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Press Release: Medical Marijuana Bill Lead Sponsor Announces Law Enforcement Requested Changes to Bill

[Courtesy of Illinois Compassion Access Network] 


Medical Marijuana Bill Lead Sponsor Announces Law Enforcement Requested Changes to Bill

CONTACT: John Walker, Illinois Compassion Access Network, (847) 769-1772

SPRINGFIELD, IL. – In a press conference today, Sen. John Cullerton (D-Chicago), lead sponsor of a bill to protect from arrest seriously ill Illinoisans who use medical marijuana with a doctor's recommendation, announced significant changes to the legislation based on input from law enforcement.

    Although members of the law enforcement community have been among the most vocal opponents of the bill, Cullerton said the recent amendments reflected specific objections law enforcement officers raised in good faith in a meeting with bill proponents last month.

    "I'm grateful to the members of the law enforcement community who sat down with us to help us craft this improved medical marijuana bill," he said. "Thanks to their help, I'm confident we have legislation here that protects our most suffering patients while ensuring law officers are able to do their jobs and keep our streets safe."

    A comprehensive list of the amendments made at the request of law enforcement representatives can be viewed online here:

    Also at the press conference, medical marijuana activist and Chicago multiple sclerosis patient Julie Falco announced a new campaign to reach out to representatives by sending personal video appeals by seriously ill patients asking for support on the medical marijuana bill.

    Many of the videos are available online here:

    "I think it's important for people like me – who are counting on compassion to prevail – to let legislators know who we are and why we need this law, especially those whose conditions prevent them from appearing in person," Falco said. "It's very easy for hysteria and fear to take over the debate, but this medical cannabis bill is about only one thing: easing the suffering of seriously ill people with a medicine that is proven safe and effective."

    Despite opposition from some elements of the law enforcement community, medical marijuana enjoys great support among the medical community and among Illinois voters. In February, the American College of Physicians – the second largest physician organization in the country with 124,000 members – became the latest major medical association to endorse laws protecting patients and doctors from arrest for using medical marijuana.

    Also in February, a Mason-Dixon telephone poll of 625 randomly selected Illinois voters – commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, D.C. – found that 68 percent of respondents agreed that "seriously and terminally ill patients should be allowed to use and grow medical marijuana for personal use if their doctors recommended it." Full poll results are available here:

    SB 2865 – the medical marijuana bill – is expected to reach the Senate floor within weeks.

Springfield, IL
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Minn. Medical Marijuana Bill

I live in Iowa where Sen Tom Harkin (D-IA) says, "If you smoke marijuana you will find yourself huddled in a corner willing to sell your children for just one more puff." He lumps marijuana right in with heroin, cocaine and meth. Right now I am on 10 mgs of Marinol and I still have nausea. It is just not as effective. With MMJ being illegal those who use it medically are forced to use smuggled in mexican pot complete with headache, pesticides and mold. Yesterday I had the chance to try real MMJ rather than schwag. It is incredible how effective it is in relieveing nausea. In fact there is no medication safe for the control of chronic nausea. Regalen/Metroclopramide is the most commonly prescribed drug yet continued use of it causes irreversable Parkinson like shakes and tremors, and that's legal ?!?! It is time for all Americans who are for the legalization of Marijuana to prove it by the power of your vote. Money hits politicians right where it hurts, so if we can convince them that Industrial Hemp and MMJ will bring in more taxable income and sales they can dip into the happier they will be and the sooner marijuana will be legalized. For all politicians are liars, cheats and thieves with the love of money and power in their hearts. That's why marijuana is still illegal in spite of the scientific and medical evidence to its theraputically medical effects for many, many symptoms. Our Gov't doesn't give a damn about the health and well being of the citizens of America they just want to keep their political money machines to keep running without change. But eventually marijuana will be legal for medical and personal use. Its the proper thing to do. Anyway, those who choose to smoke marijuana will do so be it legal or illegal. So legalize it now and save our economy and bring a better quality of life to millions.

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