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Our chance to win!

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For too long the medical marijuana movement has been forced into a defensive position, constantly pushing back against law enforcement and unjust legislation. Our movement has been so busy fighting what we don’t want, we haven’t had the time to fight for what we need. That ends today.

Our movement has come to a crossroads. For the first time we have a political climate that is ripe for this victory, but without your support we’ll miss this historic opportunity. We will be forced back to treading water, back to spending our time and resources fighting state-by-state, city-by-city, and case-by-case. This is our chance to end all of that. This is our chance to win.

ASA has always known that the best way to win—the only way to win—is with you at the helm. When we have your voice, your story, your fervent commitment to safe access with us in Washington, DC, we stand 400,000 strong against our opponents - and we stand to win!.  

We have always tried to make membership easy for you, and today we’re going to try and make it fun. If you donate $50 in January, we’ll send you an ASA t-shirt. Donate $100 and we’ll send you that t-shirt and a DVD of the groundbreaking documentary, Waiting to Inhale. Contribute $150 and we’ll send you an ASA hoodie, the DVD and our unending gratitude. 

We need your membership to win, plain and simple. We know that, so we’re giving some incentives for joining this month only. We know that $150 is a lot of money for you, but it’s a lot of money for us too. If you can agree to donate it, I promise we’ll put it to good use right away.

As always, we couldn’t do this work without you!

Steph Sherer

To check out these exciting incentives, click here to donate, and then click here to see the t-shirts and hoodies.

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