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prohibition-era beer raid, Washington, DC (Library of Congress)

Since last issue:

Scott Morgan bring us "Mitt Romney Recommends Lying to the Kids About Drugs," "Mark Souder Can't Stop Accusing People of Being Drug Legalizers," "Awesome: Marijuana Compound Might Cure Breast Cancer" and "People are Licking Toads Again."

Phil Smith previews the stories "Goodbye To a Drug Warrior; Australian Prime Minister John Howard Set to Lose Power in Saturday's Elections" and "As We Mark the Anniversary of the Killing of Kathryn Johnston, Poll Commissioned by DRCNet (StoptheDrugWar.org) Finds Little Support for SWAT-Style Drug Raids in Most Cases."

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Law inforcement-Breaking Constitutional Rights

I live in a small town in California, Frazier Park, and the law inforcement that is supposed to be protecting us is actually terrorizing us and making us feel unsafe in our own homes. My family has been targeted and labeled a danger to our neighborhood. They have gained entrance into our home under false pretense and then done as they please after they have gotten in. They lie and say things that are untrue and what can you do if a law enforcement officer says something and that's just not the way it is. On top of that, the DA's office helps them out without question. Kern County is corrrupt and everybody knows it. They have all of us running scared and where do you go when you have a problem with them. You can't go to the source that only makes them more mad.
Please tell me who to tell about what is going on with me and my family, is there a place or someone who is looking at what is happening here? A watchdog group?

Drug war news/Vancouver,B.C.Canada

[email protected] Vancouver,B.C. Canada /We had another shooting yesterday.The city now wants the dumpsters removed because they provide hiding places for criminals.They already removed the pay phones.Evidently,it's more important to prevent drug business over the phone than to provide emergency telephones for people that can't afford a cell phone.It's becoming more apparent daily that this council doesn't even see the homeless.Their just following the lead from the feds and provincial governments.Years ago they removed capsules from several drugs and took manitol,lactose and dextrose out of the stores.They're nuts.It does nothing but force the pushers to use less human friendly products to cut their drugs.I think the caps were a local thing anyway.I never saw them from any where else.A #5 capsule holds one point.The Picton trial is ending.Another fine example of the successes of anti-drug policy.There's a new murder charge for a drug rip and another for an execution. All gang related.The cops still have a zero success rate for gang related killings.They only get the wanna bees.

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