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Drug Truth Network 01/10/11

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Cultural Baggage * Century of Lies * 4:20 Drug War NEWS  *  Time 4 Hemp

Cultural Baggage for  01/09/11 29:00  Froma Harrop, nationally syndicated columnist


TRANSCRIPT:  Monday Late

Century of Lies for  01/09/11  29:00 Russ Jones, w/40 years experience in law enforcement speaks to Rotary Club on behalf of Drug Policy Forum of Texas and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition



4:20 Drug War NEWS, 01/10 to 01/16/11  Link at on the right margin -

Sun - Froma Harrop, 3/3

Sat - Russ Jones of LEAP 3/3

Fri - Froma Harrop, nationally syndicated journalist 2/3 Thu - Russ Jones speaks to San Antonio Rotary club 2/3 Wed - Froma Harrop, syndicated columnist 1/3 Tue - Russ Jones speaks to San Antonio Rotary club 1/3 Mon - Mary Jane Borden of Drug War Facts: "What is NAOMI?"

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Who's Next?":  Robert Platshorn, author "Black Tuna Diaries"

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