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Marijuana: Mendocino County Supervisors Say Legalize It

County supervisors in Mendocino County, California, part of the state's marijuana growing "Emerald Triangle," voted Wednesday to send lawmakers a letter urging them to legalize marijuana. The move is a belated response to Proposition G, a voter-approved initiative passed six years ago.

"Whether you love marijuana or hate marijuana, you can agree it's time for a change," said Supervisor John Pinches, who took part in a 4-1 board vote Tuesday in support of a letter asking lawmakers to legalize marijuana.

The letter, written by Pinches, is addressed to North Coast US Rep. Mike Thompson and copied to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, to both US senators from California, and to other area members of Congress and President Bush.

"The time has come to call upon our leaders in federal government to initiate, sponsor and support legislation that calls for the legalization, regulation, and taxation of this multibillion dollar crop," states the letter, signed by Board Chairman Kendall Smith and approved by the board.

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Legalize it and I will advertise it!!!

sober up

america needs to sober up and get off this prohabition drunk ,and leaglize pot

Way To Go, John Pinches and other County Supervisors!

I am so proud of the courage and commitment to justice that I just read about here!
Everyone in CA should write to Schwarzenegger, Feinstein and Boxer, asking them to heed this letter's recommendation. Everyone else ought to write to Bush to show our support for the idea. We should also thank the County supervisors in Mendocino County and Board Chairman Kendall Smith - What bravery!

Here is a possible sample letter:

Governor Schwarzenegger/ Honorable Boxer/Feinstein/ President Bush/ Mr.Pinchas, etc...

I understand that you have received a letter from Mendocino County Supervisor John Pinches calling for the legalization of cannabis/marijuana. Please know that I am in full support of this idea, because cannabis is not dangerous, and it is an effective and beneficial medicine. It is so much safer than cigarettes or alcohol, I hope you will realize very soon that people are being harmed, not helped, by marijuana prohibition.

Respectfully/Thank you/ Sincerely,

Letters do add up - Go For It!

I am convinced that all we need to do is "grow a pair," contact congress about how no one needs to go to jail for pot, then do your part to get the truth about cannabis out to the general public, so that we can stop the ugly, destructive stereotypes that ruin so many lives. Thanks to anyone who's ever done anything FOR FREEDOM!!! will take you right to your elected officials' inboxes.

Exercise your right!


I moved my to family Hawaii full time about three years ago, I thought I was moving to a progressive state that was leading the way into a better future- I was wrong, a fact that as I sit here writing fills me with sadness and a feeling of needing to move again.
I am in the middle of building our dream home, its beautiful here. But the air campaign being flown by the government in conjunction with the greenharvest operations creates an environment of fear and helplessness. This experience of terror is endurred by everyone whether they have pot or not, not a great place to retire Im afraid if you like peace and quiet. Guess I wont bring mom over here!
However, If you enjoy being constantly photographed and having choppers hovering eight feet off your roof, this is the place for you! When they hover soooo close, things move and fall in and around your home, objects of value break as they hit the floor, you cant talk to each other and it is scary, which I now belive is the objective, terror.
I got a "licence" for my use about a year ago, I have a well documented dibilitating lower back injury and my use allows me to sleep through the night without medication. It is a blessing, I remain sharp and able to work hard. So if I am "licenced", following the rules and a hard worker and growing for my own use only WHY IS MY FAMILY BEING TERRORISED?
We are the people you are supposed to be sworn to protect. You have forgoten who you are gentlemen. Its just wrong! Spend the money to stop meth please so you can catch the creeps who come in my yard and steel what little the government allows me to grow. Or mabey stop the heilocoppter that flys in with the guys who look like cops but are actualy...??????who knows. It must land at the airport one would think.

still unsure about legalization

I'm not for or against legalization. What I'm concerned about if legal is the fact that once again we will have another issue of driving under the influence ( not that we don't already ) but if legal more people that would do it that wouldn't normally do it . Working under the influence etc. Then what message are we giving kids if we legalize it. Then if we don't legalize it how can we uphold standards and control it like alcohol ? Seems as if we are between a rock and a hard place. If we legalize it and it gets to be a bigger problem- such as more health issues from over use etc. More accidents , quality of worker lessen etc. then how do we get back out of it? We could get lots of tax dollars from the legalization of it... So many pros and cons...I don't feel the ones that want it legal have really looked at it from a non biased view. Is it really going to be a good thing?

weed weed and more weed

u grow it we pick it... will do what ever is needed to be done.... need to know how to work for other growers...

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