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You Can Make a Difference


Tell the drug czar to make good on his promise to banish the war on drugs.

Fax the drug czar.

Reading yesterday's Wall Street Journal, my jaw dropped. President Obama's drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske, "wants to banish the idea that the U.S. is fighting 'a war on drugs.'"

I want to believe, but I'm skeptical. Aren't you?

If you're like me, you're wary of politicians, especially those at the helm of the drug war.

But Kerlikowske is the first drug czar to acknowledge what you and I already know: the war on drugs is actually a war on people. This is a significant opening. So let's send the drug czar a message: give us results that live up to your promises.

I was just on Capitol Hill yesterday and listened as Attorney General Eric Holder called for reforming the unfair sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine.

This means the nation's top two drug war officials are both talking about reform. They now have an amazing opportunity to stop the self-censorship that has kept us from having a vigorous national debate on drug policy.

It's your dedicated efforts that have gotten us this far. Your letters, your faxes, your emails and phone calls... they're making a difference. We have started to shift the drug war paradigm.

But Kerlikowske needs to make good on his statements to the press. Until we see demonstrable results, we're not going to let up for even a moment. Real human lives hang in the balance.

You and I deserve a government that tells us the truth -- we won't settle for empty promises. Take action today to demand a real end to the war on drugs.

Thoughtfully yours,

Bill Piper
Director, Office of National Affairs
Drug Policy Alliance Network

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