False Positives: The Dark Secret of the Drug Testing Regime

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The New Scientist has an excellent story on student drug testing which reveals, among other things, that the stupid tests don't even work:

What's more, such tests can flag kids who are "clean" and miss genuine users. A study led by [director of the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program at Children's Hospital Boston, Sharon] Levy and published this month in Pediatrics (DOI: 01.1542/peds.2006-2278) examined recent drug tests of teenagers being treated for substance abuse. Of 710 drug tests performed, 85 gave incorrect results, either because the urine sample was too dilute to interpret properly, or because the test picked up prescription medicines.

"Drug tests can be very difficult to understand and interpret," says Levy. "There are lots of circumstances under which a kid could be using drugs and not test positive or have a positive test when they are not using drugs."

The tests were wrong 11.9% of the time. That's unbelievable. If 12 students out of 100 are getting bogus results, these tests aren't even close to being useful. And while follow-up tests can sometimes set things straight, consider this:

While the rules for federally funded testing say positive results must be checked by an approved lab, no such rules exist for the approximately 500 schools that are testing without federal grants. "Confirmatory testing adds a lot of cost. I don't think most schools are doing it." Levy says.

So the tests are wrong with frightening regularity, yet many schools don’t even have procedures for following up on positive results. That doesn't mean they aren't doing it, but it certainly raises doubts. Here's just one example of how a false positive test can destroy a student's relationship with their school.

As reformers, I believe we've been remiss in failing to emphasize false positives as a primary argument against student drug testing. It may prove difficult to establish the frequency with which they occur, but one is too many and the victims are highly sympathetic. When innocent non-users are accused and subjected to the stigma of drug use erroneously, all perceived values of the program are cast into doubt. This is an argument that might catch the attention of "clean" kids and proud parents who think they've got nothing to lose here.

Funny Side-note: SSDP's Tom Angell once urine tested himself for fun. Tom's reputation for partying is rather undistinguished, so we were certain he'd come up negative across the board. Instead, he came up positive for amphetamines and barbiturates (isn't that what killed Elvis?).

It was amusing that the test was so completely wrong the first time we ever tried it. But then we got chills thinking about families being torn apart by these fraudulent products. Come to think of it, there's nothing at all funny about any of this.


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false positive

i have a great job i just did a hair test and it came up positive for coke i never ever did that drug in my life somethigns weird i lost my job and now am getiing my own test back

(False) Positive for cocaine

The same thing happened to me! I had the job of a lifetime. I came into work sick one day and was sent to submit to a hair sample. I came up positive for cocaine, even though I've never touched it in my life. Needless to say, I lost my job and now my employer will not give me a copy of my results...how is this fair or legal?

6 month old baby was positive for cocaine

my 6 month old baby was had a hair test done and it came up positive for cocaine she has been on 3 different antibotics in the last month and half is there any way possible that the antibotics made her test come back positive

Tested positive for cocaine

I just recently took a drug test for work. I took a hair and urine test. My urine test came back negative but my hair test came back positive for cocaine. I've never even done cocaine! How is this possible? Is there anything I can do?

i need help

I need help fighting a false positive hair test. I don't want to loose my children any idea?


I was a false positive for marijuana in the military after 2 years a letter of apology came.
The tests were incorrect. Already discharged (general discharge) a ruined career
and tons of stigma. My life is still messed up from this test. Do not do this to children.

I had same thing but they

I had same thing but they said I tested positive for cocaine I did hair test neg results, polygraph no deception, lawyer with to s of knowledge proved the government wrong and they still discharged me. As well forensic scientist back my results against the board but still discharged this is bs I hope they send me a letter soon

how did u find a forensic

how did u find a forensic scientist i need to prove that i have not used morphine because my hair test said i was positive for it....and now i might lose my son because of it.....fucking crazy!

hope its not too late going through the same thing but wit urine

go to www.fda.gov and use the search engine to find answers get the generic name or active ingredients to any medication you may have taken within a few months prior to the test. find out what concentration level was found in the test if possible. Here is results from a basic search i did already but if you know what may have caused it it is easier to find information http://google2.fda.gov/search?requiredfields=-archive%3AYes&q=morphine+false+positive+hair+follicle+test&spell=1&client=FDAgov&lr=&proxystylesheet=FDAgov&output=xml_no_dtd&sort=date%3AD%3AL%3Ad1&entqr=3&entqrm=0&oe=UTF-8&ie=UTF-8&ud=1&site=FDAgov&btnG=Search    


I had the same happen to me with a urine sample and had to use the fda website to prove it was caused by zantac (ranitidine came up as amphetamine) the active ingredient caused it and it was stated in the device regulations they tested me with on fda website under the interferance section III letter C number 3 even though my doctor insisted it was impossible. the government cant argue with itself. Before you try to fight it as being a false positive make sure something you have documented as taking or have proof of is what caused it, for example i have medical records as far back as 2009 from a couple different doctors saying i have been taking zantac over the counter daily, if you dont have that information you may not have a case


This is the document i used for my positive urine sample just as an example of what to look for when searching it is about the test itself see if you can find out the specific brand or type of follicle test they gave you and look for the info on that specific device. http://www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/DeviceRegulationandGuidance/GuidanceDocuments/ucm070612.htm


Good luck to you


hello, my name is Angela and I read your comment about morphine I have recently been in a suboxone program and last Friday I was kicked out because they had a third positive morphine test. I have never taking morphine! the cup revealed negative for morphine but the lab results came back positive! there is another guy on the Thursday group who is going through the same thing he has given two positive morphine test and has never taking morphine. I am certain there are more of us out there.... I told my doctor that I go to church on Sunday I am saved and I put it on my salvation that I did not take morphine. nothing is worth burning in hell for. I would like to start a class action lawsuit against either against the millennium laboratories or the clinic or somebody has to pay for all these false positives and having me go through this with an 8 month old baby is so unfair that I am Not sure if I'm going to get sick or how sick I am going to get but they cut me off completely... for something I did not do.


I had a test for my probation and came up false positive for coke I have not taken any coke.
I was shocked at the results, I asked for a retest at a lab as i wasnt happy I am waitng for the results back.
I was taking a brazilian slimming pill that has showed up in others as amphetamine.
I am really worried about this has anyone had the same ??

drug hair analysis

Just had this hair test done today for employment purposes. I am not a drug user, and am shocked that all these false positives are out there. I hope this does not happen to me, as I really need this job. It will be interesting. Looks like a lot of the above posts are stating false positives through hair analysis. Will keep you posted.



meth test

member of my family works on cars for a living he had a hair test done on hair on his arms the chemicals he uses daily there are at least 17 out of 20 chem that are used for meth and he breaths them in and gets them on him every day he is not a drug user except uses a inhaler for his asma the first test came back 4000 parts on test so he did his own two weeks later and came back only 800 parts now chance may loose kids due to this test. can the chemicals he uses cause a false pos

false positive

My mother was recently tested for drugs at her place of employment. Damned if the test was positive for Maijuana. No damned way, she's in her 60's and never has done this.

Meanwhile her employer won't do a retest. (she figures they must have made a mistake) She tried to get her own test but appearently you just can't go down and pay for your own. Need a Dr's note or employers deal. She did find a place after lots of searching, they told her to check in in the morning to get the results. Now the story has changed and they told her she cannot get the results, she has to go through the Seattle Police.???? What the heck is going on? She ordered and payed for this test.

I've been checking the internet for answers and was shocked to see that so many products may produce a false positive. I asked her if she had listed all of the drugs/suplements/etc. She said they did not mention anything about that when they were taking the sample (hair test)

Just hoping this can get straightened out soon.

Re: Your Mom's false positive results....


So sorry to hear about your Mom's false positive 'Hair Test' for Marijuana.
My Mom is facing a similar test at here job, where she has been employed for over twenty years.
My question is, what type of supplements was your Mom taking? I would like to warn my own Mother in case she is taking anything that would jeopardize her position.

Good Day,


false positive for cocaine

i am 35 years old and recently had to take a urine and hair drug test. i am a single mother of 5 children since the death of my husband 8 years ago. i have never in my life done cocaine and never will but yet my urine test came back negative on a 10 panel drug test and my hair test came back positive for cocaine. the cocaine amount was 2716ng which basically would mean i would have used cocaine on a daily basis which i dont. i requested another hair test and are awaiting for the results.

Why me


I recently took a hair drug test for my job. 12 days later I got the results back positive for cocaine use, which I have never ever used or will ever use. You see I was raised by two crack additced parents. I have suffered a great deal be hind their drug use. I even have a birth defect on my right dumb because of it. It is like I am being accused or something. I realy love my job. I just bought a house and I have a car note and plenty of bills. I am single with no kids and I do it all on my own. I just fill like people like us need to get to the bottom of this. Something is not right. Yes I asked to be retested but the test is going to the same lab, which I am questioning there services. I went and had a test redone at my own expense. I am currently waiting on the results. Yes I will keep you posted. This leads me to think if the other test comes back positive for cocaine someone had to put it in my food or drink and this is a hard thing to realize that someone would do this to a person. This test should come back negative becasuse I never used cocaine in my life. Then I wont loose my job. If I loose my job I will loose my life until I find another job, which 9 out of 10 will not pay as much. All I can think of is to PRAY, why me.

Why, I hope your right Dumb

Why, I hope your right Dumb is fine

false positive for

I was just fired for my urinalysis being positive for a drug called propoxyphene I dont know what to do sny answers for me out there

propoxyphene is a

propoxyphene is a prescription pain med like darvacet if u have a prescription 4 it or had surgery went 2 the hospital u should b able 2 get some sort of documentation proving it u should b fine if no documentation ur screwed

Law Enforcement

I am currently in law enforcement in illinois. I applied for the Illinois State Police in 2007 and made it to March Orientation where I was measured and fitted for uniform. I also gave a blood, urine, and hair sample. Five days later, I was called by the lab to inform me my hair tested positive for THC. I tried for 2 weeks to get ahold of ISP and when I did they told me I was DQ'd because of the test. I asked for a retest because I have never done it before and was denied. The lady said verbatim, " It's not my problem and I'm not here to offer you any guidance. I wouldn't apply again." How cold is that? Now I am stigmatized at work as the pothead cop. What am I suppose to do now? I lost a job I had worked extremely hard for. Now I have to spend hundreds of dollars for an independent test that won't be accepted by the ISP. It almost ruined my marriage.

false positive

Did you know that anti inflammatories can cause false positives for THC

i read that there r over 250

i read that there r over 250 over the counter & prescription meds that cause false positives not 2 mention enviromental contamination that can cause false positives for hair tests also certain medical conditions like liver disease,kidney infections and certain antibiotics that cause u 2 test positive 4 cocaine & herion!!!!! people r loosing their children jobs & lives over this bs!!!!!!!!!!!

false positive test

I was brought in on a complaint that  I was smoking pot with my son and his friend (son of the complainant). The son had been arrested for sexual battery on a 14 year old girl, who lived across the street from me. There was a no contact pre-trial order in place. I saw the defendant at the girl's bus stop and again near her house as she walked home. I wrote a report and submitted a warrant for his arrest. This complaint was brought about a week later.

I was told that I could submit to a drug test to clear this incident, which I did without reservations. The drug test should positive not for marijuana but cocaine. At no time have I ever ingested, inhaled, injected, nor by any other method put cocaine, or any other illicit drug or substance, in my body. After which I was fired. Now my certification is in jeopardy. I've been a Law Enforcement Officer for 20 years, 10 months with no history of any illegal activity. 

Has anyone ever heard of

Has anyone ever heard of something that might cause a false positive drug test for propoxyphene?

False positive

There is nothing out there over the counter that would cause a false positive for propoxyphene. There are

only two drugs that have that in it, Darvon-N or Darvon, and they both have to be filled by prescription.

borden's picture

You need to read more about

You need to read more about this. Some of the drug tests generate false positives for illicit drugs from mere exposure to air.

Set Up by employers.......

I suprized that nobody has mentioned of being set up at work by others offering you food or dink that is laced. I did a check on myself and came up positive for PCP I don't do drugs.. Now they have retested me I will wait to see the results.... I don't do any drugs at all ... Better be a clean test.....................

false positives

i recently got a great job offer pending my drug test.this for the 1st time i've ever had t do a hair follicle test.surprisingly it came back positive for cocaine.i literally caught a panic attack,the manager stated they never had that happen before while the lab is telling me they are 100%positive.i immediately thought they switched my hair with someone else but now reading these comments from others its even more disturbing.of course i paid for my own hair test and am awaiting the results.

Costly False Positive

In the course of a custody battle, I had a hair follicle test come back positive for cocaine at a ridiculously high level that would seemingly indicate regular (practically daily) usage. I have never done nor would I ever do cocaine. This false positive was used against me to suspend visitation with my children for a year and has stigmatized me ever since. I took my own, independent hair test a few weeks after that initial test and it came back negative. I was ordered to take yet another test within the 90 day period (which should have also detected anything in the timeframe that the original false positive would have reported) which also came back negative, which even an alcohol and drug counselor said had to prove that the first test was a false positive. Nonetheless, it's a black mark on my reputation that I now have to live with indefinitely. I can't believe all the stories here similar to mine.

I want to fight back they are

I want to fight back they are corrupt 4793583628. Look up senetor Nancy Shaffer she sums it up well before she was murdered

false positive for THC

Got a job after being laid off for a year, had to take a hair test...it came back positive for thc. They claim higher than second hand but
they have yet to give me results.
I did make a stink. I have not smoked pot in years! They would not take my list of precrip drugs or my list of vit and over the counter meds.
I talked with my doc and he said he thought this was bad medicine.

when I went for retest the lady said my hairs were to short, she called phyconeics....they said it was ok but could cause a false positive.
Of cource as soon as I wanted that in writing everyone said no. Also told my employeer....he said he needed a cert with clean on it
it did not matter to him......told him he is using a bad lab!!!!

Took a retest that I had to pay for and I am waiting for that.....

Was hard to believe until I saw this page. FALSE POSITIVE "COCAI

Been out of work for 9 months now, moved back home and finally found a promosing gigg until about an hour ago. I got a call from a doctor stating to me that I tested positive for "COCAINE" never used the stuff, can't afford it from what I have heard and I called the manager to tell him that this couldn't be true because the only thing I use is my high blood pressure meds and that is it.
The emp;oyer said let me talk to someone, which seems like a blow off, but lets see if we can work something out. This mess is crazy with all ths false positive stuff.
Do they understand that they are messing with peoples lively hoods here. Man I hope that they can see through this.

false positive

it was a hair test

Hair Tested positive for cocaine?

I just got the results from a hair test for my dream job, and it came back positive for cocaine.
I don't use drugs, but I have been taking Accutrim to loose weight.
I cannot believe this. I am so depressed. I have been out of work for a long time, and this has devistated me beyond belief. I was so sure I was getting the job, but.....

False Positives

I am an opiate addict in recovery for many years now. Yesterday I was in to see my doctor for my regular urinanalysis as I have been taking Suboxone to help with pain management as I injured my back a couple years ago and cannot safely take any other type of pain med. Why he waited until now to tell me, is beyond me. But he stated "this is what some like to call a Jesus moment"...and then proceeded to tell me I have tested positive for Marijuana several times over the past year and a couple times for COKE!! And a couple times for amphetamines and opiates. Unfortuantely as opiates WERE my drug of choice..I don't have much leg to stand on to argue that. But I havn't used opiates except for one relapse in the last year that I admitted too {but previously had several years of clean time} and I have not touched Marijuana in over 8 years! I have tried coke two times in my life..over 5 years ago. I have never taken amphetamines until recently prescribed to me by this same doctor for a sleep disorder I am dealing with..{which leads me to another question: why would he prescribe adderall to me if I tested positive a few months ago-therefore seemingly abusing it as I certainly was never prescribed this until now? Why would any doctor prescribe this if a test looked like I had a problem with this drug?} I have never taken Benzo's other than a one time prescription about 3 years ago after the murder of my infant nephew..when the script was gone {after 30 days}..that was it. I am doing much research and have given this doctor a list of all OTC and prescribed {to me} meds I have ingested over the last year and hoping he will help me figure this out! I also am going to pay out of pocket for at home drug tests and bring them to my next appointment to have the nurse winess the test performed and compare the results with their lab results {which get tested by some lab of which I don't know the name or location}..but clearly someone is screwing up BIGTIME at this lab or it is my own medications causing this. I'm talking their have been over ten positive tests in the last year! My doctor told me that a false positive can happen but not this often!! He told me to stop and that clearly I am very sick and need help!!! I am with a counselor I still go to meetings and take my medications as prescribed! I do not associate with drug users and had a great job as a substance abuse counselor until some recent health problems got in the way..and deciding to take a leave of absence due to my relapse. My big question is WHY in the world would my doctor only be telliing me about these positive results NOW? And what in the world am I supposed to do about this other than fight tooth and nail with my honest words and bring my own tests to the doctor {which from all these emails from others make it look sound like the home tests are just as faulty!}. I have two children and could face losing them if my doctor chose to report this to DHS! I am extremely stressed and feel alone in this fight! I used to be the type of person that felt bad for the people who tried to deny so called "foolproof" drug test results! I would say: "How can they continue to deny this even after a test confirms it?" I agree with the folks who made the statement that this is ruining peoples lives! Nevermind the individual who is in recovery! For me this looks especailly bad as there was a time when I had a drug problem! But I have learned that lying about it only digs the 'hole' deeper and I would never again risk so much for a temporary "high"!! I am a good mother and my boyfriend and sister know that this is false but how to prove this to my doctor and anyone else that may come to question this??! Please help!!

Look up senetor Nancy Shaffer

Look up senetor Nancy Shaffer she summed up corruption of Dhs before she was killed. Weird bur true. Call 3793583628 fight back

Im a recovering alcoholic,

Im a recovering alcoholic, been of alcohol for 13month now, i recently had a hair strand test carried out to prove to the father of my 2 boys that im not depentant on alcohol, i wasnt worried about the result because i knew 100% that i haven't touched a drop in the past 13month, i was devasted when i did get my result it was 'POSITIVE', luckily for me my court case has been ajourned and im fortunate to have another test done, not by the same Lab. What worrys me now thou is that im scared incase the new one comes back POSITIVE, this result is so important to me because its the link between me getting to see my children, so they have my life in there hands, how unfair is that, if anyone can help me out there or if anyone is going through simuilar experiences, please,please email me. sharontrotter19@yahoomail.com. Thank you for reading this.

An injustice by the justice service!

I to have been wrongly accussed of taking Amphetamines, I found myself in a court room having everyone on the case accussing me of being an alcholic drug addict who is in denial, for something i hadn't even taken. They wanted me to lie on the Bible to tell them i'd taken things that i hadn't because my tests had come back showing Amphetamines. My children mean everything to me! WHY would i take a test to get my children and take drugs to destroy that from happening? The judge has seperated my children my 9 yr old daughter now lives with my parents & my 4 yr old daughter lives with her dad, who put me through 6 1/2 yrs of violence and control and manipulation. He is the one who should be punished, not my children. How can i prove my innoscents and get my children back with their mum where they belong?!

Look up senetor Nancy Shaffer

Look up senetor Nancy Shaffer she summed up corruption of Dhs before she was killed. Weird but true. Call 3793583628 fight backLook up senetor Nancy Shaffer she summed up corruption of Dhs before she was killed. Weird but true. Call 3793583628 fight back. She came up murdered while exposing child protective services

Look up senetor Nancy Shaffer

Look up senetor Nancy Shaffer she summed up corruption of Dhs before she was killed. Weird but true. Call 3793583628 fight backLook up senetor Nancy Shaffer she summed up corruption of Dhs before she was killed. Weird but true. Call 3793583628 fight back. She came up murdered while exposing child protective services

false positive

I take anti inflammatories meds and anxiety med every day and came up positive for marijuana so your prescription meds will cause you to fail a test. Always take your meds and mg and dr who prescribed so they can verify!

false positive hair drug test

i dont understand this is affecting alot good people. i just took a hair drug test and i tested positive for coke. i have never done coke in my life. my heart is broken and i am so confused. when the lab called me i wanted to grab that man through the phone and beat the hell out of him. im still in shock and have cried for the last pass four days. this has caused me to miss out on the job of my dreams. i have always heard bad things happen to good people...... i believe that now. may god bless all of us.

I have taken a drug test 2

I have taken a drug test 2 weeks ago and came up positive for cocaine and I to never ever did cocaine in my life or any other drug. I wanted to beat the shit out of the man as well. My job told me I could take another drug test which I had to pay 85 $ for. Im so pissed and havent stopped crying yet. Im currently waiting on the results of my retaken test now. Im even thinking about suing because not only is my job at stake, but this false positives are putting peoples lives at stake. And whats crazy is my brother smokes weed on a daily basis 24/7 365. Took a hair test and passed, I who have never done drugs in my life took a hair test and fails.

Why me????

I had my son taken away from me because of his abusive father, now my sons father is in jail and I have to go to numerous counseling appointments including getting drug tested every week. My drug evaluator just informed me that my drug test came up positive for cocaine and they are now doing a another test to see why it came back negative. I am so close to getting my son back and this kills me knowing I had a positive test for cocaine. The only thing I can think of is someone I didn't know put it in a drink or something a few days ago when i went out to the bar could this be true?? what should I do?? will the state prolong me from getting my son back even though I never touched cocaine?

in the last 2 months i shot

in the last 2 months i shot up meth. cps took my 7 month old daughter from me. 4 days later i had a urine drug test. it was negative for the 5 things they test for. amphetamines,methamphetamines, thc, cocaine and opiates. the next day they took a sample of my daughter's hair and the results came back positive for methamphetamines, amphetamines and morphine. i have never in my life done morphine. and i never smoked meth around my daughter. how do i prove this is not right? i think they are lying 

mother with the same story as yours

hi, my name is jeanette michales  and i would really like to talk to you seeing azs we both have the same story, except mine has ended with my oldest son living with his crack head father. y two middle children with thier phycotic grandmother and my youngest being put up for adoption after me doing meth far away from my children over the weekend and the took my kids and drug tested them,  My oldest son and my baby supposively tested positive with meth in thier hair follicles and the two middle children tested negative. They were always together because we did'nt allow anyone to babysit our boys except thier grandmother. And thier was no possible way for the boys to test positive. I was charged with felony child abuse and child neglect and was arrested just days after they took my boys. I sat in jail for 25 daysd before my bail was posted for something i did not do.While I was in jail................

possible reason for positive results in your baby

the reason they take your child's hair (in most instances) is to see what she may have been exposed to in utero. to see if you may have used while pregnant. most hair follicle test are very accurate up to one year and fairly accurate up to 3 years depending on the length of hair taken. the morphine is most likely something she was exposed to in labor if you received anything for pain, it would be an "opiate" which is actually what she tested positive for, because in drug screens you CAN NOT differentiate between, codeine, morphine, demerol or herion. so if you get a copy of her birth records that should appease them in that area.                                                                                                            as for the amphetamines(unless you have or had a prescription for adderall) and the methamphetamines there is very little evidence to show them you didn't use while pregnant. the only other way for her to get this in her system is if you breastfeed. most of these chemical can and will be passed through breastmilk. either way i wish you both the best of luck.keep your head up and stay strong. If you get clean you will have her back in no time.:)

Something Needs to be Done!

I am so sorry that everyone in this forum has experienced such a demeaning and unjust experience due to the lack of compassion by those who ruined many lives. Considering this is apparently an ongoing issue with false positives for drug screens, something needs to be done and soon. Surely there is a way to ban such tests or to refuse such tests based on the many accounts of false positives mentioned in this forum as well as in various other forums. What are we being subjected to? How can one test be sufficient enough to completely ruin a person's life? There is no telling what can happen to a specimen once it leaves your sight. For all we know, the people doing the testing in the labs are doped up and are contaminating our specimens.

I have to say that I have not yet tested false positive for a drug test. However, I am undergoing a messy custody case with my family and the GAL has required a hair follicle test. The Department of Family and Children Services are not involved in the case, and have deemed me a fit parent as well as the superior court judge who presided over my divorce. However, the GAL wants to be difficult and requires me to have a completely clear drug screen. She knows I take Adderall for ADHD and she knows it will show up in the test because I have to take it daily. How can she ask for a completely clean specimen? (Yes, Adderall does show up as Amphetamines). Now I am terrified that they are going to take my kids, my future will be flushed down the drain because I am going into criminal justice, and this is all because of a dispute I had with my folks. It's like my whole life and everything I have worked so hard for is hanging in the balance because of one test that can completely destroy me.

I know that I have to take the test, but I have to say that I am a lot more scared now after reading these posts than I was before. I already know that if my test shows up false positive, the court will have no mercy on me because my stepmother is friends with half the people in the courtroom due to her previous career as a police officer in that county (it's not paranoia, she told me from her own smirking lips).

So, the question I urge all of you to ask yourselves is what can we do to put an end to such false allegations in order to retain the life we have worked so hard for? I am sure the government knows the life-altering costs of false positive drug screens, and I am even more sure they know how common they are. Do you realize how many sites are out there now addressing these same issues? I cannot tell you how may I have run across: ways to pass a drug test, what to prepare for if you obtain a false positive, what drugs cause false positives, what information one should gather before testing in order to ensure fair results....etc. The lists are endless. Therefore, it is beyond a reasonable doubt that false positives are common and the consequences are known. So why hasn't the public spoken out against these tests? Why aren't there web sites or resources available when a person is accused of something so scandalous? We are talking about people's lives here. Not to mention the children who are affected when they are taken away from their parents after a false positive drug screen. It makes you wonder just how many broken families there are today because of one false positive test and the people who refuse to allow a retest.

I have some suggested reading with interesting information on drug tests, what to expect, and what is involved with false positives: http://www.drug-testing-solutions.net/ ; http://www.drugdetection.net/drug.htm ; http://www.erowid.org/psychoactives/testing/testing_info1.shtml ; http://www.wpxi.com/news/25370016/detail.html ; http://deltabravo.net/custody/drugtest.php. These are just a few of the web sites dedicated to providing information for those who have encountered problems with false positive drug tests, or who are about to take a drug test and are unsure about what to expect or what to do.

I suggest that anyone who has been requested to take a drug test brush up on as much reading as possible in order to become aware of what is involved with drug testing. Although many tests result in happy endings, there are always those few who become victimized by what was thought to be the most reliable and trustworthy method for determining drug abuse.

Naturally, people may think these testimonies listed in this forum, and many others, are those of people who are in denial of their drug habits. For those of you who think this way, I hope you never encounter the difficulties many of these people have faced. I also hope you can continue to think this way. However, what happens if you wake up one morning, go to work, and are presented with a random drug screen? Of coarse you are not worried, why should you be, you don't take drugs. Now, imagine that the test results indicate you have abused some sort of illicit drug...now, what are your thoughts? What will you lose for something you did not do?

 This can happen, and it does happen. Not to mention it is happening more and more frequently. Wouldn't you like to be prepared? Again, I suggest gathering as much knowledge as possible regarding the issues of false positives. I also suggest that something be done to ensure the safety of everyone who is subjected to take a drug test. There has to be a more secure way of submitting a drug test without the worries of being condemned. Any suggestions?

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