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Dear friends,

Today is the final day of D.A.R.E.'s annual conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.  And they are mad.  They're losing the drug war, and they are grasping at anything to stop our progress. 

As the only drug policy reform organization representing students and youth, SSDP is directly countering the propaganda machine at D.A.R.E.  We're advocating for alternative drug education and prevention programs based on science and compassion, not a rabid ideology.  

In order to keep fighting their propaganda, we need your support.  Can you help us bring more students to our 2011 SSDP International Conference by making a contribution now?  

Unlike the D.A.R.E. conference, where attendees spend upwards of $800 on a single registration fee, we raise funds year-round for our conference scholarship fund, to help cover the travel and lodging costs of students from around the world.  Will you D.A.R.E. to make a donation to SSDP's scholarship fund that will go directly to students?  (Don't worry, we won't spend it on a custom painted Mustang sports cars or lion costumes, like D.A.R.E. does with your tax dollars.)  

Help us make SSDP's 2011 International Conference bigger and better than D.A.R.E.'s by making a donation online RIGHT NOW!


Jonathan Perri

Associate Director

Students for Sensible Drug Policy


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