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Press Release: Marijuana Dealers Offer Schwarzenegger One Billion Dollars

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 6, 2007 Contact: Clifford Schaffer, tel: 661-268-0442, e-mail: [email protected] Marijuana Dealers Offer Schwarzenegger One Billion Dollars August 6 -- A coalition of California marijuana growers and dealers has offered Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger one billion dollars to solve the current state budget crisis. The group, calling itself Let Us Pay Taxes makes the offer through its web site The offer comes at a time when the California legislature is deadlocked on a new budget and California has stopped issuing checks for vitally needed social services. Legislators are currently arguing over which programs will be cut in order to balance the budget. “It is ridiculous that California can’t pay its bills,” said spokesman Clifford Schaffer. “It is a tragedy that they will cut badly needed services and programs such as medical care for the elderly and prison drug treatment when the money to fund all these programs and more is there and available. Everyone who is currently waiting for a check from the state should be enraged at this foolishness.” Regulation and taxation of marijuana could produce six billion dollars in additional tax revenue, according to economic studies linked from their web site In addition, it could save up to ten billion dollars in enforcement costs. “That is a conservative estimate,” said Schaffer. “By other estimates, the revenues could be five times that. The economists are with us all the way on this one. Marijuana prohibition is an economic disaster.” “Let’s face reality,” Schaffer says. “Marijuana legalization is inevitable. The situation is already beyond control in California. The state and local authorities have offered safe harbor for medical marijuana use and the Federal Government simply doesn’t have the resources for effective control.” More importantly, says Schaffer, the operators of the medical marijuana clubs are no longer afraid of the Federal Government. “If you talk to them, you will find that they know they are going to win this battle. They know that the DEA is vastly outnumbered and can’t begin to prosecute all of them. The few that are prosecuted are accepting their fate as martyrs because they know that what they are doing is right. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to make the point that the Federal Government has just gone too far in interfering with very personal and private decisions. There is no way the DEA is going to win this battle. At this point, it is all over but the counting of the money – and the victims of the DEA.” Schaffer went on to say that the national market for marijuana has been estimated from a low of ten billion dollars per year to more than fifty billion dollars per year. “The first states to regulate and tax marijuana will receive an economic bonanza bigger than the original California Gold Rush,” says Schaffer. “Some states will get rich like the Saudis.” Schaffer predicts that it will not take long for some local areas to wake up to the economic possibilities. “We are talking potentially big bucks here,” he said. “The Canadians are already starting to take note of a cannabis-fueled economic boom in some areas. Politicians can’t resist fresh cash, especially when it is coming to their local community. There will be big winners and losers here. The winners will be the ones who recognize the foregone conclusion first.” The group also cites foreign terrorism as a reason to regulate and tax marijuana. “Drug Czar John Walters is being dishonest when he says that marijuana money goes to criminals and terrorists. The only reason any of that money goes to criminals or terrorists is because of the prohibition that Walters supports,” said Schaffer. “Marijuana prohibition makes criminals rich just like alcohol prohibition did. The criminals are now so rich and powerful that they can challenge the legitimate governments of their own countries. There is no reason to send billions of dollars per year to foreign criminal gangs when patriotic Americans make the best products in the world. There is no reason to suffer such a huge foreign trade deficit when that money could be providing jobs and funding badly needed services right here in the USA.” Let Us Pay Taxes calls upon all US citizens to sign their petition at their web site and press the issue with their lawmakers. “Take the money, please,” said Schaffer. “These people want to contribute. Now it is up to our politicians to tell us why they want to send those billions to foreign criminal gangs rather than to their own voters.”
United States

Think about it

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada There are still people who think that smokers are junkies.Some think the war is making a profit.Many just don't have a clue but have a lot to say anyway.The economics,health issues and all evidence of scientific study say that pot should be legal and regulated.Common sense is on the legalisation side.It's just a matter of time and it starts with getting the truth out there.One day there won't be so many misguided comments on articles like this one.

smoke weed

smoke weed ohio and texas we are slaves to the govrnment and we need to smoke

We blame everything on the drugs...

It is sad that people dont realize that WE...PEOPLE...HUMAN-BEINGS, are the ones who screw-up, we make stupid mistakes all of the time, even without being high or drunk! We want to blame the products we have made or grown or created...instead of taking responsibility for the use of the product!

A child brings a gun into school and kills another child...we automatically blame the gun and try to ban ALL guns! It's like we are trying to blame just the gun for the whole insident... arrest the gun and put it in jail! Just ban all guns and forget what happened and everything will be ok, right? We know better yet it ALWAYS gose back to that instead of the obvious, " Where did the gun came from...let's say the parents, ok...?" Dad gose out and buys the gun. Well dad needs to be RESPONSIBLE and be held ACCOUNTABLE for his child and the childs actions and where your gun is at all times.

The same scenario works with drugs...we as a society, NEED to start being grown-ups and hold ourselves responsible for our actions! Legalizing Drugs...whether it is Marajuana, cocaine, heroin, all comes down to those two words again... RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY! These are all medicine anyways. We outlaw these drugs but then make the same things in pill form in pharmacology and call the different names but as long as the drug/medicine works, thats all that matters! Example: Heroin=morphine=oxycodone. Cocaine=dexatrine.... and plenty more!

Marajuana is a wonderful drug for depression, also a good drug for creativity...the same gose for shrooms! Coca leaves...cocaine, was used to make laborers work harder and faster...basically helps with a variety of things, give you energy of course but also helps with pain! Heroin, opium; the best pain killer we have! Herion is an opioid and is very strong and can be very addictive. But opioids are needed to relieve suffering and Heroin's most basic chemical structure is in FACT exactly the same chemical make-up of "our bodies natural pain-killers" Endorphins! So for all the "Moral Crusaders" out there..."How pure do you really think you are?"

All we are doing by continuing the "prohibition" is taking huge sums of money and throwing it away. As of right now it is very hard to say what the furure holds. The War on Drugs employes SO many people I dont think the government will easily give it up. Also, the public (for the most part) is still unaware that the drug-war has forced it's way into the doctors office and created a "Pain Crisis in America," with an estimated 76 million people living with pain and legitimate innocent pain management doctors being arrested at gun-point being forced out of their offices while their patients are left to suffer in agony!

The truth is I know all too well what it is like to suffer because of a War on drugs! I live with pain everyday because of a Degenerative Disc Disease that has herniated 8 discs from my Cervical, Thorasic and Lumbar spine. I have watch as the DEA took my doctor away...I have seen what they call "Justice". I have had my life destroyed by the Drug-War! Every doctor I have ever had was too afraid to prescribe the needed medication for fear of the DEA.

Believe me when I tell you that there is NO rational explaination for the ignorance of the citizens of this country, so deathly afraid of addiction and all the horrors of drugs! People dont realize that by prohibiting drugs THEY create a Black-market and a whole system of coruption! The DEA cant go after the drug lords because the drug lords pay the countries government off...then pay the DEA fills too many pockets to stop and no one has to lift a finger to do anything! The DEA has to make it look likt they are working so the bust one tracker-trailer full of drugs, but let the other hundreds of trucks go by..."Dont you see?" The DEA is attacking Doctors who treat the disabled, sick and the elderly...while the media helps them lie to the public and people get inraged about that "Horrible Oxycontin"! FOOLS!

It was said in another post...(If this country was really FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, we would already be rich off the drug money not the pharmacutical manufacturer's!) Drug's would be pure and safer! Pain patients like myself wouldn't have to fly across the country to find a doctor, go out to the streets to find pain killers or comitt suicide because of the horrible pain. Kids wouldn't be using high school as drug dens! If the DEA really wanted to bust drug dealers they would just raid a local-high school for crying-out-loud!

So really whats left to say? We have plenty of options...we allways have! We just choose the wrong ones. We live in a time where things could go either way. We are on the edge, (so to speak) and we can just fall to the bottom or wake-up our minds and fly off into a "New day" for humanity...a new age of enlightenment, perhaps? HAHA....we will fall....we just can free our minds from the stupidity of the everyday nonsense that consumes us. ugh, I need a drink.

fuckin a

One way or the other ppl will continute to smoke whether its illegal or legal so i mean i hope it does become legal but eather way ppl will still smoke

ok, sierously, pot isn't bad

pot ain't bad for you except for the generall smoke inhalation risks, just like with how tabacco used to be: before they added the addictives and the chemicles. i've smoked pot for 3 years and the only violent act i commited was against myself, and that was because i accidently burned my hand with my lighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is only one reason and one reason only that pot isn't leagal. it's not because of the conservative christian bullshit, or it being a gateway drug, or any of the other reasons that the gov. and other groups want you to believe. it's the fact that the goverment hasn't figured out a succsessfull way to regulat, tax and sell it yet. they are still afraid that they won't control it completely. they need to wake up and realize that they don't even control tobacco or achohol fully yet, but that they still make billions off of it. legalize pot and you'd see a country on the rise again. we'd have less poverty in this country and more money twards public benifits.

get informed and get involved.


im the cool guy

freedom please

Don't Knock it...

The thing that pisses me off most is the amount of numptys that have strong opinions on pot but have never even seen a joint never mind smoke one. Its usually the same bawbags that go and get smashed every weekend on alcohol and think just because their vice is legal they are better than us doobie smokers..
Skin up or Shut up..

Praise Marijuana

Although I completely agree and am very excited for the moment of truth when they finally legalize it, keep in mind that pharmaceutical companies will butt in and make it too expensive for the average pot-smoker's budget.

Here's a funny thing from Downunder

Very quietly the Government in Australia just killed off the tobacco industry. Although poisonous, it was legal. Strangely, though an individual can now be fined under the newly upgraded laws, $10,000 and 5 years jail for growing....... tobacco......

Oh, it wouldn't be due to a deal was struck with China to grow and supply the Nicotine needs of Australians though, would it????

there is alot of hate

If a law is unjust, it should be broken, it is in fact the duty of any good citizen too brake that law.

When a society bans something it effectively is saying its too lazy or to ignorant to deal with it so they make it out to be a kind of "evil" therefore justifying banning it and so anyone associated with something band must also be evil, this i think is how all those that support banning weed, creating a large criminal underworld causing much higher levels of health problems in large portions of society sleep at night.

The truth is if society, us a collection of people, truly want to have a fair just society, we have to be fair and just.
i would happily talk about this issue the facts in a reasonable and open way, thats what most liars fear.
I know being a scientist of sorts that facts can be as fleeting as the beliefs that form them and even in science beliefs change. But I wont argue as there is no argument here only ignorance of the truth and crazy beliefs based on less fact then the bible!

make love not war.

there is alot of hate

If a law is unjust, it should be broken, it is in fact the duty of any good citizen too brake that law.

When a society bans something it effectively is saying its too lazy or to ignorant to deal with it so they make it out to be a some kind "evil" therefore justifying banning it and so anyone associated with something band must also be evil, this i think is how all those that support banning weed, creating a large criminal underworld causing much higher levels of health problems in large portions of society sleep at night. The truth is if society, us a collection of people, truly want to have a fair just society, we have to be fair and just.

i would happily talk about this issue the facts in a reasonable and open way, thats what most liars fear.

I know being a scientist of sorts that facts can be as fleeting as the beleafs that form them and even in science beleafs change. But I wont argue as there is no argument here only ignorance of the truth and crazy beliefs based on less fact then the bible!

Society marijuana isn't your biggest problem please i cant take the pain of looking at the way we behave it drives me to drink and smoke just to be able to forgive you and me for allowing our home to be so full of hate.

make love not war.

yal are retards

yal are retards

Amen to that

They are retards.
Some of you seriously need to take some 2nd grade spelling classes. My little sister can spell better than you. Fuck.


This is BAD!! All this hype about legalization is the wrong road!! You see, when weed is legalized it is taxed and regulated. This will kill the spirit and the potency of marijuana. We've already seen it occur in 'medical marijuana', the crappiest, weakest weed ever known to man.
Legalization will destroy the weed culture. It will just become another packaged, overexpensive, shit-quality government run revenue program.

There are good points for the decriminalization of weed, such as
'They spend so much money trying to enforce it when they should be focusing on the real problems like cystal meth and cocaine. It's rather stupid that someone can have a criminal record simply because they got caught smoking a joint by an overzealous policeman...'

To this I say that I agree that money and energy should be spent elsewhere, and that perhaps marijuana should be decriminalized, but never 'legalized' and privatized, and *owned*
(where decriminalizing it is making it 'not wrong', almost unofficially, where it will not be persued and prosecuted, but it is not officially condoned or supported, and legalizing is saying yay its ok and subsequently the government takes control of it like they did cigarettes and alcohol)

Gods a sinner?

I could just imagine god:

"Oh dude, I'm so ripped. Wait, what....OH SHIT, I LEFT POT EVERYWHERE! SHIT! SHIT!!!"

Pot is a natural plant, let us use it.

I think its a big bunch of B.S.

I heard a little while ago 2 people on medical pills because the hottness of the heat were killed because the mix of hot weather and pills... Why is medical pills what kill people legal and pot isn't... I've come to a conclusion the goverment wants to band the innocent plant! So people do go to hard drugs, so people do be miserable, so people hate each other. Cause we all know if you smoke enough you wont stop smiling... Well I've heard long time ago they used it to help mentally unstable people. So that leads to believe banding pot only makes sane people become metally unstable people! Futher more, drugs kill brain cells and marijuana does too but marijuana brain cells regrow over time... I think its a shame that people look so iggnorant for looking at an innocent plant what you can grow in your own backyard, what blends in next to the tomato tree and say its not the right thing to do...

better idea

if you really want to get a pro marijuana politician into office of the senate or house you could use that 1 billion dollars to buy up the majority of the properties in that district move a bunch of pro marijuana people in there and vote for anyone you want in office.

Some of the comments here are truely discussting

Some people commenting here would rather pot stay illegal than have the elderly being care for, or all of the other social assitance programs.

This is absolutely discussting and distasteful to see people being so old fashioned and pig headed, cannabis should be legalized.

Even if you don't agree with the legalization, how can you agree with the distreatment of so many people.

On a more personal note, as a proud Canadian citizen, I'm retiring to California in two years, mainly for the beautiful weather. I plan on growing cannabis organically weather it's legal or not, it will be legalized eventually though, hopefully by the time I move down there.

this better happen,or the government can just fuck thier selves

please,please,please for the love of god just legalize the fucking plant already.i thought god told us to use wat he gave us in the first place.

TJ out, peace


skin up or shut up!

the bill of Rights

I think the Bill of Rights said something like this THE GROVERMENT FOR THE POEPLE BY THE POEPLE.
If every person in the usa that wants to have the marijuana to be taxed and legal write a lettle to the groverment and to the new media and tell them you want this they would start to listen.If they do nothing tell them do this or I will not pay any more income taxes.just think if everbody did this {the groverment would go broke in one month}The drug companys the insurance companysThe oil companys are all in this together,The drug companys dont want it legal ia would cut there profit,The oil companys are lying to us,last month gas drop by 10 to 15 cent a gallon whyll the cost of a barrel of oil rised by $12.00 a barrel.Why we had refined more than we could store.The insurance companys blaming the groverment for a bad job after all the hurricans and fires and disaster relief that was screw up.Just so they dont have to pay the money out to us.But each and every one of them are there with there hand out wanting more money from us.Just think if they would get sick and marijuana would cure them you bet they would have the cure. NOW EVERY ONE WRITE THERE GROVER THERE CONGRESS MEN THERE SENATORS AND TELL THEM THAT YOU WANT MARIJUANA LEGALZIES. PEACE

how could you even bring God into this?

wtf does God have to do with common sense?

legalizing post is a good thing in my opinon but not to help out a blood sucking government. do it THE RIGHT WAY or dont do it at only create MORE problems!

legalize and let us grow it in on our own

if i grew my own food garden i am not taxed....if i grow my own herb garden i am not taxed....cannibis is NO different....

if i knew how to grow my own water i sure the f would.

i dont need others to depend on in order for me to live meeting basic needs....

unless they FORCE me to! enabling other to stay down is bad!

no matter what it is..... adding fluoride in my water, living next door to creeps who get welfare and totally take it for granted (considering that is my money and your money by the way)

the entire human race needs a good ass kicking in my book

they are entirely too greedy and self centered

the ones that arent...that is who i hang with... i can do without "friends" that dont respect all life

In GOD we trust?!??!!

If as stated on the AMERIKAN dollar bill, and as BUSH being a christian. Lets consult the bible on this issue.

Then God said, "let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees
on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds." And
it was so. The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their
kinds and trees hearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. "AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD"!!!


The constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is written on hemp paper!!!!!!!!!!


5 points to consider

1) The reason hemp was labelled marijuana and outlawed, more-or-less, worldwide since the thirties.
2) The subversive nature of the herb.
3) The damage it would do to pharmaceutical companies profits, for not only high priced and much needed medicines, but also the minor everyday consumer ones.
4) The damage it would do to the taxable alcohol market profits.
5) The damage it would inflict on the hard-drug market.

There are many more points of interest.
For those who would consider themselves against the intoxicating nature of the herb, but regard themselves as intelligent, should research the facts of the environmental benefits of using hemp, and maybe... why it was suppressed.

oh well

well screw alcohol, screw hard drugs, screw all these damn pills and shit, hemp would double thier makings in a couple months i believe.why not tax the weed and feed the poor....we can all get stoned and end world hunger come the fuck on who wants world peace? well if amercia legalized weed all we have to do is invite these iraq mother fuckers over here let bush smoke a pipe with thier leaders and wam bam we have peace on earth again..... BEHOLD !!! THE POWER OF MARIJUANA !!!!!

Your Gov. insane?

In Sweden it's against the law to have traces of weed in your system. weed can show up in urin-samples up to two months after use. If you smoke a joint on friday night, you can get busted for "D.U.I" or "D.W.I" (or whatever it's called) the next friday, or the friday after that, A FULL WEEK OR TWO LATER. All they have to do is say you look kind of funny or say they think your eyes are red and they can take you in for testing.

Now thats insane.

it'll never happen. get over

it'll never happen. get over it and face the reality of the potsmokers pipe dream.

The time is now

It's time to rise up and take back our rights.




People that take drugs and want kill them self , go for it , but they dont have to give it to small kids to die, thease are people that have no self exstem in ther lifes , and satan has them and its sad . And l hope we cacth them all and put dog collar around ther necks so when ther out ther sellin after ther fines . normal people will see them and our children also , And will know to keep away. Its easy to make thease dog collars and track them down and show them in public when ther out on the streets so we know who they are. Our jails are full and why keep paying tax dollars to feed these out laws , save the time an effort , MAKE GOOD DOG COLLAR BRIGHT ORANGE SO YOU CAN SEE MILES AWAY AND TRACK THEM DOWN. THIS IS UNGODLY WORLD WE LIVE IN . They dont care who they hurt .Time AMERICA WAKE UP AND TELL THE COURTS CHEAPER TO GET SOME AROUND THER NECKS THAN KEEP THEM IN JAIL. LESS MONEY WE AS AMERICAN TAX PAYERS HAVE TO SPEND AND THE PLOICE WONT HAVE TO WORK SO HARD DEALING WITH THIS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree wholeheartedly.

I agree wholeheartedly. Everyone who ever does anything illegal ever should definitely be forced to wear a bright orange impossible-to-remove dog collar around their neck, as this is clearly the most logical and economically efficient solution to all the world's crime problems. Maybe then Satan will make them be happy again and they won't kill themselves and children. It will be glorious.


You know, ive read every post on here i hear about how much money the goverment spends on law enforcement, i hear about how much money weed would make if it were legalized. All this information is on the internet, but will you ever see it on the desk of our president? maybe our governer or in some small court system, its made it to the big times a few times and each time they always think of a reason it should be illegal.NOWS THE TIME !!! Most of you are even scared to go get busted with pot, me on the other hand have been arrested 23 times for possesion of marijuana 18 of them were more than an ounce, which is a felony in the state of Mississippi. Thats right I have more than 6 cases pending right now waiting on judgement day. I am more than happy to go inside this court room and take whatever punishment they throw at me, because after I receieve it, i will turn around and tell the judge how much of a arrogent bastard he is,and what a waste of money it will be to place me in jail over me having a few ounces of pot in my house. Now 6 cases, which means im sure I will be serveing more than a year behind bars and they will be spending over 20,000 dollars a year to house me in thier facility. Thats more than some people make working in a drug free enviroment. I can always use some help in fighting my cases. The more help I have the louder I will be heard. You can message me through my myspace which is donations would be greatly appreciated, and would not return unpaid. Every helping hand will be rewarded in the end believe me. Ive been through this and know the steps...lets get it going guys we are potheads ! and we should be proud of being a pothead, dont hold your head down, hold it up high cos you are high ! Jesus was even high most the time regardless of what the bible tells you. God has given us every seed bearing plant to use !!!! So much money could be saved all we gotta do is get our voices out there to be heard message me on my myspace if you want to help ;) thanks guys and gals

Kronic D

growing some balls as well as some plants

if 20 folks all blow a big hit in a cops face simultaneously, he will be influenced in a positive way. he cant catch you all. CA is in a good position. hoping and wishing will kill the possibilities. get serious. 20 folks in a church. 20 folks at the .......
all simultaneously.......................
wake em up.

what the ****

You Sir; are the PROBLEM. PLEASE!! follow this cure for you problem, witch problem that is the case of Supitdilly assnineisha the cure smoke two joints and call me in the morning, see if you wont type a different tune then??


u fucking moron it will be legalized theres no doubt in my mind and further more from ur spelling and grammar one would think u were on drugs urself

your not right in the head

Well first off if he did that, dontcha think that there would be alot of threats against him? I mean hes a big dude yea, but im sure and im just guessin, i dont know for a fact now ! but I am sure there are a couple bigger people out there with bigger weapons that would tell him not to fuck over the wrong people you arnold is a smoker himself come on....he smokes the ganja, so since he smokes the ganja im sure he supports it in his head, he is just to scared to come out in public with it

Dear ghod in heaven...

This is the most insane pap I have seen in a month of Sundays. I don't smoke or drink. That's my own choice, but it works out best for me. perhaps not you or anyone else here, but for me it's the best.

That said, MJ prohibition is a big business. DEA: Billions of dollars in tax money. Companies that sell the DEA all their whiz-bang toys for "drug detection": billions of tax dollars. Prisons to house smokers, both public and private: Billions of tax dollars. The costs of those people once they are out of jail and need to be re-integrated into "proper society", while they are still legal and employment pariahs: billions of tax dollars. And don't even try to get me started on the billions wasted because the chronically ill cannot use MJ in a clinically efficacious setting and manner.

It's idiocy on the grandest scale ever seen.

And the part about China? For the life of me, I have no idea what you are on about and, I suspect, neither do you. It's just some crap you made up in your head or you are trying to create an equivalency
between smoking MJ and the use of opoids. If that is what you are attempting to do, please, go back down to Mom's basement and lock the door behind you. You are not fit or intellectually qualified to interact in polite society.

u are truly a dumbass. ever

u are truly a dumbass. ever smoked bud? didnt think so.

Anyone know

Does anyone know if Gov. Schwarzenegger actually took the money?

Ron Paul for President

I second the "LETS GO FREEDOM LETS GO!". Now let's get Ron Paul in the White House to make it a reality. I realize there are growers who don't want it legal because they won't make as much money, but the growers and users who want it legal should be making max donations to Ron Paul's campaign

How can you trim the fat off the budget, if you can't trim it... your own fat ass.

good show

good show, lets legalize it

All About Money and no Sense

It'd basically be the smart thing to repeal these outdated MJ laws. Which is why it won't occur anytime soon. It'll probably occur once the states reach the economic breaking point and are all out of other options (however scary THOSE may be, i.e cutting social programs for the needy).

Fact is were it legal, taxed and regulated you'd only get positive outcomes. The prisons will be freed of non-violent MJ offenders. Which eases the crowding situation and leaves room for serious violent offenders.
The police forces can divert funds used currently to catch MJ offenders to focus on murders, robberies, rapes and other serious crimes.

A big plus is that it makes it harder for kids to access. I've heard claims of legalizing would make it easier for kids to get. Wrong, this is not the case. Were it legal you'd have to be 21 to buy (just like alcohol) and you'd have to be carded. Call me crazy, but dealers on the street don't check things like I.D's before selling.

So there can only be positive things from this change. But the tobacco, pharmeacutical, alcohol and prison industries are all paying big bucks to make sure this never happens. Only because of fears it'll cut into their profits. Ridiculous.

This will help out the country as a whole and would be the right thing to do. Write to your legislatures and let them know they WILL NOT have future votes from you if they continue to support this failed drug "war" and the corporate interests who still support it!

re: Prohibition

BTW, it's not the government who makes revenue on Income Tax, it's the bankers who lend the government that money. Let's not forget who's in charge here... American workers work 4 months of every year or one day per week to line the pockets of greedy bankers in charge of the non-Federal "Federal Reserve". This is money that goes to pay the INTEREST on the DEFICIT (which if you don't know is actually money borrowed by the govt from the Federal Reserve, you and I pay interest on that in the form of Income Tax.). Bigtime bankers are the guys who felt the sting of the lack of Income Tax revenue during the Great Depression and they'll feel it again during the next one. If THEY decide they want the money from repealing MJ prohibition like they did with alcohol, it will happen. But as an astute poster commented above, it breaks down the MK Ultra barriers and there's no worse threat to a fascist regime than the removal of the barriers of brainwashing.

re: Real Reasons behind Prohibition...

Ooooh... well put, well put. I agree. But I still hold out hope for legalization. We all know how politicians can't resist money... there's still hope.


Do you know why Prohibition ended? It is not because the populace wanted to consume liquor and repealed the 18th Amendment. It is because the government lost so much revenue from the Income Tax during the depression that the only way to fill the government's coffers was to repeal prohibition and tax liquor. My prediction is that Marijuana prohibition will end the same way. Bring on that economic collapse baby.

This is so true

Here in Holland Marijuana is 'legal', and usage numbers are lower than in the UK and France where it isn't.

People who want to do drugs will so do whether it's illegal or not. The only results of a war on drugs:
fuller prisons, richer criminals and politicians, more crime (also not directly drug related) and banana republics.

I agree completely

this is a psychological effect that can be seen in many different scenarios. skipping the science of it, any fool knows: tell a kid "don't look in the cookie jar" and as soon as you leave the room, they will. america has the most restrictions on the very few substances it actually does allow, and these restrictions bring about more problems than almost any other nation on planet earth..

if someone were to make a top10 list of nations we could call 'land of the free' I'll bet america would not be on it.

any supporters of the legalization of marijuana have my support.


If one chooses to smoke marijuana, they should not drive just like they shouldn't if they have an alcoholic beverage. When pot is legalized it definitely needs to be regulated as tobacco and alcohol. It would be fine if people wanted to grow for their own use but as we all know, people are lazy and there will be some that want to buy it in a store. For these people, they should be of age and also be well informed of the dangers of inhaling smoke and the benefits of using a vaporizer or eating it when they choose to use. For God's sake, legalize the plant that he made!

Drug War Issues

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