Cellblock Poetry Release

[Courtesy of Shot Caller Press, LLC] Hello Everyone, I want to let you know that we have just completed the book "Cellblock Poetry", which features the 'best' poetry entered into our 2007 contest. I personally want to thank everyone for their support and effort. It is truly appreciated. Just so you know we are currently holding a writing contest for prisoners and ex-prisoners. We hope to publish an anthology of the 'best' stories and writers once again. We can only do so if we have enough entries to choose from, so please help us spread the word the contest closes August 31, 2008. To get the rules and obtain a copy of the entry form log onto: http://shotcallerpress.com/ and follow the contest link I would like to remind you all that we are looking for writers and artists to publish. Our goal is to provide realistic and unique insights into prisons and the criminal justice system through the medium of select writings and artwork. Our belief is that stories change the world. We are not a non-profit organization, because we want those who have been published through Shot Caller Press, LLC to know they have accomplished something. We are dedicated to publish the best, marketable writings and artwork. Our current mission here at Shot Caller Press, LLC is developing an inventory, which means we are in the process of editing and developing several manuscripts written by prisoners, their families and advocates working toward improving our current system. As we continue to develop these manuscripts we will continue to conduct contests for prisoners, their families and others involved, so keep watching for our contest announcements. If your interested in purchasing a copy of 'Cellblock Poetry' you can do so by going to our web site: http://shotcallerpress.com/store.htm. We use PayPal secure shopping cart for all orders Thanks again everyone hope to hear from you all real soon, Theresa M. Huggins CEO, Shot Caller Press, LLC [email protected] 503-890-1027

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