Press Release: Medical Marijuana Passes House Civil Justice Committee Without Dissent

MARCH 11, 2009

Medical Marijuana Passes House Civil Justice Committee Without Dissent

CONTACT: Former Rep. Chris DeLaForest (R-Andover)......................................................(763) 439-1178

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA -- The House version of Minnesota's medical marijuana bill passed the House Civil Justice Committee this morning in a voice vote with no dissenting votes. The vote came after powerful testimony from Joni Whiting, whose adult daughter's suffering was relieved by medical marijuana while she was undergoing treatment for the melanoma that eventually took her life.

    "It really feels like the momentum is building and this is the year we're going to get this done," said Sen. Steve Murphy (DFL-Red Wing), sponsor of the Senate version of the bill. "One-quarter of the country now protects medical marijuana patients from arrest, and there is simply no reason to use Minnesota's police resources to arrest the sick for trying to relieve their suffering."

    A previous version of the bill passed the Senate and every House committee in the 2007-2008 session, but was never brought up for a vote on the House floor.

    Thirteen states, comprising approximately one-quarter of the U.S. population, now permit medical use of marijuana under state law if a physician has recommended it. The newest such law was enacted by Michigan voters last November, passing with a record-setting 63 percent "yes" vote. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder reaffirmed on Feb. 25 that the Obama administration intends to pursue a policy of non-interference with these state laws. A number of other states are considering medical marijuana legislation this year, including New Jersey, Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire.


St. Paul, MN
United States

Panic, anxiety and sleep disorders

Layin down the law,

Due to lack of a good Dr. and current laws, I drank beer and hard stuff for years... self medication as it were. Over a period of time I became addicted. Duh... The alcohol DID help with the disorders but the side affects were'nt worth the cure. The alcohol did help with the panic/anxiety/sleep, but it also had several horrible side affects. The usual... hang-overs, feelling like crap plus the risk of alcohol poisoning if over used. Not to mention if intake exceeded 2 or 3 mixed drinks, my mood changed to obnoxious. I NEVER risked OD'ing on pot. Any anxiety I felt from the intake was due purely to the "risk" factors.... you know... jail, fines, loosing your car or home or other properties. Without these "risk" the only downside was the short term memory loss, you can't OD.

I was a student at 25 and had a 3.4 gpa while actively using. I stopped for my final two years and went back to the old reliable.... 2-3 beers x 2-3 times a week. Always seemed to lead to the occational binge at a party one weekend night a month(at least). Surprisingly my gpa during my alcohol/no smoke went to 3.8. My true friends at this time would also tell me I was a royal prick to be around. I guess 3-5 hours sleep a night will do that over time. Wow, I went from a 92 avg to a 97 avg.

I've heard many a drunk tale of the man coming home from a binge and fighting with his spouse over drinking. Never heard of a man coming home from a toke or three and a movie at a buds home to be abusive to his wife. I've never abused mine with or with out but have heard MANY tales and seen the jails. Usually I just raided the fridge when smokin'.(I weighed 180 then)

I'm 51 now and wish pot was legal. I FINALLY found a Dr not affraid to give me the meds I need to replace this simple plant. My monthly meds for panic,anxiety, and sleep disorder(I'm 6ft and weigh 150 wet now) run me about $640.00 monthly WITH insuance. If I could grow my own in my back yard the cost would be about the same as my landscaping cost(I do my own on 2 acres). Year round cost for my own use would be about $500 yearly for heat,lighting and watering system. But what would the Med peeps do?!?!? How many Dr's would loose 1/2 of their business and the pharmacys too?
No Drs(I see 3), no Pharm.... They got me on 5 diff meds

Make marijuana legal?!?!?!?! When the Govt can't tax it? No money for fines, fees, classes and your car and home if you grow your own(2 or 3 plants) But until they find a way to tax what the current "taxes" are,,,, fines, fees, classes, autos and homes... pretty hard to beat!

Get real peeps.... it's a money game. There is ZERO money in a tax on something you can grow for free in your own home or yard. Where is the tax on something you don't sell, you only use personally or with a friend or two the way you can alcohol now?

You can make up to 300 gal of beer for your own consumption with no tax. No one goes thru the trouble unless they want a different tasting beer or a little stonger beer. But pop a fee seeds in the ground and dump cow manure on it...
Keep it watered.... trim like your shrubs...please.


Peace! OuT

And no.... if I could grow my own I would smoke/cook it for BOTH medicinal AND recreational use.
No bullchit here, it WOULD help me medically, BUT it would put JD outta business on this end(OHHH NO!).

Some will abuse, but that is beside the point

My father has lupus and severe arthritis. He has been prescribed every pain medication known to man, and these drugs have turned a wonderful father, brilliant teacher, and well respected community member into a very sad, pitiful human being. Sustained use of these drugs has damaged his nerves, memory, verbal skills, social life...etc. He tried marijuana for a time but was afraid of the repercussions and stopped even though he functioned on a much higher level (no pun intended) with a joint or two during the day. He is now a novice chemist, always seeking pills - and so out of control that he is in and out of the hospital dozens of times a year - not for his lupus, but simply to detox. It is a nightmare and I feel nothing but anger towards those who - for some misplaced sense of self-righteousness - feel that marijuana should stay illegal. If you think marijuana is such a terrible thing, you should see what big pharma is capable of.

Yes, some will abuse medical marijuana, but that is beside the point. Laws have not stopped the black market of marijuana in any significant way. Ask any honest teenager how hard it is to obtain. Many individuals currently abuse prescription drugs. It can't be controlled anyway, and the war on drugs (marijuana specifically) is nothing less than a total waste of my tax dollars.I can't believe people are imprisoned for using marijuana, even recreationally. For the amount of money it costs to keep one pothead in prison for a year, our government could be putting someone through college. I'm not some hippie freak - I know that marijuana comes with its own health risks, but they are far less serious than those that come with some of the pain medications my father has slowly become addicted to. The opponents to current medical marijuana legislation need to smoke themselves some logic, ethics, and commonsense reason. All of you who oppose this bill...I hope you have the great joy of experiencing what I have. I hope you see a loved one perish slowly from some horrible, debilitating disease; I hope it destroys your family.

whats the difference...

between this and Vicodin, Percocet, Xanex, Codene, Oxycotin, etc... oh yeah I know it doesn't allow big pharma to make money. I mean really everyone knows the arguments about recreational use, but my god how can you honestly say any other medication isn't abused, does that mean we need to outlaw all pain meds? the longer I live the more I am convinced that the real reason people have such a hard time with it is there is no commercial with some happy people strolling by a lake with soft music playing telling you to ask your doctor about this. just dumb...

about time MN

damn for real. about time now all the other states that have yet to legalize it need to follow suite and do it for fracks sake. i mean hell hasve u ever heard of any1 dying from smoking pot? or has any1 ever sold all that they own for a bag of weed? no. or has any1 ever killed some one else cuz they were high? and it's really hard to overdose on it also. unless u smoke a lot at 1 time

In response to "Reply to "LOL" "

I couldn't agree more or have said it better myself. It's so nice to know there are a few genuine thinking, feeling, human beings left on this planet. Kudos to you Anonymous and your response!

Finally some sense!

Happy to know at least somewhere in the world there are people who have common sense!

Reply To "LOL"

People suffering and dying isn't a game. There's nothing recreational in treating a cancer patient. You obviously haven't seen a loved one die from cancer, or suffer the pain of glaucoma, but I have. If I were you, I wouldn't be asking fate to provide you with the personal examples you so desperately need to grow as a human being. You apparently aren't ready!


Can you honestly look inside yourself and say that your primary motivation for legalizing the use of marijuana isn't recreational?
The only thing worse than a liar is someone who believes their own propaganda.

med. marijuana

YES! I had a brain tumor the size of an orange, resection only removed %85(17 hour surgery and 2 years recovery!!!!), I have been searching for something other than radiation to shrink it. If research shows marijuana shrinks tumors, I want to try something other than radiation! Radiation can causes tumors, and further impairment to body functions) I do not want to go thru another surgery, the side effects caused trouble walking and I have limited use of left arm. Fluid on my brain caused issues with stress too. I already have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.


I chalk your cynicism up to ignorance. I used to be that way too. That was BEFORE my life changed. One day, all of a sudden, my life changed.
I used to dance. I used to laugh. I used to be free. And at 28 years old, I could say with pride that I have NEVER DONE DRUGS.
I had a very strong conviction that I would never do so. But everything about my life has changed, every day I wake up in pain. And every moment of every day I live with pain.
I spend hours at a time in the bathtub because heat helps. I bring a heating pad, and a pillow with me everywhere I go- and I no longer go out often. I used to be the most social person and hopeful Christian most people knew.
For the 1st year after this "Chronic Pain" began I saught after a cure, a reason, or at least some kind of relief. But there isn't any hope for me. I've been to a countless number of Drs, Pain Clinics, and seen every Dr in Rochester Mayo that could have any insight whatsoever into my pain, and done every test they could think of. What they told me at the end of all that is "We've done everything we could think of, and we have no idea. If it gets worse, come back. Otherwise, goodluck."
Everywhere I've been since has said the same. I live with no hope, and I am, now, more miserable than I ever thought I could be.

You people who look down your nose at those who try to legalize marijuana for medical purposes have NO IDEA what life with LIFELONG PAIN and NO HOPE is like.

And you people who think it's just a joyride for those with the permission to use it- you have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

I would choose to NEVER TOUCH DRUGS if only to have this pain leave my body. I don't have that luxury. Laugh it up you ignorant stupid people. You have that luxury.

where do you get off!

Yes, the sick and dying in pain can look inside themselves and say man I really wish I could die a little more comfortably. Although, you obviously love the sound of your own voice enough to only say two lines and think you've said something. The fact is people are helped greatly by marijuana; it has medicinal purposes (side note: so does cocaine.) The drug war is a drain on our economy. Check week of march 7th issue. "How to Stop the Drug Wars." Also the fact that you use the word propaganda to describe this bill suggests that you are truly clueless as to how the world works. The only way this bill is going to get passed is if people can find something to identify with (i.e. Joni whiting's testimony.) The only propaganda I see in this whole debate comes from tight assed conservatives who have been lead around by the dick to believe that recreational use of marijuana is a horrible thing.
"The only thing worse than a liar is someone who believes their own propaganda."
1.) whose the liars here?
2.) which part is "their propaganda?"

The only thing worse than ignorance is having your head so far up your ass that your head sits back on your shoulders.

tits or gtfo

tits or gtfo


I can absolutely look into my heart of hearts and tell you that my primary motivation is pain relief. My doctor at MAPS wants to implant a device that will shoot narcotics straight into my injury site, or prescribe a transdermal patch that could fail catastrophically and overdose me, which means dear reader that I would no longer experience pain, but, oh yeah, I wouldn't be breathing anymore, either. It seems pretty simple to me: a few tokes, a couple of ibuprofen and I'm squared away. All of this I could do in the privacy of my own home without harming anyone else. By the way, it costs me very little compared to what it costs for Oxycontin. Let's see, you cannot overdose from Marijuana, either, but if I stop taking the Oxycontin's, I have nightmares, cold sweats, nausea, vomiting, and those wonderful hallucinations that make me think that spiders are crawling from my bone marrow: No down side there, huh? For goodness' sake, get real!!! The only reason that they want to keep Marijuana away from the patients with terminal and chronic conditions is so that the doctors, drug companies, law enforcement, and attorneys can fill their pockets with our hard earned cash. Think for yourself!


If you are OK with passing judgment on the sick and dying, then that is your issue. Most sane, rational people choose to be compassionate and allow them the dignity to pursue whatever treatment they and their doctor deem appropriate. As someone with a dibilitating disease who would benefit from this legislation, I am appalled at the lack of sympathy some people exhibit. I'm also amazed that "family values" groups would choose to protest this compassionate legislation. Last I heard, sick people are still a part of the family. This legislation is very restricted in who can obtain a doctor's recommendation, and who can grow the medicine. Most people choose to spout off without even reading the legislation.
Tim Pawlenty should take this opportunity to side with the people of Minnesota, as there is a majority that approves of medical marijuana. These transparent attempts to further his own career politically by siding with far-right agendas will not get him re-elected.


Can you honestly look inside yourself and say that you have ANY LEG TO STAND ON to tell cancer and HIV sufferers what drugs they can use for their pain and to restore their appetite?

Is preventing people from smoking herbal cigarettes enough excuse to require people with glaucoma to go blind?

If so, I have to ask you what the hell is wrong with your priorities.

Not to mention the obvious fact that what people want to do at home on their own time is none of your business. Get back to the dark ages or move to Utah or something.

Reply to LOL

Have you honestly ever drank a beer or smoked a cig? if so GTFO and quit being a troll.


Dude that is like WAY cool!


Minnesota Medical Marijuana Reality.

If it makes it to a vote it will get vetoed anyway by Pawlenty, and i then would have to go to a house and senate vote to override the veto, with the session ending in April, the only way that can happen is in a special session, and guess who has to OK the special session? Yes you guessed it, Tim Pawlenty. So probably not going to happen while he is the Governor of Minnesota. Horrible man.

Contact Tim Pawlenty. Let him know where you stand. Be polite. Urge him to be compassionate.



is this really starting to happen?? about time

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