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Medical Marijuana: Vermont Bill to Expand Therapeutic Use of Cannabis Advances

A bill that would significantly expand Vermont's two-year-old medical marijuana program passed its first legislative hurdle last Friday as members of the state Senate Judiciary Committee voted 4-1 to advance it. The bill, S. 7, has now been referred to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee.
springtime in Vermont for patients?
Under Vermont's current law, legal access to medical marijuana is limited to people suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, and multiple sclerosis. The new bill would expand that list to include any "life threatening, progressive, and debilitating disease or medical condition or its treatment that produces severe, persistent, and intractable symptoms such as: cachexia or wasting syndrome; severe pain; severe nausea; or seizures."

But committee members heeded the fears of law enforcement officials, who testified earlier this month that broadening the law could lead to more drug crimes or more patients being targeted for theft. As introduced, the bill would have increased the number of plants patients or caregivers can grow from one mature plant to six and from two immature plants to 18. The amount of usable marijuana they could legally possess would have increased from one ounce to four. After pondering law enforcement concerns, the committee compromised. Under the language approved by the committee, patients would be allowed up to four mature plants and 10 immature ones. The amount of usable marijuana they could possess will be two ounces.

The bill will also allow patients to use recommendations from doctors outside the state. Current law restricts patients to in-state doctors. Finally, the bill would cut registration fees in half, from $100 to $50.

"We aren't legalizing marijuana," said Sen. John Campbell (D-Windsor), one of the bill's sponsors. "You have to look at this from a compassionate perspective," he explained. "Someone suffering from such devastating illnesses as we address in this, they should be able to use a substance that will alleviate their symptoms."

The Marijuana Policy Project is working the corridors in Montpelier. MPP lobbyist Adam Necrason told the Vermont Press Bureau that even with the modifications, the bill was a step in the right direction. "This bill marks a major step forward in Vermont's medical marijuana program," he said. "While not perfect, S. 7 will extend protection to many patients who suffer terribly but have no protection under our current law. The legislature and governor should pass this measure without delay."

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"Cannabis Sativa" one of many natures herbs with medicinal purposes. This herb has wonderful medicinal properties and is why it is being pushed through our legal system state by state for medical needs. It is only a matter of time in which our federal government will abide by the will of the people. Because of the wide variety of uses for medicinal needs, adults will be able to get there prescription to self medicate as needed. By the way, not only is this natural plant good for medicinal needs, its cousin "HEMP" is "KING". "CANNIBIS SATIVA" the non-THC version "HEMP" has many uses from Nutritional (protien, the perfect balanced Omega 3-6-9 oil, fiber), biofuel (compare to switchgrass; reversing global warming), plastics, clothing, and many more. People make choices and want the ablility to make that choice.

Laws are supposed to be made

Laws are supposed to be made for the service of man(kind), not man(kind) for the service of laws.

The illegalization of marijuana is not a law the serves mankind. It is a law which violates a God given right to mankind to freely choose what manner of herb is suitable for the service of mankind.

The authoritorities are accountable to mankind as to why this herb is illegal, what "evil" the law is protecting mankind from, the benefits of the illegalization process to mankind, WHY of all plants and herbs, marijiuana? HOW does the law making marijuana illegal serve mankind?

The benefits of marijuana far outweighs the vices of it with the exception of it being illegal and the bias taboos that have been attributed to it. Seach them out and you will clearly see, and remember, "experience is the best teacher".

Intelligent beings shine forth.

this is the o nly drug tha t cures my p ain

I suffer from fibromyalgia,andlyme disease also dejenerative disk disease. I have been lierally addicted to fentynly a vey dangerous drug. I went off that because i could not function on it. I have been on a minimal amount now of prcocet because of the addiction factor. The only thing that takes the spasms away is marijiuanna!
Wake up country explain to me why a doctor of all people would rather see me addicted to a bunch of drugs rather that let me smoke 3 hits of pot 4 times a day ?
Unlike these other drugs pot is not physically addictive!

A patient in need!

less money and less control ?

hello one of the greatest reason why goverment does not want to make marijuana legal is not because of the crime notions,but because of there "legal drugs".
The FDA and goverment makes money out of the pills they approve of,therefore if they allow marijuana to be used for home use or medical they are fearful they will loose money less"legal pills needed"and they feel like they might have less control on what people choose and less dependent on the legal "pills ect"and they fear loss in profits!
The way they can remove this fear and help give people more freedom
is this
1 they can make it legal but only for people over 18 and have strong fines for selling or use out side in public ,around school work place ect
2 They can have permits like they do for fishing and hunting
only allow it in that state permits so "they have more control and money stays in that state"
So lets say vermont allows maurijuana legal,this would mean only vermont residents would be allowed those who lived in vermont for at least 4 years or more and have proof
They can make a age limit like beer ect and have heavy fines for those caught giveing or selling to minors
or use in cars"caught in the act"or public places schools malls ect.
They could sell at certian places and put taxes on maurijauna and therefore make money and also remove some of there fears of not knowing.
these are some ways i think would really help and should be looked at what about you please write back if you agree and understand thanks

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