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Jamaica: Government Considering Marijuana Legalization, Official Says

The Jamaican government is considering whether to legalize or decriminalize marijuana as part of possible changes to the island nation's drug laws, an official told the Associated Press last Friday. The herb is revered by Jamaica's Rastafarians and widely consumed, grown, and trafficked in the Caribbean nation.

A seven-member government commission has been researching drug law reforms. Some Jamaican law enforcement officials have complained that marijuana cases clog the courts and jails.

"We have discussed it, and we are preparing a report to present to the prime minister," said Deputy Prime Minister Kenneth Baugh.

It wouldn't be the first time. A blue ribbon commission recommended in 2001 that the personal and religious use of marijuana be decriminalized, but lawmakers have failed to act since then, at least in part out of fears that the US would impose economic sanctions if they did. In 2003, the government said a decrim bill was coming soon, but five years later, we're still waiting.

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we need go jetison the lying and stop paying the liars

My America is the biggest terrourist in the world because of the lies of the drug war. We need to get out of the dope business with our cops altogether. the pharmaceutical corps are poisoning us to death for fantastic money and we can not hear the truth about what i just said for all the lying flack.

Apartied south America had far fewer blacks in prison than America does for dope. The dope war is a total failure except for the pensioners who worked to achieve it's non results and got paid so over well. The statistics of 1.3% were there in 1914 and they are there right now. The durg war is a fraud.

big hoax

man, this drug war is one of the largest ways to remove somebody's civil rights. Don't try to tell me that i have no right to intoxicate myself with WHATEVER I want to! If i want to get messed up, let me do so. But don't make me use the legal drugs.....they have lasting effects...not the one I want to use. this is a fraud and a lie to the American people. The government says that we are keeping hard drugs off of the street...but they fly in those same hard drugs. The CIA flys them into MENA, ARKANSAS! Look it up....don't believe my word. They use that money to fund different "black" projects.

I believe that the whole

I believe that the whole govenment is messed up. Presonally I believe the government needs to be over thrown and redone. PROPERLY! It should be someones personal right to what ever they want with their life. If you want to do drugs go ahead! Its your life. I personally drink thats my vice and the government is just power hungry and wants to have their thumb over us. Us being the whole Untied States! Now their trying to make it legal to carry a medical marijuana card...just so they know who to bust thats all. Its a trap and I personally think NO ONE should fall for it! They think were dumb and personally I will feel free in this country as soon as they STOP telling the PEOLPLE us what we can and cannot do. That is not the definition of freedom in my book.
Why fill the already over populated jail system with someone that chooses to smoke? Im more worried about murderers then someone smoking pot! As long as people can sell and buy with out all the drama I think government would get their noses out of marijuana buisness if people weren't killed over deals gone bad! Then I bet the govenment would have their greedy paws out wanting a share of what we make. Money is the root of all evil and money makes people do bad things I worry more about familly and health then money. Seriously if the government went bad or it was the end of the world what good would money do for us? It wouldn't it would be useless. SO I beliebe Smoke do what ever drug you see fit as long as it doesnt affect me or innocent people around me!

This article

This article was no help at all. get it off the interweb

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