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Let's Celebrate Our Progess

Dear friends,

Over 3,392,000 voters, perhaps including you, expressed their disapproval of the current system of criminalization and their support for legalization.  They expressed hope for a safer, more rational society where a personal choice is treated as a freedom, not a crime.

The “L” word, “legalization”, has become acceptable.  You saw and heard a public debate the likes of which has never occurred in California, or in the nation.  It became respectable and normal to discuss legalization.

This time we didn’t win.  But we will. 

The local and national media coverage of Prop 19 was extensive.  And it featured and highlighted LEAP speakers, especially Joseph McNamara, Stephen Downing and Jim Gray, who appeared on television commercials, public service announcements, radio interviews, blogs, and in newspaper articles and columns.  LEAP speakers Russ Jones, Kyle Kazan, Nate Bradley and Diane Goldstein made appearances that drove the message of legalization home. 
LEAP was anywhere people wanted us to be--in other words, we were everywhere.  You can count on us to be present wherever legalization is up for debate.

Our presence reflected your support of Prop 19, and your support of LEAP.

We knew that win or lose, our involvement would continue.  If it won, the federal and state government would make every effort to stop, challenge and otherwise drag down its implementation. We look forward to crossing that bridge.

We are proud that Prop 19 achieved what it did with LEAP speakers’ support, and are confident that it would have achieved significantly fewer votes without us.

It just means that we have work to do between now and 2012.  And believe me, there will be an initiative in 2012.  And with your support, it will win.

Thank you again for your support of LEAP and Prop 19.  Your donation will help us continue to fight for the cause.


Major Neill Franklin—Retired
Executive Director

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We need help growing our all-encompassing movement of citizens who want to end the failed "war on drugs," so please invite your family and friends to learn about LEAP.


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