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Canada: Marc Emery Extradited to United States

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #633)
Drug War Issues

Canada's "Prince of Pot" Marc Emery was extradited to the US Thursday morning. He had been imprisoned in Canada for the last 10 days after Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson signed extradition papers. He is now a prisoner in a federal detention facility, where he awaits a court hearing Monday in Seattle.

Marc Emery, on his Farewell Tour last year
Emery faces five years in prison in a plea agreement reached with prosecutors last fall. He and two of his employees, Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey, had been indicted in 2005 by a Seattle grand jury for selling pot seeds over the Internet to customers in the US. Rainey and Williams earlier reached plea agreements that allowed them to serve probationary sentences in Canada.

Emery has been a relentless campaigner for marijuana legalization and, before his arrest, plowed hundreds of thousands of dollars into the movement. The DEA infamously gloated at the time that it had brought down a major legalization advocate, a move that allowed Emery supporters to plausibly argue his arrest was politically motivated.

Emery and his supporters continue to agitate for his freedom, but now, their more immediate goal is to get him transferred to Canada to serve his sentence. That was once a standard practice for Canadians imprisoned south of the border, but the Conservative government has limited its use in recent years.

Emery supporters Thursday demonstrated in downtown Vancouver and blocked traffic. The campaign is calling for global protests Saturday in a Worldwide Rally to Free Marc Emery. For more information about how to help Emery's campaign, visit the magazine he founded, Cannabis Culture.

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HeinekenPete (not verified)

To anyone who has enjoyed a tasty smoke in the past 10 years,
you can probably thank Marc Emery for it. Marc has done more
than anyone to bring bring quality product to the masses. But his biggest contribution
has been to bring marijuana out in the open so we can have rational public debates
of it's future based on facts. This took courage!
Marc is now in the US awaiting prison time. We owe it to this man to show our support.
Write a letter to the editor, e-mail your political representatives, send a small donation to his cause. Encourage others. Do it today.

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