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A Thousand March for Marijuana in Buenos Aires

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #665)
Consequences of Prohibition
Drug War Issues

marching down Avenid Cinco de Mayo
About a thousand people took to the streets of Buenos Aires on December 18 to celebrate a year of marijuana activism and call for the right to grow their own plants. The march, led by student groups from around the country, ended at the Argentine Congress building, where speakers addressed the marchers. We present two dozen+ photos from the day here, courtesy Argentine activists.

Marching behind a banner saying "No to the Drug Traffic," the protestors criticized drug prohibition as fueling violent drug trafficking organizations. Another banner called for "An end to ignorance, the right to grow your own, and education for responsible consumption."

The Argentine courts decriminalized marijuana possession for personal use last year, but cultivation remains a criminal offense. The Buenos Aires demonstrators want to see cultivation legalized as well.

marching down Avenid Cinco de Mayo

no to the black market drug trade

demonstrators mass in front of the Argentine Congress

in front of the Argentine Congress (courtesy Marcelo de Rienzo)

Marcha Cannabica II 2010-53_0.jpg

Rosario Association for Cannabis Studies

marching through Buenos Aires

a boisterous crowd

Cultivate your rights, Rosario

Cannabis Association of La Plata

protesting in downtown Buenos Aires

enough of ignorance, yes to grow your own, education for responsible consumption

Mike Bifari in Rosario Global Marijuana March t-shirt

Growing your own -- the end of the black market drug trade

no to the black market drug trade

addressing the crowd

passions run high

in front of the Congress

activist Mike Bifari takes a load off his feet

unidentified activist addresses the crowd

a wake up call for central Buenos Aires

marching through downtown

Justice in the province of Formosa, please!

unidentified activist (l), Mike Bifari (r)

in front of the Congress


Bifari addresses the marchers

addressing the crowd

listening to the oratory

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kj (not verified)

Can you feel the winds of change?

Tue, 12/28/2010 - 8:39pm Permalink
Ron Linker (not verified)

Amazing for a country that only 2 decades ago systematically rounded up and killed students for doing much less than their herbal protest for God's Green Herb (see Sixth Day of Creation in book of Genesis).

The day American students march into the US Capital Building and the speakers talk nicely to them is the day after Americans revolt.

Viva la Revolution!

Thu, 01/06/2011 - 1:05pm Permalink

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