Middle East: Don't Take Your Doobies to Dubai

Travelers headed to Dubai should take a thorough inventory before heading for the airport. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently taking an extremely hard line on cannabis offenses. Last week, an Italian visitor was sentenced to years in prison for a microscopic portion of hashish, and this week, a British citizen faces a similar punishment for inadvertently carrying a similarly miniscule amount of hash and marijuana.

On May 31, the Dubai Court of First Instance found a 24-year-old Italian man identified only by the initials "A.D." guilty of smuggling and possessing 1/100th of a gram of hash after he arrived at the airport. The quantity discovered -- 1/2800th of an ounce -- is too small to be usable and so tiny that the fact it was detected at all is remarkable.

A.D. told the court he did not realize the hash was there. "I didn't intend to bring the drugs," he told presiding Judge Abdul Majid Al Nezamy. "I forgot it in the inner pocket of my jacket."

That didn't matter to Judge Al Nezamy, who sentenced the unfortunate Italian to four years in prison to be followed by deportation.

Now a 25-year-old Briton known as "W.H." faces the same fate. He was busted coming in with 0.07 grams of marijuana and "two barely noticeable slivers of hashish," as the Gulf Times put it. Again, the hapless traveler said he had forgotten the drugs were there.

"I wrongly forget them in my pockets," W.H. told the court.

W.H. goes back to court next week. A.D. is already serving his sentence.

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Dubai and drugs

The United Arab Emirates law is a very strict considering illcit drug import. While travelling to the UAE be sure not to poses any ammount of canabis or other drugs. At the airport you will be checked and if found posesing canabis you will face several years of prison.
So in the UAE forget the use of drugs.
Dr. Hermon Mihranian
Email: [email protected]

United Aidiotic Emirates

The United Arab Emirates law is very STUPID considering microscopic amounts of natural plant substances drugs. While travelling to UAE be sure to remember that the dark ages have never ended. There is no place in the UAE for reason, compassion or even just plain common sense.
Dr. Theyhavther Heduptherass

Boycott Dubai

Dubai is moving fast to lure tourism as a replacement for oil dollars. Now is the time to organize a boycott of Dubai. Cruel and Unusual methods are required including protesting outside Dubai embassy and offices anywhere to embarrass the lunatic killers and murders running a desert oasis US Dollars made happen.

The Leaders of UAE Will Rot in Hell

I will never spend a dime in that close-minded totalitarian Islamic country.


I never heard from Angel again. She moved to Dubai and became very silent with her words.

I had asked her what life was REALLY like in Dubai and she never commented, only to say what she was doing and what she was eating. She went stale....only....she sent some haunting music to me. I analyze music.

I detect irregular chord progressions as a heart surgeon does heartbeats. Now I am haunted. The first photos she had to show me from her mate that had already moved there were uh HELLO, JELLO - beahzzzzzarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre.

I had asked her WHY three faces of men were placed so obnoxiously stamped on some of the downtown district buildings. She looked closer, and acted like an idiot. "I doooh naht noo."

I wonder how many Euro dollars it costs to hire those poor Indians into slavery, just to put up an eye brow.

Don't visit Dubai!

Dubai is built with petro-dollars and exploiting immigrant workers who get treated little better than indentured workers and have no rights. The place is tacky and vulgar as well as oppressive.


I wonder how the Dubai government is obtaining the substances they are arresting people for? If they are microscopic as stated, what about the traces of coke that are found on most US printed currency? Seems like any money they are being sent should be withheld in order to comply with their laws..


damn right,
I would challenge anyone who supports the war on drugs to come to the UK and find one used bank note that hasn't been in contact with some sort of illegal substance.So that would make two of the major money makers in the world law breakers for leaving the cash in circulation.....................well by Dubai's standards anyway.


dubai's final solution

boycott this city. NEVER accept a flight route that includes this place. NOTE: Any of you flying from Europe to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan, whatever, DON'T accept an itinerary that includes this hopelessly stupid place. If you are unfortunate enough to have a layover in Dubai, then STAY ON THE PLANE. Trouble like this isn't worth seeing, and we're smarter than spending our money on such an obviously useless regime.

Dr. Hazard

boycott dubai

i was there in the dubai's jail, for a tiny little amout of hash forgott in my poket. I know A.D and i was with him in the jail room. He is a very brainfull guy, an italian creative.
Dont go there, they can take you for nothing. Dubay is a dictature...of stupidity.

the director

Dubai Drus Law

Last week 2008
When Im arrived in terminal 1 of dubai airport from vacation. After I Scan my bag 1 custom officer ask me, if I smoke? I replied yes I am... And he ask me to check my bag and they found 0.09g of marijuana in the pocket of my unwash cargo pants which I always wear during my vacation. I wasted 24 hrs in dubai custody. I sign A lot of papers which I cannot understand because of arabic typing. I ask them what is this for? they always said that is for the statement which I said. I sign all the papers And do some finger prints which I really dont know.

Im asking for those person who experience a case same like mine? Why they release me? But they took my passport. And demmand something I really dont like...

similar case

Around 5 weeks ago, my boyfriend was in transit through dubai on his was home to australia after a 6 week trip around europe and has had the same thing happen to him. He was held for 24hrs then released without his passport and still has not heard from the authorities... So he is in dubai, spending his money on hotels, food, etc... just waiting to hear what they want to do with him!
What was the result in your case?
Is there anything u can recommend he do to speed things up as we are all worried sick about him..!

Any help would be great!


Regarding your boyfreind

THERE ARE NO LAWS IN DUBAI, only on paper not in actual practice. They treat you worse if you are American of have no accent. He will eventually be freed if not alreadry arrested officialy. He should go to his embassy and demand to be sent home, th only solution.
And about drugs I dont use it and suggest it but Dubai is one of the biggest tarnsit locations for drugs and illegal human trade(check International Monetery Fun & Interpol for facts) itself so its funny why they wouls arrest people for having small amounts.

Send him a new passport with

Send him a new passport with a different identity, thats the only way out. Good luck.

grow up!!!!

What are you people complaining for? Its common sence really - if you know the law of a country then just make sure you obey it. As many people know the UAE does not tolerate drug users so why not check you pockets/belongings etc etc before travel. Or why not just stop takeing drugs completly, its not good for the brain. I can tell all you guys are on drugs, hence all the stupid comments.

re: grow up!!!!

A Canadian national who's job was to destroy drugs was sent down for 4 years because they found traces of cannabis and 2 poppy seeds. A British woman was injected with codeine by Dubai medics for pain relief, but was sent down for 8 weeks for drug smuggling, until they worked it out. During this time she was chained to walls, had dysentry and basically treated like a dog. Codeine is sold over the counter in most countries. Anonymous poster: since they are testing for microscopic amounts of anything, and prescription drugs like codeine, there's a very good chance you too could accidentally be thrown in jail for drug smuggling in Dubai for four years or more. Whether the people who have posted comments above take drugs or not is irrelevant. The Dubai laws are unjust and draconian, and result in 100% innocent people being interred for years, and treated worse than animals. Before throwing your weight around and calling people stupid or accusing them of taking drugs, I suggest checking your facts. Or if you can't manage that, perhaps you could get a job at Dubai Customs? - you seem well suited.

I for one won't be going to Dubai soon, even in transit, and I suggest you do the same Mr/Mrs know-all poster....

Dubai is a deset shit hole

The Totalitarian dictatorship in Dubai has no problem having thousand of Russian hookers in every street and disco.

The Totalitarian dictatorship in Dubai has no problem allowing the trafficking of human beings(Mostly who have been kidnapped or tricked into white slavery)

The UAE people have no problem with UAE Nationals purchasing underage girls viriginity for around $16000.

Because the UAE Dictators have no Cultural Roots other than riding camels and living in tents.

Now because you ride Ford's and/or have skyscrapers and/or no matter how much you try to imitate the West, you will be always be a lizard eating, tent-dwelling brute.

Grow up?

Doofus brain, I have a terminal disease and my Drs. prescribe me meds that are legal here. Yes, they are called DMARDS, and TNF inhibitors. Sounds like you are a bit inhibited yourself. Grow up? Why don't you SHUT up? You have no idea what it is like to live in pain.

Why would I need to check my pockets, if they contain substances which help me function every day, like go to the bathroom? Sounds like you need to take a huge dump, yourself. A bit anal retentive?

Is prostitution any better, Mr. Grown Up? THAT is like the hello, WHICH # GNP of DOOBIEVILLE, DUBAI? Oh but you see, the government tolerates THAT.

I believe STD's are a bit more what we could consider a pandemic threat, you little baby. So go on and get the toddler on, you MORON.

Anyone who begins a post with

Anyone who begins a post with "Doofus brain", should be promptly ignored or better yet, shot by firing squad.


People live with, work with, and depend on, medical/recreational marijuana whether or not any of these haters approve.

Oh, and nice attempt with the Prostitution analogy.  Next time, try fitting a bowling ball through a garden hose, as the end result will be about as retarded.


Good day.

smoking marijuana is as legal as smoking tobaco,lite em up i say

I say, drug dealers, especially hashish dealers, throw all you've got at those stupid law enforcment monkeys and do what you do best and smuggle as much as you can and basically fill up Dubai with pot heads.I think thats the best way to change laws around here. I will celebrate the day I can sit back roll a fat joint and smoke high high HIGH

shisha smokers in dubai

they are hiding the word hashisha , doesn't that tell it all!


we should all boycott this ridiculous country.... even though I used to live there when I was a kid, that was when I didn't know a thing about laws or drugs because I moved to the U.S. when I was 6. These laws are extremely harsh!
Another thing that is true is that airport employees get bonuses for finding drugs, even if the amount found is too small to be used, it is not too small to get arrested for!

To All of You, People

Don't come to Dubai! We don't need any drugs here!

It doesn't matter if it's only 0.07 grams or more than kilo. I wish all countries put those who sell as well as those who use this shit in a jail. If you use it - you kill not only yourself, but also destroy the life of those people around you - your family, your friends.. It's better if you'll stay in jail - at least they don't need to worry about you if you're still alive or already dead.. ;)


Let me ask you, why are you so hooked on this topic? The key word here is , you see?

Your statement is weak. Destroying lives? No, you brainless nimrod - lives have already been destroyed. Women who were supposed to be girls are now women, and that is destruction of the highest form. You argue about a trace of what the hello?

Hookers kill, and spread disease.

check this

in dubai they punish who rapes a kid less than drug use

If I moved from Canada to

If I moved from Canada to there I would order FUCKTON of seeds and smuggle them into Dubai. I would just grow my own weed and bake it into brownies or something.


What a stupid city, and what stupid laws. FUCK UAE. And DUBAI.

praying 4times a day but still uae nationals are crazy and stpd!

how there this people (uae nationals or locals) people praying 4times a day but still they're crazy and stupid. if you own a car in dubai and have no parking inside house im sure by the next morning you'll find your car with a trouble like they flatten you tire, bubble gum on top of your car. if you park your car next to your neighbor local peolple im sure by the morning they block your way going to drivers sit. this are not educated people they dont care if there a member of your family got accident by removing air tire. fuck this local people. if i were them im not go to their mosque and pray 4times a day. this happen all over dubai especially if you are expat and got no praking inside house. is your god (ahla)know this kind of your stupid work!!! DUBAI NOW ARE NO LONGER SAFE....ESPECIALLY TO LOCAL PEOPLE (UAE NATIONAL). FUCK THEM!!!

Well guys.... Dubai is a

Well guys.... Dubai is a lucrative trap. Infact i have never been to a stupid place like dubai.From ruler to local administration all are illeterate,raciest,ill mannered,bastards. Exploiting poor and middle class of asian people. their fucking laws are for expats only. when a motherfucking local commits a crime he
gets a very minor punishment. they have their private jails and torture cells in deserts and they kidnap women to rape and others to beat brutally and kill. they donot have any history of culture other than living with animals in desert.thats why they are not aware of human rigths. the locals fly to an island kish 20 min flight from dubai to consume heroine and hashish including royal family. what a bastard city dubai and the locals are asshole..... donot visit....this piece of shit...

The drug punishment issue is

The drug punishment issue is one of hundreds of bullshit laws that exist in the UAE whether it is Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other shit emirates in that fucking country. I hear about the stupid laws that they implement so I say Fuck UAE and all the Muslims, these inbreeds should go back to riding camels and washing with their piss. I don’t understand why we should pay for the petrol and not just take it; the retarded suns of bitches don’t deserve it anyway.

perfect example of low education (above post)

all right first of all drugs being illegal is fair enough... a country has every right to make its own laws... but where the UAE have got it wrong is that i could walk into a disco, park or even down a street (where there so happened to be a drug deal 2 weeks earlier) the drug would be stuck to my shoe and i would have no way of knowing (BAM 4 years prison sentence)... EVEN if I'd never touched any drugs ever... as for education... My father has been hired by ADEC (Abu Dhabi Education Council) to increase the education levels (because they cant do it themselves)... and he has told me that in class... the kids just don't give a shit about their education... as they know that they have there lives set for them... he once asked a kid why he came to school and the smart arse was only able to answer "to be with my friends"... this is a country which without expats would literally be a shit hole... they cant do anything for themselves... they have no skills in any trade... the people here have some of the lowest standards of education in the world! some cant even spell their own names... and that's a fact...

people who try do tell everyone to leave if you want to smoke... do your fucking research... read what other people have to say... PROVE that you have an education... READ... and read carefully what I have had to say (read through it 3-4 times if you must... or ask someone smarter then you to explain it to you!)

my husband got trapped by his

my husband got trapped by his friend... his friend S carried marijuana and it cuaghted in dubai airport...at that time my husband was in dubai...unfortunately my husbnd made a call to tell his friend S  to bring some dress materials...soo dubai police traced his number  and arrested my hubby...police made urine and blood test...but didnt get ANY evidence...anybody could please suggest what will be next? 


Lol, don't go to Dubai, period.   Women, even foreign tourists and residents get arrested for being raped there and for even less than that too. It's a disgusting and morally, socially and disgusting corrupt regime that deserves nothing of our money.  I'll never set foot there if I can help it.

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