He was in a wheelchair!

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Dear friends,

Don't let San Diego's district attorney get away with hurting medical marijuana patients!

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You won’t believe what’s happening on your dime!

San Diego law enforcement called in the DEA this month to assist with SWAT-style raids of 14 medical marijuana dispensaries.  Local and federal authorities arrested dozens of people and physically accosted at least one patient.  We have to stop the district attorney behind this persecution campaign!

News footage even shows local police pulling a handcuffed patient out of his wheelchair. 

Sign the petition calling for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown to rein in the district attorney who orchestrated the raids.

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has long defied California's medical marijuana law.  Now she's using federal resources to crack down on dispensaries and aid her re-election campaign.

Don’t let a rogue prosecutor and the DEA use any more of your tax dollars to hurt patients and harass the people who provide their medicine.  Join me in urging the governor and attorney general to hold Dumanis accountable.


Bill Piper
Director, Office of National Affairs
Drug Policy Alliance Network


San Diego, CA
United States

I believe, according to my

I believe, according to my sister, that San Diego is known as the bible belt of California. We all know that a majority of self professed christains, hate anyone who uses drugs for any reason. Unless a real Doctor writes you a spript. I believe that these self professed religious folks are the true spawn of satan. They hate science, they believe in myths, and use their religion to hate and discriminate. As my dad told me about 65 years ago,"if a person tells you he/she is a christain, grab your pocketbook, and run like hell. If they prove that they are christian, you can leave your pocketbook with them, and it will draw interest. Have never ever found this to be wrong. So when someone declaes that they are a christain, watch you ass. They will lie and cheat to get their way.

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