TRUTH 08 CAMPAIGN — Overview

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The only way to change policy is to spread the word about prohibition’s harmful consequences — you can help.

The TRUTH 08 CAMPAIGN is a fundraising drive for a multi-pronged strategy from to educate, reach out and build the drug policy reform momentum by:

  1. Growing our website resources so more people can gain access to all the information they need about the drug war in ONE place. is now visited by over 170,000 people most months. We must grow our infrastructure to handle the increasing traffic and major-event news days.

  2. Incubating important new campaigns to stop the reckless SWAT raids, to repeal bad drug penalties in welfare and housing law, and for justice reform based on views expressed by President-ElectBarack Obama, and we are reaching out to expand the set of supporters for drug policy reform.

  3. Designing the next major stage of our web site, where we will publish many different kinds of information in addition to the weekly news we already offer. The result will be literally hundreds of next sections dealing with every area of drug policy and every country and state!

  4. Demonstrating to the media how important it is to talk about the role of prohibition in their articles about the drug war, through a one-week demonstration project in January 2009 in which we'll rewrite every English-language news story about drugs that we can find on Google News. Because prohibition does more harm than good!

If you are not already on our email list, please take a moment to sign up so you can receive updates and news about the TRUTH 08 CAMPAIGN — it’s going to be an exciting year!

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