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Drug War Chronicle

I constantly read the chronicle, in the meantime use it as a source for public speaking. I also use the information in my research work.
The information available provides a globale undertstanding of drug problems arround the world.
Dr. Hermon Mihranian
Email: [email protected]

Drug War Chronicle

As a professional addictions counselor, consultant and futurist, I find an extensive amount of very useful information in the DWC. In many cases, I use the internet to document the validity of material in the DWC. This usually leads me to other sources of valuable information. The validity has always been excellent, even in cases where anecdotal opinions were posted, those opinions most often were evidence based.

I write professionally and have often used material from the DWC, that I have validated, in an addictions professional newsletter "As I See It" column and other material to be used in magazine and book queries for potential publication. When and where possible, I reference DWC as an important source for quality information.

As a qualified professional in the addictions field for a quarter century, I see the "Drug War" as a "Money Making Monster" created by Pres. Richard Nixon with the establishment of the ONDCP. I do not exempt myself from the job and income that this produces for me as an addictions professional. I do, however; see it as a major DISASTER in the making. My current estimate of the amount of Gross Domestic Product involved in alcohol and other psychoactive chemical problems is $800 billion per year. The Departments of Corrections alone accounts for close to $170 to $200 billion per year in GDP.

I am also aware, as a professional addictions futurist, that we have recently entered into a much more medicalized form of treatment. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration and the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment are currently in strong support of applied science (evidence based) treatment for alcohol and drug abuse problems. The Addiction Technology Transfer Centers across the U.S.A., are training addiction counselors in the use of applied science in treatment. The genetic and neuroscientific research professionals have been increasing speed, exponentially, in their ability to ultimately arrive at genetic cures for addictions and other genetically based mental disorders. When this happens, our country will enter into a rapid reduction in that estimated $800 billion per year GDP. We cannot afford to loose that much GDP in, what could be, as little as 4 to 5 years. This could put us at the economic mercy of too many other world powers.

As I see it, the DWC is a very important instrument in putting the brakes on a drug war that has never even won a battle. Bringing the "War on Drugs" to an end must be done in Congress now and every congressional constituant must help. Tell your Senators and Representatives what is at stake and what you want them to do about it. Reverse the ONDCP Budget to being a major support for DEMAND REDUCTION and NOT INTERDICTION. Everyone that currently reads the DWC must play a role in carrying the message.

For those who are currently PROFITEERING on the current ONDCP Policy be aware that CHANGE IS COMING, like it or not.

We are currently winning the "War on Nicotine Addiction." I am not at liberty to discuss the "Nicotine Addiction Project," however; it is working and there is a similar project taking form now. The rest of this story will be seen in other major publications and internet locations, (including the DWC if I am asked) as I continue to make progress along with other professionals who share my views and are working with me. I cannot name them all, however; I will not remain anonymous.

Dan R. Gray
Founder: New Concept and Associates and the National Neuroscience and Addictions Research Forum of 1986.
[email protected]

Drug War Chronicle

I read Drug War Chronicle for many reasons, the first being I find the information helpful and well written. Other reasons include, but are not limited to: research, fact finding, updates on current policies, amazing but true law enforcement officer stories that prove there are a lot of "bad guys" who break the laws they're getting paid to enforce, the victories that are slowly becoming a day to day reality within the United States & it's currently outdated "views & laws" having a chance to clear up the ignorance factor, and because I completely enjoy it.

To say that funding would be benificial for the DRC & it's projects, plans, hopes & dreams would be too simple a statement, considering the magnitude of people living who have repeatedly been given false truths on which to base ideas & decisions about drugs & the war on drugs. Will the American people ever know anything about "drug wars" our leaders aren't willing to speak about and how could grant monies be used to really gain knowledge and best educate our entire country? Is it possible that there are open minded people who also have open wallets, willing to fund these extremely important studies, courses of action and hopefully, to envision a world with choices that will be applicable for the future?

I would be honored to plan, research, study and give a complete report on~even just this one simple idea...
"Medical Marijuana, if it works for your illness & for you~Why Not?" for DRC.
My mission would include, that this might bring positive attention to the cause & truthful information to the public. If I had the opportunity to do so and funding were made available for such an idea, with the proper legal guidence to protect my rights, etc., I am absolutely certain that I would be able to clarify a lot of misunderstandings and ignorant views that are currently keeping our country in this archaic mind set and our citizens in prisons when that's not the best choice for the offense, especially non-violent drug cases..
Thank You.
Rev/Mrs Diana Holliday


There are an estimated 400 different organic compounds in the cannabis sativa plant. One, of course is THC. Marijuana as a medicine has been around for 5000 years of documented history. I suspect that you are pleased that we are moving at a rapid pace toward all the nation having medicinal use of marijuana dropped to a schedule two drug and made legally available to all who need it as a medication. It is interesting that, as methadone and suboxone work well as medication for those addicted to opiates and yet, they are opiate like compounds. The only adverse side effect that is of any major concern in the development of a need to increase the dosage. This is not uncommon with other drugs as well. Marijuana will make a very good medication for genetic/epigenetic based alcoholism. By the way, marijuana has never been an addictive chemical. There has been some paid for pseudoscience that has labeled it as addictive when in fact, it is not. Just imagine how many alcoholics will be on the right medication for their disorder and not out on the highway, driving drunk. MADD should be happy about that. By my estimate, alcohol related death and violence will be reduced by around 70% by using marijuana as an appropriate medication for alcoholism. As an addiction professional, I am certified to work with prescribing physicians in the use of medication assisted treatment and recovery. Marijuana will make a major change in one of the worst of addictions in the world.

There are many organic compounds that have found exceptional value in the Pharmaceutical Industry. As naturally occurring organic compounds, it is easy to get FDA approval for their use in select medications, yet to be discovered and developed.

This change should open the door to the legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana throughout the nation. Although the medicinal marijuana will likely remain a prescription medication, the social marijuana will very likely be a little different. That remains to be seen. What will happen, is a huge reduction in the taxes used for interdiction in the past and the huge increase in tax revenue from social use of marijuana. There will also be a huge reduction in organized crime, drug cartels, and crime in general.

For those who have been involved in the "War on Drugs" money-go-round, the ride is over. Shift over to the legal side, like Joseph Kennedy did in 1933, and you can still make some darn good money without fear of the DEA.

The other big money maker will be industrial hemp production. Similar to the marijuana producing plant, this plant is revered for the excellent source of fiber that has a multitude of uses. This along with the hemp oil, that will burn in a diesel engine, and has many other uses as well, major change is on the way.

Dan Gray, founder and developer of the New Concept Model in Science Based Addiction Treatment, 1985 to now.

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