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It's Not a Fluke -- Our Web Site Has Broken the 200,000 Visitor Mark for Three Months in a Row

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Last month, when launching our 2009 "Changing Minds, Laws & Lives" Campaign, we announced that February had seen a new record for us -- 235,000 unique visitors to our web site, up from our previous record of 193,000 in August 2007 -- and that March had seen almost exactly 235,000 once again.

April was a friend to too, with over 222,000 unique visitors. The first third of the year saw more than 782,000 people visit our web site. Here's the latest chart -- click to see a larger copy:

Drug War Chronicle has also held its new level for a third month in a row, over 117,600 in April, exceeding the 100,000+ mark once again:

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