of story.  This needs to become legal and regulated so people can buy it from safer sources then murderous cartels.  The people fighting to keep it illegal, are fighting to "protect" an idiot stoner, but in the process are responsible for the murder and death of countless human beings.  A much worse crime in my opinion.

right on

and I do not mean that in hippy language. This is a step by step process.  This uncharted territory, Eventually it will be sold at walmart.  keep up the pressure. And that is my real name

oh yeah

I don't smoke, but it should be legal. Completely legal.

It's a weed

A weed that grows in the dirt.  You want to start arguing over stuff that is bad for you, start arguing over the overall air quality in Southern California!  SMOG will kill you long before smoking a weed that grows in the dirt!


Having read through a few of these threads, I now understand the new threat to our once glorious nation.  Stupidity. 

Why? You may ask...because I have never encountered more horrible grammar and/or bastardization of the English language than in the few posts found herein.

Hey Now

I don't need the government to tell me what's right and what's wrong.  Killing someone = BAD.  Smoking a joint = GOOD.    Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

I'm starting to think

some of these overly angry posts here are drug dealers realizing that the smart folks are waking up and are going to cut you off and out smart your little drug operations. 

Don't worry guys, it seems like there is still plenty of ignorance out there reading some of these comments.  You can continue to beat them at every turn while they sleep soundly with the fiction in their head's that "the war on Marijuana is protecting me" and it's not costing you billions and accomplishing very little..  While you count your tax free dollars before sending it off to cartels in other countries to be spent.

I mean prohibition worked so great for alcohol didn't it?  Just think at one time you were put in jail if you drank a beer.  History will look upon the same people of this time as similar resource wasters.











Lets not pretend its harmless...

....if you're gonna legalize it, fine, but lets not pretend pot is harmless. I've seen pot destroy a few really good people in the past few years, and much like alcohol and other drugs, it has the same potential for harm and abuse. A really good friend has been smoking since I met him years ago. He works a 9-5 job, supports his fiance, and is a musician on the side. Overt the past two years, he's become increasingly forgetful, blanks out in the middle of conversations, and his motor functions are beginning to decline. He smokes so much, and so often now, that its probably only a matter of another year before he can no longer function on his own. He'll be a 26 yr old vegetable. Another great friend from high school was recently at a party. He did not drink, but smoked a considerable amount of weed, then decided to drive someone home that was drunk. His argument was that with weed, you can drive just fine, but since the other guy was drunk he needed to stay out from behind the wheel. He was reported by several cars as swerving and appearing to be a drunk driver, before he jerked the car to the left at high-speed, slamming into ongoing traffic on the other side of the road, causing a four car accident that result in his death, the death of someone else, and the severe injury of two other people. All this "just as bad as" or "safer than" talk is misleading. At the end of the day, intoxication through whatever form is bad, even in little doses. Alcohol is legal in this country, so like I said... if you're going to legalize it, fine, just please don't pretend its harmless.

Potential for Harm?

Can you please provide a police report regarding your friend's accident, or perhaps something verifying the cause of death?  To date, marijuana has not been the cause of any fatalities from accidents or overdose, but it has been listed as a "contributing factor" along with other drugs and alcohol in many.  Again, *never* has there been a fatal accident in which the "at fault" driver was solely under the influence of marijuana.  As for your other friend, I would advise he be checked for other neurological diseases, as there has not been a documented case of marijuana causing those side effects.

While marijuana does have the same potential for abuse, it does not have the same potential for harm.  Of course, cheeseburgers have the same potential for abuse, but we're not talking about banning them.

How About Let's Stop Pretending It's a Crime!

Because our society officially pretends it's a crime, there is more real crime and more real violence.

Let's not pretend getting murdered is good for you.

Listen up

Yo I hear your arguement go to my post on page 10 and read it, I respond to a guy who has a similar post as yours. Im sorry for your loss but you cant use your 2 friends are examples whens its 50 million other people who smoke it. There's degenerative diseases in family's, disorders , diet , lack of exercise, other drugs they tried, all types of things that could have contributed to your friends deaths. And your friend that was driving could have had a drink, or could not have ever drivin while high, or under estamated the high*, I can speculate plenty of things that probably weren't considered before you blamed there demise's on weed. Now I will say that I know that long term use can trigger skitso if it runs in your family, aswell as shortage of breath, and some dizzyness if smoked for years and often.. But there has never been any death directly realted to smoking a blunt or joint of weed.

Does everyone miss the point?

Aside from the normal banter regarding this whole issue (legalization, Prop 19, misdemeanor vs. infraction)......

Does anyone here really want people that get high out in their cars driving?

How about when you go to the store, the mall or the movies... do you want to be surrounded by people that smell like rank stinkweed?

Now that it's 'okay' to possess a fat bag of ganja, do you have to frisk your 17 year old daughter's new date to make sure he's not some stoner?

Can you now trust that new beau of hers to drive her around? Or even just trust that he's not going to get super high and get stupid with her?

Will you have to wonder if the person at the drive up window taking your order really is high, or just stupid as you previously thought?

Is my copier repair guy blazed and possibly just fixed one thing but forgot about that wire he disconnected?

These are the types of topics that bother me. I really don't want to even be in the room with someone that has no respect for themselves, much less my property or the people that I love or care about. 

If people are so tired of their existence that they have to toke in order to feel better about themselves, or just 'forget' about things for a while, then those are not the people I want handling my credit card numbers at the pizza delivery store, watching my kids at daycare, taking my Social Security number information on the phone when you call the utility company...the list goes on and on.

There is a reason pot, cocaine, heroin, meth etc. are illegal. It is a hallucinogenic mind altering drug, that impairs your ability to make sound and reasonable decisions, operate machinery or just be a normal person.

Most people that this gives a free pass to are already criminals with criminal histories other than simple possession charges. Now it just signals that it might actually be okay if otherwise law abiding citizens that might be on the social teeter-totter like little Beaver Cleaver down the road wants to make that one wrong turn he has otherwise been avoiding.

People need to stop looking at things as though they have a right to do it legally, that they are then morally right to do so.

So everyone that just got a free pass to become Cheech & Chong, you can now walk among us with your heads held 'high' with no regard for anyone else.

The Democrat in San Fran that brought this up sickens me




The Point

I'm going to presume that you feel that alcohol should also be criminalized based on your list of concerns.  I don't want people driving drunk, or working drunk, but that doesn't mean I'm in favor of making alcohol illegal.  Whenever you make an argument like this, you need to replace "high" with something else, such as "drunk" and see if those same arguments fit.  If they do, then you should be ranting not about how people want to make pot legal, but how no one seems to want to make alcohol illegal anymore.  Making pot legal does not make driving while high legal, it doesn't mean that employers will have to tolerate their workers being stoned at work, so it's a moot point.

<cite>There is a reason pot, cocaine, heroin, meth etc. are illegal. It is a hallucinogenic mind altering drug, that impairs your ability to make sound and reasonable decisions, operate machinery or just be a normal person.</cite>

Again, I bring up alcohol.  Also, marijuana is not a hallucinogen, it's a psychotropic.  A hallucinogen causes your body to see, hear, taste, smell, or feel things that are not there; a psychotropic only affects the way the brain processes information. 

 <cite>People need to stop looking at things as though they have a right to do it legally, that they are then morally right to do so.</cite>

I suppose that you have a monopoly on "morality" now.  Only you are allowed to determine what is and is not morally right?  Last I checked, morals were a personal set of beliefs on what is right and wrong.  It's possible that you confused "moral" with "ethical", which is based on societal norms, but then last I checked, the majority of Americans (that means more than half) feel that the *responsible* consumption of marijuana is perfectly acceptable, which would defeat both the stated "moral" argument, as well as the inferred "ethical" argument. 

I apologize for the attack on the writer in the "moral/ethical" segment; it was intellectually dishonest to attack the writer of an argument instead of the argument itself, but the attack on the writer was necessary to illustrate the attack on the argument itself.

That's a Lot Of Paranoia For a Non-Smoker...

That's a lot of paranoia for a non-smoker.

If you smoked pot and said things like that, you be subjected to barrages of ill-informed, hate-filled, stereotypical bullshit.

Your hate does not make me a criminal.

Where is this Castle-In-The-Sky you're living in, where you never encounter these people 'cause no one smokes pot, 'cause "government says"?


Cannot understand why you are stereotyping making generalizations and expecting to be taken seriously. Clearly you have little understanding. I guess booze is not a mind altering substance and has no effect on operating machinery or connected to any deaths. Yet booze has a free pass and if an individual chooses this as an alternative what many would say safer than liquor its taboo. I am not going to accept a corrupt system and i see this abuse of power.

LOL you are obviously living

LOL you are obviously living in a bubble because I operate and function just fine, I have a great job, a gf, a great pitbull, a loving family, basically everything I could want or need I have.. I smoke weed everyday. Im not a criminal, nor am I walking around with my head high like im better than anyone else. There has never been any death or illness related to smoking or injesting weed. Not 1, cig's, and alcohol cause more deaths per year than weed. Yet its so bad. I wonder why you think weed is so horrible. Let me ask you this, in your example would you rather have some drunk plumber pants all fallin off half doin the job, or some guy who smoked a joint b4 work does the job but leaves a wire OMG! Lol your seriously blowin weed up to be more than it is. There can be some effects if smokin for a long period of time, and if theres history of certain diseases in your family then yea you can be more at risk.. But its a very small percentage of people who have something in there family that would cause weed to trigger it. So I feel like anybody whos 21 or older should be able to posses, grow, or consume it if they please too. And of course selling to minors would still be a crime. And kids and teenagers have been getting there hands on weed for a long time now where have you been? If they legalize it or decriminalize it then it wont be more or less available than it is now. I actually think it would be regulated and harder to obtain if they taxed it and let the gov package and ship and sell it to adresses. I think in the hands of kids, weed is bad. It should be for anyone 21 and older. I rather sit next to someone to smells like weed than cigs, or be drunk of there ass. H.a.t.e.r.a.d.e.

Idiots who make this into a left-right issue.

Take your ignorant blame game elsewhere. As a true conservative **See Ron Paul** I am firmly for the legalization of MJ. You minions are carrying out your marching orders very bravely. It's sad. This is not the Super Bowl where the Libs are playing the Cons for the title. And I am not a pot smoker. I just feel that it is not the governments right to dictate what I can put in my body.

Explore 3rd party politics, you have choices.

Stone-free's picture

That's all we need...

As if California doesn't have enough unemployed people, now we will have a bunch of lazy-assed stoners sitting around watching cartoons and not even looking for work. And when a job opening comes around they won't take it because they can't pass a drug test. Who cares if they get lung cancer or fry the last two brain cells they have? These idiots would be better off dead. On the bright side, now Obama can put the road construction crews back to work adding a lane to the freeways for the stoners so that they don't get in the way of normal traffic while driving 45 in a 65 zone. Dumb asses! 

Im really happy for you...

I live in florida no way is that law passing here in less the Donald or Mickey Mouse are stoners ..Then maybe...

Mickey does Acid

Actually Walt Disney really, really liked LSD. So yes, thats where Mickey & Minnie and all the other toons came from. The reasons these drugs you mentioned are illegal is mainly because the brainwashers had just got everyone hooked on TV (check it, it has the exact same effects as psychoactive drugs, only it sends their messages). Psychedelics were legal until 1966, when a false flag campaign was raised because their use was associated with the anti-war movement. How convenient. 

If you forget or ignore history you are going to repeat it. Know the true history, not the one viewpoint pushed in school & on TV.

PROP 19 increases lung cancer!!!!!!!!!!

so much for the tax benefits if it's all "up in smoke" paying for increased cancers such as oral, lung, etc..

Actually research shows that

Actually research shows that marijuana reduces risk of specific cancers including lung cancer.

Try again. In fact, study up before you shape your next opinion. School is even better for you than exercise.

You do know there is a little

You do know there is a little device called a Vaporizer that yields no damage to your lungs while still allowing you to get high?



 For medical or recreational cannabis users, vaporizing is an alternative to smoking. Rather than burning the cannabis, a vaporizer heats it enough (typically around 200 degrees Celsius) so that the volatile psychoactive and medicinal constituents contained in the plant's oily glandular secretions melt and phase into an aromatic vapor that does not contain the particulate matter (tars) found in the smoke.  

What about drug tests?

I've got a serious question that I've not heard talked about...

With most places of work doing random drug tests now, if MJ is made legal by prop 19, will MJ no longer be seen as an illegal drug?  Can you still be fired if it shows up in your urine?  How about pre-screening tests for employment ??


Does anyone know?  Seems to me it should be just like nicotine..  If its not illegal, how can you be fired?


Inquiring minds want to know.

Insurance companies require

Insurance companies require that businesses conform to the law - all of the law. THC is illegal under federal law and the employee/candidate would processed same as in any other state.


Find one case online where the employee won and got right to use in california vs an employer.


I asked the people involved in 19 this question as i feel its a shortcoming in the document. I feel the similar to alchohol part is misleading. How is it similar? They do not drug screen for alchohol normally on a random work drug test do they? Maybe an expert can comment.


Greetings Prop19er,

Prop.19 retains employers rights to maintain a drug free workplace, similar to that of alcohol.

With regard to federal funding and enforcement--Prop. 19 will allow employers to keep the workplace standards on drug use.  Therefore, companies and agencies who must keep to federal standards will still be allowed to do so.  With regard to what the federal government can or will do in response to the passage of Prop. 19, we cannot guess.  It is worth noting, however, that change never comes easy in this country, and if California forces a response, that is welcome.  Part of any ongoing struggle with an authority which refuses to see Truth is by ridiculing and challenging that authority to act. 

To take a historical example:  
  In Argentina, during the dirty war of 1976-1983, public protest and assembly (groups gathered of more than 3 people) were, of course, forbidden by the military dictatorship.  So, a group of old women and mothers would gather in the May Plaza in front of the house of government, not to 'protest,' but simply to ask if the police had ever seen their missing kids.  Of course, everyone knew that those mothers' children (young adults, students, artists, radicals) were kidnapped and murdered by their government in an attempt to crush diverse opinions.  But they couldn't readily mow down groups of old women in the center of Buenos Aires without angering the public whose acquiescence the military needed to stay in charge.  And so, with those simple acts of shrewd defiance, the Mothers of La Plaza de Mayo slowly built up a movement which, by 1983, toppled one of the most brutal regimes in history.

Perhaps the example is extraneous to our situation, but it is one we can learn from.  Just because someone says something is impossible, doesn't mean there is no way of creating a climactic situation in which this issue can be addressed.  If not now, then when?

  99% of marijuana arrests in California are done by State and Local police.  Theoretically, the federal government could invade and occupy our state with federal troops to arrest cannabis users and shut down businesses, and theoretically, they could also cut off funding to our universities, public services, and business...

But you must ask yourself, is it politically feasible for a Democratic administration to punish a state, in which 1 in every 8 Americans lives, for taking a progressive stand on an issue in which every person with an educated thought can see is coming whether the older generation wants it or not?

Furthermore, is it feasible to cut off the world's 8th largest economy, that's already in a huge fiscal crisis, for attempting to raise revenues and cut costs without raising income taxes or cutting social services, through a voter approved initiative?

As to whether drug testing reform will take place, we don't know.  Prop. 19 offers an opportunity for our State's legislative apparatuses to finally address the cannabis industry in a way that is consistent with other legal, regulated, businesses.  It's passage is the first step to a nation wide acceptance of cannabis as a legitimate part of American culture.

I hope this answers your questions, please feel free to reach out to us for more information!

Thanks for being a part of this historic effort!

Yes on 19!

Arnies last act of Kindness

To those of you who think taxing everything we intake are Truly fools. I eat Tomatoes and lots of them should I pay tax to grow them? If I do so will you and so will your kids. Know this every time you tax yourself in the name of the children those children have to pay tax too. If you really think tax is the answer then you have no idea on how to budget a household. Just because you are spending more then you make does not make it your employers fault to give you a raise by increasing the price of a 'Widget". Think long and hard before you start going yeah tax-em/ We made America because we were tired of the Tax from the Crown. What happens when all these super savvy super rich move off shore "throwing the towel in" on American infrastructure and go living abroad as well as, are paid off shore... All because of one too many straws on the Americans back. Business owners who are wealthy from their business worked more hours then you think along with sleepless hours of nights and missing those weekend's you take for granted. Yes, they are wealthy but they worked real hard to get there. Why should you penalize them in the name of over spending and poor budgeting. I can see some real money savings starting with our Penal System as the Governor did. So along with that bill I recommend a pardon for those who are serving any time currently for some of those antiquated laws and move on to better horizons and positive thinking. The room and board on a non violent pot possession is ridiculous and is sad at the same time,  A frikin stoner hippie has to get thrown into a jail full of 'other-worse offenders' for what? Too stupid to burn indoors? Cruising around with an oz of weed? Wow...I am for MJ and it's many wonderful uses and cures. Not for kids getting stoned instead of there homework but that is the parents fault of those tax raisers for "the children". Kids do not fall far from the fruit tree...

From a man who has three  businesses and is a patent holder and has a choice to import his product or buy a factory in the USA. If taxes are too high I won't spend. If I do not spend you do not get paid. Teach your children Chinese if you think taxing is the way to go because there is where they may find their next job.

Tax from the Crown?

Perhaps I learned a different history than you did, so let me explain what I was taught about the founding of our great nation.  They had a saying, which was "no taxation without representation".  Not just, "no taxing".  We didn't fight the British because we didn't want to pay taxes, we fought the British because while we were required to pay tariffs and duties for goods shipped to the New World (tariffs and duties are forms of taxes, for those of you who missed that), but we were not afforded a representative in Parliment.  So we had to financially support England without having a single horse in the race.  We had no advocates for the colonies who would help ensure fair taxation, and equitable enforcement of laws.  So we said, "fine, no representation, no taxes" and dumped a ships worth of tea into Boston Harbor.  The new Tea Partiers ought to read up on that, because the original Boston Tea Party was about representation in Parliment for the colonies, not taxes.  I fully believe in "no taxation without representation" and if you are not allowed to vote for officials to represent you in the various governments that handle your area, (local, state, and federal) for a reason other than having those rights stripped legally (such as a for a felon), then I fully agree that you shouldn't have to pay taxes.  But since that doesn't happen here in America anymore, pay your taxes so our nation doesn't fall apart, please.

I think not. I remember

I think not. I remember reading that the colonists resented taxation as well. Some sought to stop buying British goods altogether and grow their own food, sew their own clothing, and rely on their own labor for sustenance.


People resent any government seizing a portion of their earnings, their labor, their LIFE, no matter what the age. The colonists didn't simply rebel against a bureaucratic squabble.

Yes, We All Resent The Government Seizing Things. And People.

What were the colonist's feelings toward prohibition?

I know that today a lot of people resent it.

So now

Start letting the dumb bastards in prison for any kind of drug possession out. I can not believe this clown did something right. We still have a long way to go.

its not legal it is

its not legal it is decriminalized

Prosecution of citizens for pot possession?

I agree with not prosecuting people for pot possession! I would much rather see the law enforcement resources and limited jail/prison space used for violent felons and sex offenders like rapists, murderers and pedophiles!
I think it's absolutely stupid to be going after people who are smoking pot or whatever then furloughing violent offenders and repeat sex offenders because of lack of prison space because the cells are being filled with minor drug offenders!
I personally don't smoke it or for that matter use any drugs, but I recognize the futility of wasting billions of dollars in law enforcement time and space chasing people around for smoking pot! If law enforcement is going to chase anyone then let them chase the sex offenders, serial killers and gangbangers!
This nation needs to face the reality that we cannot "imprison" our way out of the drug problem in this country, so realistically how do we break the economic legs of the cartels? Illegal or not it's a fact that people will continue to use illegal drugs in order to escape reality, experience a different mental/physical perception of their surroundings or to kill the pain, be it mental or physical? So, do we use the same approach they did with alcohol when prohibition failed? Drug prohibition has drastically failed?
If drugs were legalized would we see a drastic increase in usage or would we see a similar situation like we do with alcohol? Alcohol is legal of course and yet not everyone drinks despite this? Yes, we do have addiction issues with booze, but do those issues outweigh the enormous criminal enterprise and associated violence and terror which illegality would have brought with it had it continued? The current sad state of affairs with the dismal failure of the so called "War on Drugs" is a parallel which gives us a look at what the future would have been if alcohol would have remained illegal!
The cartels and other countless organized criminal groups who are thriving by selling drugs at inflated prices because of there continued illegality will continue to grow in power and the violence will also continue to grow in it's barbarity as well as scope as long as this "lucrative business" is available to them! Somehow we need to eliminate the economic incentive for the cartels and other drug sales oriented organized crime networks?
With drug use at epidemic proportions already would legalization really result in increased usage over current levels and if there is a small increase what effect would it have? If drugs were legalized how would they be supplied? Would you go to a government dispensary similar to a liquor store? SOMEONE will have to be the low price supplier in order to cut the economic imperative out from under organized crime?
The current failed policy cannot continue, because if it does it could end up helping to bring this country down, with the cartels and other criminal groups continuing to grow in size and power it won't be long before the type of heinous violence we are seeing in Mexico becomes commonplace here and when the associated corruption which goes along with it becomes entrenched here as well, then we will see a breakdown of law and order worse than anything since this country was a frontier! This will be the beginning of the end and will result in the eventual balkanization of this country since there are already other major differences such as ideology, religion, race as well as  economic factors which only serve to divide us further!
This could be one of those proverbial "straws" which break the camel's back? This may come as a shock but as a Conservative it's only my humble opinion that this problem needs to be dealt with realistically and soon? God Bless!

This is another ostensible

This is another ostensible action. It seems good, but it is another "code enforcement" tactic where public safety is being used for revenue generation. It is a way of not completely legalizing it, but to give the public the impression it is and still being able to generate revenue by giving infractions to individuals. Public safety servants are already issued orders to meet quotas of tickets handed to "code enforcement" breakers, now they will have more reasons to violate an individuals constitutional right on the basis of "safety", since they would suspect more people are walking around under the influence of Marijuana.


If you haven't noticed, society isn't getting better; its time to realize we are being played like fools under this false left-right paradigm we live in. "Officials" (if you want to call them that, they are your servants) generate the problem, we create the reaction, they offer the solution, but it is never what we expect. This is also known as a Hegelian Dialectic.

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