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One of the things that keeps up going here in the StoptheDrugWar office is the number of people we reach through the Internet, and the strength with which our numbers have continued to grow since we revamped our web site and started daily content publishing in '06.

It's really getting good. In February and again in March, we we almost exactly reached the 235,000 mark -- individual readers, not page requests -- more than 40,000 greater than our previous record of 193,000. The first quarter saw 592,000 unique visitors to the site, and 2009 as of the time of this writing (April 14) has seen 683,000. The graph below shows what's been going on from year to year -- click on it for a larger copy.

The portion of our web stats belonging to the Drug War Chronicle newsletter's portion of the traffic has also been growing strongly. In February and again in March, the Chronicle in fact had its first six-figure months (111,732 in February and 117,910 in March).

While we can't guarantee the numbers will always go up, so far so good, and we have exciting plans, including a major expansion of our web site content, that we're hopeful will take things to even greater levels than what we've seen to date. Stay tuned!

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