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Rand Paul Files Medical Marijuana Amendment

US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) today filed an amendment to Senate Bill 2569, the "Bring Jobs Home Act," that would explicitly allow states to pass medical marijuana laws despite the provisions of the federal Controlled Substances Act. The amendment would also bar prosecutions of patients and doctors for engaging in medical marijuana activities in states where it is legal.

Rand Paul (
The amendment, No. 3630, is not yet available on the congressional web site, but a copy has been made available to the Chronicle.

"Notwithstanding section 708 of the Controlled Substances Act or any provisions of law (including regulations), a State may enact and implement a law that authorizes the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of marijuana for medical use," the amendment says.

"No prosecution may be commenced or maintained against any physician or patient for a violation of Federal law (including regulations) that prohibits the conduct described in subsection (b) [Ed.: The paragraph above.] if the State in which the violation occurred has in effect a law described in subsection (b) before, on, or after the date on which the violation occurred."

The amendment then lists the 32 states and the District of Columbia that have laws allowing for the use of medical marijuana, including some that only allow for the use of low-THC, high-CBD cannabis oils.

Senate Bill 2569 was introduced in the Senate earlier this month.

Washington, DC
United States
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Rand Paul offers best the choice for reformers

Rand Paul is one of the few Republicans to reach out to minorities and address the racial disparity in the enforcement of our drug laws. Of the major GOP contenders for 2016, he stands alone among drug war hypocrites such as Governors Chris Christie or Rick Perry. If Paul survives what will certainly be a tough GOP primary, and were to face Hilary Clinton, he offers a much more substantive approach to reform the drug laws.

Clinton has been asked directly about how she would if elected President, handle the legalization situation in Colorado and Washington. She gave her typical wishy-washy "I"'ll-have-to-wait-and-see" attitude. She left herself enough wiggle room to go either way without commenting on the injustice or fairness of the law. She is an extremely cautious politician who would be slow to follow the public's growing sentiment toward legalization. Paul on the hand, acknowledges the racial disparity along with the wastefulness of enforcing prohibition. He has demonstrated to have true conviction and a determination to address the issue. This contrast between these two potential presidential hopefuls has to be publicized and reported by the mainstream media if Paul is to have any chance of upsetting candidate Hilary.

Hillary is no progressive

I agree with your general assessment of the two candidates.  It poses a dilemna for me and progressives like me.  I think I would rather join an end-of-the-world cult before voting for a Republican for president.  The Republicans are openly and actively evil, and engaged in a war against America.  They might "love America" but they sure hate Americans!  But the Democrats, on the other hand, are mostly a bunch of pussies who can't wait to sell out.  (There is an article on Huffington Post about Hillary which compares Republicans as abusive fathers and Democrats as co-dependent battered wives, enablers, who don't protect their kids from the abusive father.  Who is the kid going to blame later when they finally get their head straight?  In some ways, the mother.  We knew the father was evil, but we depended on the mother to protect us, and she did not.  I voted for Obama twice, and I'm really glad I did.  (That's once per election, by the way!)  The Democrats must stop Hillary now, and provide a real progressive, preferably a woman, or we are going to lose to Ron Paul, or worse, lose to Christy, who is just exactly the kind of monster I'm talking about.  If Hillary ever had a genuine passion for justice and good governance, she sold that out so many times, and long ago.

Dems should just drop the

Dems should just drop the "progressive" term and be honest about where they want to progress to, a socialist society. Talk about a war against America!  Statists of both parties are eroding away our freedom, the dems are just making a bit more "progress".

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Agreed. I supported Ron Paul in the '08 election and assumed Rand was a sort of mini-Ron. I even defended him through the Civil Rights Act stuff, thinking he was doing his dad's let's-talk-philosophical thing. ramo

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