Writing Contest for Prisons!

[Courtesy of Shot Caller Press, LLC] Dear Friends, Shot Caller Press, LLC announces the next prison contest, Prison Short Story Contest, for prisoners and ex-prisoners. To find out more information follow this link: http://shotcallerpress.com/prisonstorycontest.htm Cash Prizes are as follows: 1st Place - $250.00 2nd Place - $150.00 3rd Place - $75.00 At the end of this message is our announcement for the winners of the Poetry Contest and those selected to be published in our next book: Cellblock Poetry. If you want to pre-purchase a book at and pay no shipping cost follow this link: http://shotcallerpress.com/store.htm We would be honored if you pass this message on to anyone who might be interested. Thank you for all your support, Theresa Huggins CEO, Shot Caller Press, LLC [email protected] www.ShotCallerPress.com 503-890-1027 THE WINNERS OF THE 2007 POETRY CONTEST * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * FIRST PLACE WINNER - $250 WILLIAM DAVIS, JR. "THIS BOND WE SHARE" (Mark Stiles Unit, Texas) SECOND PLACE WINNER - $100 PERRY MICHAEL ORLANDO "WHERE FREEDOM LIES" (Federal Satellite Low, Georgia) THIRD PLACE WINNER - $75 BRENT MAY, SR. "WHEN THE PRISON SPEAKS" (California Correctional Institute, California) EDITOR'S CHOICE - $25 EACH Gabriel Reyes "Snap" (Pelican Bay State Prison, California) Jerome Sloan "Scared Crooked" (Snake River Correctional Center, Oregon) Tammica Summers "Imagine How it Feels" (Broward Correctional Center, Florida) Lewis Corder "Crank" (Waupun Correctional Institute, Wisconsin) HONORABLE MENTIONS These writers will also be in the book. Andrea Walker Antonio Howard Brandon Brewer Charles Mungin Chon Dimas Clark Stuhr Clayton McCormack Curtis Siemer Daniel Walker Darrell Say Dave Babb David Keeton Earnest Bray Jr. Elvin Esmay Gary Jimenez Gilbert Bao James Anderson James Meier Jason Ritchie Jeffery Martin Jerry Jones Jose Rodriguez, Jr. Joseph Burgeson Joshua Kruger Justin Rueb Kelley Gettling Kenneth More Kevin Matthews Lawrence Ball Lissette Aguirre Maria Moon Mark Jenkins Michael Suggs Michael Williams Reginald Barnes Rex Ravelo Rhonda Wheeler Richard Ruse Rita Stricker Robert Colkitt Ronald Brook Sammy Moore Sherman Fields Shurondalin Green Temple Japh'et Terrance James Shaw Thomas Kendrick Thomas Price Troy Anderson Vanessa Nelson Wade Fuger
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