LEAP's Dispatches from the Front Line...October 2010

                    October 2010: Special Edition on California's Proposition 19

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Dear friends:

We are witnessing a truly pivotal moment in drug policy reform. In just a few short weeks, California voters will have the opportunity to vote for Proposition 19: The Regulate, Tax and Control Cannabis Act of 2010. Prop 19 will put police priorities back where they belong by allowing law enforcers to do their jobs more effectively, ending the arrest of nonviolent marijuana users and making the streets safer for everyone. Whether you are a resident of California or not, Prop 19 affects all of us. The passage of this initiative would be a major victory for the drug policy movement and will impact every state, laying the groundwork for future reform and serving as a model for legalized regulation. 

LEAP’s speakers, particularly those based in California, have been hard at work to support Prop 19. On  September 13, LEAP held a press conference, which received significant media coverage, to announce our endorsement of the initiative. Since then, our speakers have been in high demand in the national and local California press to discuss Prop 19 from a law enforcement perspective. LEAP has also partnered with the Just Say Now campaign calling on President Obama to join the debate about legalizing and regulating marijuana. To make your voice heard, please sign the petition here.

As Election Day draws closer, Proposition 19 has a majority of support in the polls, but the vote will be close. If you are a resident of California, please VOTE, and remind everyone you know to vote. Today, October 18, is the deadline for voter registration in California.

LEAP is at the forefront of drug policy reform, and our speakers have a credibility that cannot be ignored. Your genorosity sustains our work. To make a contribution to LEAP, please click here

Read on for more about what our speakers have been doing in support of Proposition 19…

LEAP Staff


Neill Franklin, Kyle Kazan and Judge Jim Gray on CNN

Retired Maryland State Police Major and executive director of LEAP Neill Franklin, former Torrance, CA police officer Kyle Kazan, and retired Orange County Superior Court Judge James Gray appeared on CNN to discuss the urgent need for legalization and regulation.


Joseph McNamara and Norm Stamper on CBS Evening News and Fox News Channel

Former San Jose, California Police Chief Joseph McNamara and former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper – who spent 28 years of his law enforcement career with the San Diego Police Department – appeared on CBS Evening News in support of Proposition 19.

Chief McNamara also appeared on Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends to talk about why it’s time to legalize marijuana. 


Stephen Downing on MSNBC

Retired Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Stephen Downing presents the case for legalization on MSNBC.


LEAP in the News in California


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Our speakers have been making waves in the local California media, and as election day approaches, LEAP's visibility continues to increase. Among the many news features on LEAP were Leo Laurence, a former deputy sheriff, recently featured on NBC News 11 as he spoke to students at Imperial Valley College in Imperial, CA, and former Sutter County, CA deputy sheriff Nate Bradley appearing on CBS 5 News.  

To view more videos featuring LEAP speakers, please visit our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/copssaylegalizedrugs


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