Canada: Marijuana Legalization Retains Majority Support, Poll Finds

More than half of Canadian adults believe marijuana should be legalized, according to a poll done by the Angus Reid Global Monitor. According to the poll, 53% of respondents agreed that marijuana should be legalized.

The poll results are in line with early Angus Reid polls on marijuana legalization in Canada. In a July 2007 poll asking the same question, 55% said pot should be legalized; in an October 2007 poll, 51% said it should be legalized.

In 2004, the former Liberal government introduced legislation that would have decriminalized the possession of up to 15 grams of marijuana, but that legislation never went anywhere. The current Conservative government disagrees with legalization sentiment and is currently pushing a bill that would create mandatory minimum six-month jail sentences for marijuana growers.

The same poll asked Canadians whether they would support legalizing other drugs, but found few takers. Nine percent would support legalizing powder cocaine or ecstasy, 8% would support legalizing heroin or crack cocaine, and 7% would support legalizing methamphetamine.

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What is hard to understand about "pursuit of happiness"?

What business is it of the government or that of your neighbor whether you choose to indulge in a glass of wine, a bottle of beer or smoking a joint? NONE AT ALL.

Unless someone is damaged by your activity - THEY have NO RIGHT to say anything as there is NO DAMAGED PARTY.



This continued outrageous abuse of US ALL is for the economic benefit of LAW ENFORCEMENT & the ATTORNEYS, who thinik they are better than US. This element of society are actually VAMPIRES.

Outlawing alcohol was a waste of time.

are "false flag operations - the truth is it is



[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada There's no more need to succumb to the vocal minority that backs people like Steven Harper and the prohibition of drugs.Pot should have been legalized years ago if democracy worked like it's supposed to.I think the numbers for legalization are even higher.I think the 53% was people that admitted to using the drug.We are definitely in the majority and lets hope we can elect some Green Party members to the house in the next election.

Free the weed

Just legalize and leave us be !!

Support EVERY PARTY In Kanada

The Kanada Elections Act doesn't restrict Canadians to one federal political party membership. Support all that AGREE WITH YOU. Elections Kanada website reveals nineteen registered/accepted federal political parties. Several of them appeal to me although Radical Marijuana (Marijuana Party[Kanada]) is my nunero uno. Not one of the four parties with sitting MPs deserves my vote or, yours. That leaves about 15 others to suck votes from the present bunch of large parties. In fact, more political parties = fewer majority governments. Minority governments forever! Don't like any political party? Form your own! All you need is three people, some stamps, patience and

Randall St Jacques CFO
Windsor West Radical Marijuana

Drug use for a Communist Society


Society, because it becomes doped out and devolves.

Doped Out

Doped out on natural substances?
Doped out on legal booze?
Doped out on religion?
Doped out on political rhetoric?
Doped out on propaganda?

Just what do you mean by doped out. I guess it is personal choice. Well. at least I think it should be personal choice. Maybe you think that others should do your thinking. Sir or madam, I wish you continued happiness, prosperity, and all the things that you deserve. Good tidings. /tln/

doped out my ass

"Drug use for a Communist Society"
"Comment posted by Anonymous on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 8:25pm"


"Society, because it becomes doped out and devolves."

and wheres your proof of this kiddo ?

Drug use for a communist society

Beats red tape in our fascist society.

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