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LEAP on the Hill: Stories from the week of February 27, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Here is a non-typical response to one of my opeds. Brother Frosty gives me his space from time to time. Envision a world where suddenly millions of previously imprisoned blacks are on the streets, jobless and raping White women. Thanks a lot Frosty. I'll advocate better parenting over hoards of angry monkies. CPAC – the Conservative Political Action Conference: Every February for three days about 8-9,000 very conservative and energetic, young and old citizens gather to hear from their once and future leaders. This conference was my fourth and my, what a difference. In 2006 I was approached by about 40 persons and asked why cops want to legalize drugs. All but one disagreed with the LEAP message and I thought I was back in Texas in 1997. 2007 was better but not good. Last year, as a direct result of the Ron Paul Revolution, my shirt and message was overwhelmingly accepted WITH ENTHUSIASM! This year people were asking me how to help LEAP. What a change! A few stories to illustrate. I agree with your shirt: A member of George W. Bush’s (43) cabinet for many years was walking by and stopped to read my shirt. He/she said forcefully, “I agree with your shirt.” And walked out of my life. I gave myself a silent ‘high five.’ Bill Bennett walked by a while later, read the shirt and said nothing. Oh well. Lights, Camera, Action: Pajamas TV (do not laugh. They are important) was allowing attendees two minutes of time to present their issue and a course of action. The producer not only did not blink at my message, he agreed with LEAP. I must have passed the ‘audition’ because next week they are taping me for 20 minutes in a studio in DC. NOTE: I will let you know when & how to access the two segments once they are on line. God bless you and your work: A group of 6 college students asked me to sit with them at lunch & explain LEAP’s philosophy. 20 minutes later the person who invited me said my work was crucial and asked God to bless me and my work. May I say, THAT has never happened before. End the Drug War and legalize all drugs: At a breakout session I was able to ask if the panel agreed that the US could no longer afford financially Modern Prohibition. Two of three did not hesitate and backed ending the drug war and legalizing drugs. The third person would only say big changes needed to be made because it was not working. This is very close to what I said in the two minute clip on TV.----- WAR on DRUGS! How is that working for us America?...... Is it reducing our crime?..Is it helping Mexico stay peaceful? Is it keeping drugs and drug dealers away from your kids? As a police officer I helped spend a trillion, a trillion of your tax dollars to make America ‘Drug Free.’ The return on investment? Zero. Today drugs are cheaper, stronger and easier for our kids to buy than ever before. This has truly been a Bridge to Nowhere policy. Drug policy should follow these 6 conservative principles: 1. Individual Freedom - As David Keane said this week: “The modern conservative movement is based on a fundamental belief in the sanctity and freedom of the individual.” Amen! 2. Personal Responsibility 3. Property Rights – your body: not the government’s 4. Limited Governmentt –stay out of my house, Leave Me Alone 5. Cost effective government 6. States Rights Now envision an America where there are no drug dealers on sidewalks selling drugs, and destroying neighborhoods. Imagine a world where all drugs are sold in a state-regulated store by a clerk making 12 dollars an hour. See a world where al Qaeda do not make billions selling drugs. Think of an America where crime is reduced by half.. Envision the positive outcomes of redirecting the 70 billion tax dollars currently spent chasing Michael Phelps and Rush Limbaugh. See a world where, if one day you or a loved has a drug problem, you see a doctor not a judge. Join LEAP and the spirits of Milton Friedman and William F. Buckley and end this nanny-state, ultra liberal policy we call the war on drugs. Howard ------------- Officer Howard 'Cowboy' Wooldridge (retired) Education Specialist, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Washington, DC Hablo espanol, je parle francais, Deutsch auch Howard J. Wooldridge 4619 Araby Church Road Frederick, MD 21704 817-975-1110 Cell [email protected] The War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional & immoral domestic policy since slavery and Jim Crow. LEAP cops in their own words:
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"millions of previously imprisoned"

There's not much I love more than a good real-life puzzle and trying to tie in as many relevant issues as possible.

I recently posted some on the LEAP forums:

The sad part is I don't have the contacts or resources to implement any of them. I'm more of an idea machine.

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