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Dear Drug War Chronicle devotee:

In case you were not already aware, I wanted to let you know that Drug War Chronicle's own Phillip S. Smith was featured in the new book Under The Influence: The Disinformation Guide to Drugs -- Phil wrote two of the book's nearly 50 fascinating articles and essays, including an especially provocative one, "Imagining a Post-Prohibition World."

As part of our campaign to complete Drug War Chronicle's budget for 2005, DRCNet is pleased to offer Under The Influence as our latest membership premium. Make a tax-deductible donation of $40 or more to support Drug War Chronicle -- or a non-deductible donation to support DRCNet's lobbying programs like the Higher Education Act Reform Campaign -- and we will send you a complimentary copy of Under The Influence as our special thanks.

Thanks to support by readers like yourself, and a generous grant received late last year from the Educational Foundation of America, DRCNet Foundation has now raised $36,000 toward Drug War Chronicle's expenses in 2005. However, we are expecting the Chronicle's total costs to reach about $67,000 as they have for each of the past two years. That means we have $31,000 to go. If you are one of the many who have helped us with this campaign so far, thank you. If you have yet to donate or pledge for 2005... please understand that we need your help to do this right. We need your support or we will have to downscale the newsletter and cut back our activist programs. Please click here to make a one-time donation to Drug War Chronicle, or click here to sign up to donate monthly. Or, send us an e-mail at [email protected] to let us know how much you are pledging and for when.

When Ecuadoran former army colonel Lucio Gutierrez gave an interview to Chronicle editor Phil Smith at an anti-Plan Colombia conference, he didn't expect it to come back to haunt him when three years later as President of Ecuador he tried to deny attending that conference and opposing Plan Colombia. But El Universo, one of Ecuador's largest daily papers, found the interview online. The article ran on the front page – click here to read it online (in Spanish).

We had hoped to be able to raise and set this money aside last year. But frankly, the presidential election campaigns, which were the most expensive in history, hit our fundraising like a ton of bricks. The numbers tell the story: During the first half of 2004, donations under $500 in size to DRCNet totaled $40,374. During the second half of 2004, they came to only $21,095, slightly over half as much. You can help get the word out about the injustice of the drug war and catalyze change this year by donating to Drug War Chronicle -- we can't do it without you! Again, click here to make a one-time donation to Drug War Chronicle, or click here to donate monthly.

Contributions to DRCNet Foundation to support Drug War Chronicle are tax-deductible. (If you select a gift item, the portion of your donation that you can deduct is reduced by the item's retail price.) Contributions to the Drug Reform Coordination Network supporting our lobbying work are not-deductible. If you want to make a donation in this category, please click here to go to our main donation page instead. The address for checks or money orders is P.O. Box 18402, Washington, DC 20036 -- contact us for information if you wish to make a donation of stock.

Because of the enthusiasm of our readers, Drug War Chronicle has completed 7 ½ years of publishing – 373 issues, nearly 5,000 articles -- and we now move into 2005 and another year of hopeful, distressing, interesting, ridiculous and dangerous developments in drug policy and its impact on our communities and world. From mandatory minimum sentencing, to pain doctor prosecutions, police ignoring state medical marijuana laws, Afghanistan's drug war, major court rulings, ongoing chronicling of the consequences of prohibition, the latest hair-brained drug warrior idea, David Borden's editorials, This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories, coverage of the drug policy reform movement, to leading drug warriors like drug czar John Walters and congressman Mark Souder and the usually bad things they say and do, Drug War Chronicle will be there to provide you with the detailed story behind the story.

Thank you for your support of Drug War Chronicle. As the book title suggests, the drug war is sustained in part by a torrent of disinformation. And disinformation can only be countered by... valid information... hence Drug War Chronicle. Please feel free to write or call if you have any questions, and stay tuned for a challenging but hopefully successful year in drug policy reform!

P.S. Click here to read the Drug War Chronicle review of Under The Influence.

P.P.S. Following are a few of the many testimonials we've received about Drug War Chronicle's impact and influence:


... "[Drug War Chronicle] is absolutely the best way to keep abreast of the issue. It's just a phenomenal resource -- full of interesting stories and links."
- a reporter at the Los Angeles Times

"I've covered the drug story for years, in many places and on many levels. Your coverage of the drug scene has been a vital resource for us. You provide a continuous flow of information that isn't available from any other media source."
- a producer of documentaries for HBO

"I thought you'd like to know that I follow your bulletins religiously for the simple reason that the Canadian press says little about drugs. So when you have drug news, it has very often not been reported here. I flag items for my editor -- we've had a number of stories that started that way. In fact, Pastrana's call for a world conference was a recent example of just that. So, your work, based on my experience, is helping making waves even when you don't realize it."
- a prominent reporter in Canada


"I use [Drug War Chronicle] as a source for information I disseminate to the chapter's local members use the information in conversations and more formal talks about drug policy, as well as in letters to the editor."
- the coordinator of a local chapter of a national organization

"Your newsletter has been an invaluable source of information to us as far as keeping up to date on all of the latest issues surrounding addiction and drug policy. I read every issue as thoroughly as I can, and reprint and pass along many articles to my colleagues and associates. I also have used [Drug War Chronicle] in my monthly meetings and also in Patient run support groups."
- head of a state chapter of a national addiction-related advocacy organization


After we ran a story in June 2003 about the cancellation of a NORML/SSDP fundraiser in Billings, MT, following a threat by DEA agents to prosecute club owners under the controversial "RAVE Act," our story was forwarded by a constituent of a member of Congress to one of her staffers, who then contacted us for information. The staffer is working on monitoring the Act to prevent abuses, and subscribed to our list.

A prominent agency head in South America wrote: "Our work is well known in Brazil and I serve on government committees as well as present at most of the conferences here. [Drug War Chronicle] has been a major source of information and has helped shape our treatment programs as well as influenced many policies and conferences, where the only other sources have been the official USG and UN policies."

6. Newsbrief: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

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Issue #374 -- 2/11/05

Drug War Chronicle, recent top items


recent blog posts "In the Trenches" activist feed


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