Marijuana: Canada's "Prince of Plot" Pleads Guilty, Accepts Five-Year Prison Sentence

Canada's most famous marijuana activist is now serving a federal prison sentence in the US. Erstwhile Internet pot seed seller Marc Emery appeared in federal court in Seattle Monday to accept a plea deal that will see him most likely serving five years in prison for his efforts.
Marc and Jodie Emery (courtesy Cannabis Culture)
Emery and two employees, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams, were indicted by a federal grand jury in Seattle in 2005 for allegedly selling pot seeds to customers in the US. After Rainey and Williams were able to plea bargain probationary sentences to be served in Canada, Emery himself accepted a plea bargain to avoid the possibility of losing at trial and serving up to life in prison if he did.

On Monday, he pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana. Under the agreement reached with prosecutors, they will recommend a five-year sentence. But the sentencing judge is not bound by that agreement and, if he orders a harsher sentence, Emery has the right under the plea agreement to renege and go to trial. Formal sentencing is set for August.

Then DEA administrator Karen Tandy hailed Emery's arrest as "a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade, but also the marijuana legalization movement," a move that added fuel to claims by Emery supporters that he was being prosecuted for political reasons.

Emery certainly had been a thorn in the side of prohibitionists everywhere, dating back to battles in the 1980s over whether High Times could be sold in Canada. In the 1990s, Emery emerged as a major force in the legalization movement, with his cafe and BC Marijuana Party headquarters in downtown Vancouver serving as his command center.

Emery made millions selling seeds and plowed most of the proceeds back into the legalization movement, funding marijuana parties and other activism in the US, Canada, and overseas. He remains undaunted by the specter of five years behind bars and is vowing to continue his fight from within the American drug war gulag.

Emery and his supporters are urging the Canadian government to take action to allow him to serve his sentence in his home country, as is usually the case, but has not been the case for some drug suspects under the ruling Conservative government. To find out more about Emery, his case, and the campaign to get him home, visit Cannabis Culture, the magazine he founded and which his wife, Jodie, now manages.

Shortly before Emery was extradited last Thursday, Jodie Emery accused the Canadian government of helping the US government try to "silence the most vocal opponent of the drug war." But the US government will find, as so many have before, that nothing you do will make Marc Emery shut up.

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Unjustified Imprisonment

This action is another brushstroke in the tapestry of shame, on the walls of American injustice.

Infamous SWAT no-knock warrants resulting in innocent people dying, in the name of protecting its citizens!(Even if it is at the wrong address)

Corruption of both law makers and law enforcement. (Pick a day and I’ll give you an example)

Invasive and unconstitutional search and seizures. (Seizing property, selling it, spending the money, all before even being charged with a crime!)

And of course, who could forget Extraordinary Rendition. Originally crafted for “The War on Terror”, now showing in this perverted “War on Drugs”.

I’m fighting against the tide. Living in a backward state (Louisiana).

We fight, and endure the stench of apathy.

I’m ashamed of what my government is doing in this “War of …Fill in the Blank” and furious with the ones who endure without a sound.

I’m deeply sorry for what my country is doing to you and others Marc, and with daily increase, I’m sorry for our future generations.

Get involved America! Because sooner or later, they’ll be coming for you-

Shame on US

The shame this Government has delivered to Marc Emory is tragic at least. The previous commentator is completely accurate with regard to the statistics surrounding this issue. The only ones advocating for prison time and illegality are the mis informed, and the police who benefit from it, not to mention the illicit "drug trade" in general, who enjoy massive revenue simply because this product is prohibited. Prohibition has never worked and never will. For the responsible user, this is just another injustice that must be overcome. Kudos to Marc and ALL the proponents of legalization for their efforts. Perpetual "War" seems to be Americas slogan now.

Another part of the remedy

Jury nullification. Please read up at:
the Fully Informed Jury Association

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

McD's picture

Fair Deal

You can to quote from any bible, Quran, Book of the Dead, etc. you like without any fear of pissing anyone off: 'Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.'

That's a good two cents' worth - I buy it!

Truly we are ashamed

That our father's fought and died for freedom and we persecute people for the drug war , that won't end . Law's written from lies, Passed by lie's enforced by the corrupt and the one's that rule us, and still lie to us . I wonder what child molester they are going too release to get room for him to sit in our jail's and if he will survive if they make him become a US prisoner. or will there be some unforeseeable accident here in the US .

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