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Australia: Queensland to Increase Drug Penalties

The government of Queensland is preparing to try more of the same old-same old in its ongoing, futile effort to wipe out drug use and dealing. The state cabinet Monday approved amendments to the Drugs Misuse Act that will reschedule a number of drugs into more dangerous classifications, which will result in an increase in penalties for offenses committed concerning those substances.

Under the bill, ecstasy and PMA, a dangerous drug sometimes substituted for ecstasy and known in Australia's superheated drug lexicon as "death," will be moved from Schedule II to Schedule I, meaning maximum penalties for supplying, trafficking, or possessing the drugs will increase from 20 to 25 years.

"Under the bill, the schedule two drugs, ecstasy and death, will be reclassified as schedule one drugs, which carry greater penalties," Premier Anna Bligh said.

A handful of other drugs are also being rescheduled, Bligh said. "Valium and Serepax, as well as drugs previously in Schedule IIA of the laws, such as steroids, Rohypnol and ephedrine, would be added to Schedule II, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years' jail for unlawful possession, supply or trafficking."

But wait, there's more, said Attorney-General Kerry Shine, announcing that the government will introduce the concept of "analogs" into the laws. "It will mean that drugs which are not named in the schedules, but have similar structure and pharmacological effect, will attract the same penalties," Mr. Shine said.

And that's not all. The law will also create new offenses for the supply and production of precursor drugs like pseudoephedrine, and the equipment used in the production of illegal drugs, such as pill presses.

Now, that ought to end the drug problem in Queensland. Stay tuned.

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Why not legalise and monitor

Why not legalise and monitor the manufacture of party drugs such as MDMA?

MDMA is relatively safe (was actually clinically used at one point in time)..I would put it on the same shelf as Alcohol and Tobacco..sure, its not one of the healthier lifestyle choices, but its neither addictive or violent.

Prevent clandestine chemists using harmful substitutes like PMA - legalise, tax, and save kids lives!!

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