Help Legalize Marijuana in CA

Call California voters today and urge them to vote "Yes" on Prop. 19.

Dear friends,

We're closer than ever to winning the fight against marijuana prohibition.

On November 2nd, Californians will vote on Proposition 19, which would legalize personal possession of marijuana for adults and allow cities and counties to regulate its sale.

Right now, polls indicate that Prop. 19 has a good chance of passing. But the fight is so close that voter turnout will make all the difference. That's why we need you to call California mail-in voters today and urge them to vote "Yes" on Prop. 19.

California has a long history of setting legal precedents that other states follow. That means that even though you live in District of Columbia, Prop. 19 is a big deal. If marijuana is legalized in California, there's a better chance it will be legalized in District of Columbia.

The battle is close, and to end decades of failed marijuana prohibition we need to make sure Californians vote.Click here to make a few calls today and bring us to victory on November 2nd!

Even if you've never called voters before, our friends at the Yes on 19 campaign created a tool that makes it easy. Just click here to sign up to their phonebank. After you do, you'll be given the number of a mail-in voter and a script that will guide you through the process.

We have a real chance at getting marijuana legalized in California. Your help today is crucial in making it happen.


Stephen Gutwillig
State Director, California
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